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Adams 1

Nathan Adams

ENG 1201 English Composition II

Professor Ecker

23 March 2019

Psychology of Relationships

Throughout life people establish many different kinds of relationships from friendly, to

aggressive, to romantic. Friendly relationships are mostly what I established and they helped to

mold me into who I’ve become and assisted me in realizing the role I want to play in life. Inside

of the friend groups I’m in I always seem to fulfill the role of an “emotional anchor” because I’m

the one people go to for advice during hard times.

Many times when people come to me it’s mostly about the topic of romantic

relationships. Through experience and through observation I’ve seen how romantic relationships

can lift one’s mindset to become happier. Once that relationship is taken away it usually is

followed by a crash in mental health which usually lasts for a short amount of time but

sometimes can scar people for life. Because I aim to become a psychiatrist, one could easily see

why the subject is important to me. I believe romantic relationships are one of the keys to human

Adams 2

The topic of romantic relationships is of utmost importance to me. As previously stated, it

is my belief that they’re one of the keys to human happiness. The effect of romantic relationships

is something that relates to my personal life and to my future career so I feel it is important to

understand. I think this topic is important to understand so humans can further understand

themselves thus helping us to figure out what makes us happy. I’ve versed myself on this topic

before whilst trying to get through to a friend about being depressed over an ex that had left him

years ago. I already know that humans are social creatures and that we require human contact to

stay mentally sound. Being in a state of depression changes more matter in the brain to grey

matter which is unmyelinated (lacking fat tissue around the brain cell) meaning signals transfer

in a less effective way. I know a better state of mental health is achieved when in a healthy

romantic relationship but it is apparent that people don’t know why this is..

I hope to find out more reason as to why we weight romantic relationships as such an

important part of our lives. Do we only hold romantic relationships in high regard inside of

america? What in our history made romantic relationships of such high importance? How much

does being freshly single contribute to depression?