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End of term 3 test

Name: Class:

1 47 Listen and tick (✓) the correct pictures.


2 Write the words in the correct box.

Photocopiable © Santillana Educación, S.L.

editor hotel uncle stepsister

letters reporter marquee comic
cousin designer restaurant stories

Places Family Newspaper sections

End of term 3 test

Name: Class:

3 Read the text and complete the sentences.

We’ve got
I’m Lorna. My brother’s name is Oscar.
ly’s mum is
a stepsister too. Her name is Kelly. Kel
e is
our stepmum. She’s nice. My mum’s nam
My mum’s
Jackie and my stepdad’s name is Leo.
s sweet,
sister is Carol. Carol is Eric’s mum. He’
he’s only 6 months old.

1  Lorna is Oscar’s .
2  Oscar is Kelly’s .
3  Leo is Oscar’s .
4  Eric is Lorna’s .
5  Carol is Oscar’s .

4 Choose the correct option.

1  the party?
Photocopiable © Santillana Educación, S.L.

a) When do b) When is c) When

2  I a new shirt.
a) ’m going to wear b) going to wear c) going wear
3  be there?
a) Who is going b) Who is going to c) Who going
4  write a story?
a) Are you going to b) You are going to c) Are going to
5  Philip is cousin.
a) there b) they c) their