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50 Essays Vocabulary
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querulous tending to complain; whining

quantitative relating to quantity; measurable

nonchalant indifferent, calm, and unconcerned

promiscuous demonstrating or applying and undiscriminating or

unselective approach

anthropomorphism attributing human characteristics to non humans

feign pretend something, invent something

assuage relieve something unpleasant

futile in vein, having no useful result

sanguine confident; cheerfully optimistic

philanthropy desire to benefit humanity

misogyny hatred of women

avarice greed for wealth

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gentility refinement; upper class status

pragmatism practical way of thinking about results

Yes! I'm a teacher. No, I'm just studying.
progeny offspring; something resulting 1/4
4/4/2019 50 Essays Vocabulary Words Flashcards | Quizlet

posit put something forward

condescension snobby and pretentious manner

pedantic too concerned with formal rules and details

polemic passionate argument, often controversial

sardonic disdainfully mocking

provocative making people angry or excited, sexually arousing

candid candor-honest; directness

modulated alter something to make less strong

expunge get rid of something completely

erudite very knowledgeable through study

antecedent something coming before; word that subsequent word

refers to

parallelism deliberate repetition of words or sentence structure for


metonymy a figure of speech in which an attribute is used to

represent the whole thing

engender create or arise; have offspring

genesis beginning

warrant authorization to do something

cogent rationally persuasive

cynicism belief that people are insincere

empathy vicarious understanding of another's feelings; especially

due to similar or shared experience

antipathy strongly negative feeling

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ambivalence conflict of ideas or attitudes; uncertainty

colloquial informal speech

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didactic a message with an instructive purpose 2/4
4/4/2019 50 Essays Vocabulary Words Flashcards | Quizlet

synesthesia the concurrent response of two or more of the senses to

the stimulation of one

prescience advance knowledge of things

lugubrious gloomy, mournful; especially to an excessive degree

qualifier somebody with right or skill, a word or phrase that

modifies or restricts the meaning of another word or

temporal relating to time; brief

concession reluctant, yielding

admonition a mild but earnest rebuke

petulant sulky or ill-tempered in a peevish manner

unscrupulous not restrained by moral or ethical principals

immutable unchanging or unchangeable

antithesis direct opposite; figure of speech that use words or phrases

to contrast each other to create a balanced effect

blasphemy disrespect of religion

quantification determine number or extent of something

diatribe bitter verbal or written attack

rebuttal to refute, to prove false, to deny the truth of something

qualification essential attribute, official requirement

doleful sad and mournful

salutary useful, of value or benefit to something or someone

enmity hostility; extreme hatred

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hypothesis; suggestion that might be true
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feckless ineffective; unlikely to be successful

acerbic Yes! I'm a teacher. No,bitter sharp

I'm just in tone, taste, or manner

insolent rude or arrogant, lack of respect 3/4
4/4/2019 50 Essays Vocabulary Words Flashcards | Quizlet

egregious flagrant, conspicuously bad or offensive

nostalgic sentimental recollection

hedonism seeking of pleasure as a way of life

disingenuous withholding information; not sincere

credibility believability, willingness to believe

synecdoche figure of speech in which part of something is used to

signify the whole

sensory relating to senses and the sense organs

confirmation act of verifying or ratifying something

anomaly irregularity, deviation

esoteric abstruse; difficult to understand

asceticism self-denying way of life


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