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Web Engineering.

Project Proposal: Shah G Speaks.

Group Members: 1.) Afroz Shahid (03-134172-031)
2.) Harris Butt (03-134172-032)
Class: BSCS- 4A
Date: 2/5/2019.
Submitted To: Sir Asad Kamal.
About Shah G Speaks.
Shah g speaks is multi-purpose Reviewing/Blogging website. It will provides honest and
neutral reviews on National and International trending topics. It will provide information
regarding entertainment industry like (Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood) and it will also
cover various topics in the field of technology like It will provide reviews about current
and upcoming smart phones and gadgets and will keep viewers up to date with the
current trends of the market of entertainment and Technology.

Programming Languages Used In Development.

The Programming Languages that are mentioned below will be used in the development
of the above defined website or blog.
1.) Html
2.) CSS
3.) Java Script /Jquery
4.) Php

Database Used.
We will link this website with mysql or we will use xampp server to temporarily launch/
test the website and to store data on it.