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SKILLS a i llaeaelllilaldaseaiistaeenieatataitnntns cexobaties Cpage 87 Climb Gpage 90 Moving Aeross a Narrow Surface Acrobatics DC__Example Surface o Greaterthan 3 eet wide o ‘steep slope, of aa feet wide s ‘Arope nest toa 7-1 Inches wide ae 30 surface with le 3-6 inches wide ‘Any surface with Less than inches wide ‘An uneven suf ove Through Threatened Area___—_—_——AerobatiesD@ A rough surface, ‘Move through a threatened area Opponen ‘An overhang of Move through an enemy's space “s+ opponents CMD _A perfectly moc Steet age mE = (co ane NIE TS Brac gpk tw ro fet 0 Brace against tw astet 5 Surface i sippes Gresterthan so feet “sper feet High jum bates DC —_Diplomacy Cpag foot 4 Stating Attitude 2 feet 8 “Hostile 3 feet 2 Unriendly Greater than eet +4 per foot Indi ‘erobaties Modifiers ——~S~S~S~S Mier SC Sight obstructed (gravel sand) = Helpfl Severely obstructed (aver, rubble) 46 Request Slightly slippery (wet) 2 Give simple ad Severely slippery (ey) +5 Give detailed ad Slightly sloped fas") 2 Reveal an unimp Severely sloped 457) +5 Give dangerour: Slightly unsteady (boat n rough water) 2 Reveal an impor ‘Moderately unsteady (boat na storm) +5 Give ad that cou Severely unsteady (earthquake) “no ee ‘Move at fll speed on narow or uneven surfaces zi Disable Device 1 No check needed uniess modifiers increase the DC too orhigher ‘Device 2 Increase the DCby 2 for each adetional opp. avoided in 3 round. Simple Gamal 3, This doesnot apply to checks made to jump “Tieky Gabotage Difficult sarm Bluff Copposed by Sense Motive, page 9°) Extreme disatm Circumstances Bluff Modif The target wants to believe you +5 Fly Cpage 96) The ee blievable Fs Flying Maneuver heli i unlely = Seipicreieat Baal The leis farfetched a0 Hover The lef impossible The targets drunk or impaired You possess convincing proof Turn greater tha Turn 280° by spe Fly up at greater Wind Effects on Flight Gpage 9 Wind Force Checked size Blowr Light Moderate = BAST ong RNEMNNS. i alztgc righ Sv AU OES Ty EIU A Eli Sciere MANILA OIRID UNE roph 1S Sra SF Sev Windstorm mph Medium Hurricane 5-474 mph Large w Tomado s+ mph Huge i 2 AA le lalla teniatatsiamaes SKILLS Heal Cpage 98) Activity imb DC. Task Heal 0c s knotted rope next toa wal ° Firstad 5 rll ora knotted rope 5 Longeterm care 5 iges, rough wall, or ship rigging ~ Teeat wounds from ealtrops, spike growth, or spike stones 35, handhelds, tee, or an unkntted rope 5 Treat deadly wounds 20 * with narrow handholds 20 Treat poison Poison’s save DC such as a rock or brick wall 5 Treat disease Disease's save DC sling with handhold only 30 th, vertical or inverted) surface cannot be climbed. Knowledge Cpage 99) TEE ge De glia Task Knowledge DC voppostewal———SSSCS~S 5 easyquanion (ag NAY ea Sep eiraal ast perpendicular walls “5 Basie question 5 y +5 Hard question 208 Identity auras using detect megie Arcana) 5+ spel level +93) Identity a spel effec that isin place (Arcana) 20 spell level Diplomacy OC identify underground hazard (Dungeoneering) 35+ hazard’s CR 35+ Cha modifier Identify dangerous construction Engineering) 0 20 + Cha modifier Recognize regional terrain features (Geography) Pa 45+ Cha modifier Know obscure or anieent event Histor) 20 130+ Cha modifier Know local aws, rulers, and popular locations (Loca 10 0+ Cha modifier identity a commen plant or animal (Nature) 10 DC Modifier Know proper etiquette (Nobility) 1 < or drection®| = Identity a creature's plana origin Planes) 20 ce or simple aid “0 Recognize a common deity’ symol or clergy (Religion) 10 tant secret or give complicated aid +5 Know a monsters abilities or weaknesses (varies) 10 + monster's CR id i so UMD US ate mee a ca ant secret ‘30 oF more Perception Cpage 102) result in punishment “gor more Detail Perception OC Ai wee Hearthesoundofbate——SSOSCS~—~— page 94) Detect the smell of smoke Time __Disable Device OC Hear the details ofa conversation i ‘round 30 Notice a vsble erature wagon) 144 rounds % Hear the sound of a creature walking 10 or reset a trap) 2d rounds 20 Hear the details ofa whispered conversation 5 s complex rap) _2d¢ rounds 25 Find the average concealed door 5 Hearthe sound of key being turned ina lock 20 Find the average secret door 2 Flyoc ‘Sense a burrowing creature underneath you 35 aifspeed andvemainflying =i Notice a creature using Stealth ‘Opposed by Stealth ry Find a hidden trap Varies by tap 48 by spending sft. oF movement 35 Identify the powers of potion through taste a5 the potion's CL tion Modif Be han as angle Renee ae Tigpiea eeseise : Tivouths wall ‘oft all ory Ssu___Fly Pray Favre cnaton? E: Unrate eondns za Tere eon! 5 = lair pla ihe chek anc E Tiny Eee om ral = Creature or beet nv a a Tt Se ee used to make the check Be 2 As for unfavorable conditions but more extreme. Ride Task Task Tye ne TANCES Gage 109) Ride OC ide wth knees 5 yin saddle 5 ht with 3 combattrained mount 10 ver 3 rfl 3 2p 5 ue mount s tel mount in Battle 30 st mountar dismount 20 leraft page 106) nfy a spell as iis being east 25 + spel level arn spel from a spellbook or scroll 35+ spell level spate 3 spell from 2 borrowed spllbook 35+ spell level item's easter level 20 + spell level tify magicitem powers using detect magie 5 ipher a scroll ival Cpage 107) Creature’ Over Listed Surf Survival DC ry soft ground 5 fe ground 1° m ground F sd ground 20 7 DE Modi ary thee creatures in the group being wracked of creature or creatures being tracked Fine “ Diminutive “4 Tiny 2 small a Medium +” brge = Huge 2 Gargentuan ~ Colossal 2 ery 24 hours since the tall was made a ery hour of ain since the tall was made a sh snow since the tral was made no or visibility Overcast or maonless night +6 Macnlight 3 Fog or precipitation 8 cked party hides tesil(and moves athalfspeed) +5 ply only the largest modifier from this category. n Gmove at quarter speed, page 108) ‘Condition Swim DC Im water ry ugh water 6 my water 20" i cant take 10 on 3 Swim check In stormy water, even iFyou arent serwise being threatened or distracted, nh i COMBAT St danas tack Roll Modifiers Cpage 195) Attacker| Melee Ranged Dazzled a = Entangled = = Flanking defender 2 = Invisible 2 a (On higher ground a +0 Prone Ey = Shaken or fightened Squeezing through a space An entangled ch sotakes 1-4 pe 2 The defender loses any Dex bonus to AC. ytoDex 5, Most ranged weapons can't be used whilethe attacker is prone. rmor Class Modifiers Cpage 195) Ds Behind cover my 4 Blinded = = Concealed or invisible see page 196 Conering = = Entangled +0 +0 Fatfooted 20° +0 ‘Grappling (but attacker isnot) +o 40 Helpless +" 10 Kneeling or siting 2 2 Pinned +0 Prone 4 ‘Squeezing through a space ned 1 The defender loses any Dex Bonus to AC. 2 An entangled character takes a penalty to Dex 3 The defender is flat-footed and cannot add his Dex bonus to AC. ‘Common Conditions Cpage 565) Blinded: Creature takes a ~2 penalty to AC, loses Dex b to AC, and takes a4 penalty on most Str- and Dex-based checks and on opposed Perception skill checks. All opponent considered to have total concealment (50% miss chance) ag the blinded character. Creatures must make a DC 10 Acrob skill check to move faster than half speed or fall prone. Broken: Weapons suffera 2 penalty on attack and damage and only score a critical hit on a natural 20 and only deal x2. age, Armor and shields grant half AC bonus and double a check penalty. Broken wands or staves use twice as many cha Confused: 01-25: Act normally, 26-50: Babble for one r0 51-95: Deal 1d8 + Str damage to self, 76-100: Attack nearest cre Entangled: No movement if bonds are anchored, otherwise: athalf'speed. Creature takes a-2 penalty on all attack rolls an penalty to Dex. Must make concentration check to east spells Exhausted: Creature moves at half speed. ~6 penalty to St Dex. Rest 1 hour to become fatigued. Fatigued: Creatsze cannot run or charge, 2 penalty to St Dex. Rest 8 hours to remove. Frightened: As shaken, except creature must flee from sou AA le lll