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Along with the development of e-commerce industry in Indonesia, the competition among e-
commerce businesses in attracting consumers and gain profit are increasingly tight. It can be seen
from the promotion provided by the e-commerce business. From this tight competition and also fast
growth of new players in e-commerce business, Tokobagus aiming to raise public awareness by
maximizing their promotion or marketing communication. Tokobagus focus on television
advertising as a powerful media campaign to attract their upstream (seller) and also downstream
(buyer) customer. The research objective is to analyze the the influence of advertisement of
Tokobagus in television media on Customer Response Process (AIDA model).

The methods used in this research are quantitative and focusing on disclosure of causal
relationships between variables, there are independent variable (advertising message, music
advertising, illustrated story, and celebrity endorser) and the dependent variable (AIDA model).
Convenience sampling is the way to use the sampling technique with 100 respondents for each
upstream (seller) and downstream (buyer) customer of Tokobagus.

The results of path coefficient calculation is commonly assumed that the influence of
advertising message, music advertising, illustrated story, and celebrity endorser on AIDA model by
56.7% for the upstream (seller) customer and by 62.1% for the downstream (buyer) customer. For
the upstream customer 43.3% are influenced by other factors out of this research for instance, other
marketing stimuli, firm capabilities, consumer behavior, etc. For the downstream customer 37.9% is
influenced by other factors out of this research for instance, price, brand, distribution channel,
consumer behavior, etc.

There are two variables for each upstream and downstream which are not affected partially to
the customer response process that are music advertising and celebrity endorser for upstream
customer, and illustrated story and celebrity endorser for downstream customer. Tokobagus should
focus to these variables especially celebrity endorser that doesn't affect partially for both upstream
and downstream customer.

Keyword : E-Commerce, Two Sided Market, Television Advertising, Customer Response Process
(AIDA model)