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Consolidation worksheets for apoio ao estudo lessons – unit 0

1. Draw a line between the picture and the words. Then, write the words.
There is one example.
a. epn pe n
b. eugl g____
c. lerru r____
d. berrub r_____
e. cilpen p_____
f. okbo b___
g. okboteno n_______
h. penershar s________
i. csolho gab s_____b___
j. cissssor s_______

2. Read and write the nationalities. Then, draw a line. There is one
a. Ireland


b. Britain ___________

c. Germany _________

d. France __________

e. Italy ____________

f. Portugal _________

g. Spain __________

3. Look and write the numbers.

a. seven + ________ = 12 e. 7 x ________ = sixty-three

b. ________ + three = 21 f. ________ x twelve = one hundred and forty-four

c. 25 – ________ = nineteen g. 80 : ________ = ten

d. ________ – 14 = sixty-eight h. ________ : 2 = fifty-two

Consolidation worksheets for apoio ao estudo lessons – unit 1

1. Complete the words with the vowels. Then, draw a line between the
words and the picture.

2. Read and order . Then, write .

3. Crack the code and write the words.

4. Read and look . Then, match the image to its description.

a. He/She has got short hair. He/She’s got a beard and a moustache.

b. He/She’s got long hair. He/She wears glasses. He/She’s young and happy.

c. He/She’s got dark skin. He/She’s bald and wears glasses.

d. He/She’s got long curly hair. He/She’s young and beautiful.

e. He/She’s got short hair. He/She’s old and wears glasses.

f. He/She’s got long straight hair. He/She’s wearing a t-shirt and is handsome.
5. Look at the picture and complete with the verb to be or have got.

a. ___________ there one or two monsters? There ___________ only one monster.
b. ___________ it ___________ small brown eyes? No, it ___________.
c. It ___________ one big eye.
d. Its face ___________ long and thin.
e. It ___________ bald and it ___________ a nose.
f. Its arms ___________ long and thin.
g. It ___________ slim. It ___________ chubby.

6. Read and order . Then, write .

a. have got / Ben and Vlad / blond / short / straight / hair.

b. brown / Maria / big / has got / eyes. _____________________________________________
c. Yan / black / eyes. / nice / has got ______________________________________________
d. green / Vlad / beautiful / has got / a / jacket. ______________________________________
e. brown / curly / Luana / long / has got / hair. _______________________________________
f. tall / The / slim. / children / are / and ____________________________________________
g. Pat / have got / wavy / Charlie / black / and / hair. __________________________________

7. Read and complete with ’s or ’.

a. It’s Ben________ anorak.

b. They’re the girls________ handbags.
c. They’re the girls________ tights.
d. They’re Vlad________ high-tops.
e. They’re the children________ flip-flops.
f. It’s Yan________ jacket.
g. They’re the boys________ ties.

8. Read and complete the sentences with the correct possessive determiner.

a. I’m John. ________ name is John.

b. Anne is beautiful. ________ brother is handsome, too.
c. We are Dimitri and Vlad. ________ parents are Russian.
d. It’s his dog. ________ name is Lucky.
e. I’m Anna. ________ favourite clothes are tracksuits.
f. It is a monster. ________ clothes are cool.
g. You are Anna. ________ necklace is new.
h. It’s raining. Where is ________ raincoat?
Consolidation worksheets for apoio ao estudo lessons – unit 2

1. Write the words in the correct place.

2. Read and write . There is one example.

a. Ann’s parents are Jim and Lily .
b. Tom is May’s _________________________________.
c. Ann is May’s __________________________________.
d. Jane is Jim and Lily’s ___________________________.
e. Jill is Ann’s ___________________________________.
f. Alex and Sue are Tom’s _________________________.

3. Read and write the words in the boxes.

funny mean happy sad intelligent rude
quiet bubbly serious polite silly kind
4. Read and complete the sentences.
a. Thank you for your help. You’re so _ i _ _.
b. Mr Hart always says please and thank you. He’s very p _ _ _ _ _.
c. Yan is a _ _ _ _ t boy. He never speaks loudly.
d. I’m _a _ _ _. I am not sad today.
e. My dad is worried. He is very s _ _ _ _ _ _.
f. She’s beautiful and too i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

5. Find twelve (12) different jobs. Then, write .

1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. __________________________________
4. __________________________________
5. __________________________________
6. __________________________________
7. __________________________________
8. __________________________________
9. __________________________________
10. __________________________________
11. __________________________________
12. __________________________________

6. Read and do the crossword.

2. I'm famous because I appear in
famous filmes. I'm an...
4. I wear a white hat. I work in a
kitchen. I'm a...
5. I work with cars. I fix them. I'm a...
6. I use scissors. I work in a salon.
I'm a...

1. I take photos. I'm a...
3. I work in an office. I send emails.
I'm a...

7. Read and write a, an, the or –.

a. I have _______ breakfast at 8:00. d. I’m _______ pilot.
b. I eat six times _______ day. e. She’s _______ architect.
c. _____ apple ______ day, keeps _____ f. Where are ____ children? They are in
doctor away! _______ garden.
8. Read and write the correct possessive determiner or possessive pronoun.
a. She’s a cook. This is her restaurant. It’s hers .
b. Whose blouse is this? Ann, I think it’s _______.
c. That blue raincoat is Ben’s. It’s _______.
d. Is this their schoolbag? No, _______ schoolbag is at home. This schoolbag is not _______.
e. This hoodie is Vlad’s. It’s _______.
f. Are these our high-tops? Yes, they’re _______.

9. Read and write the plural of the nouns.

a. newspaper ________________ e. teacher __________________ i. dog ______________________

b. body ____________________ f. story _____________________ j. toy ______________________

c. box _____________________ g. brush ____________________ k. dress ____________________

d. tooth ____________________ h. person ___________________ l. woman ___________________

10. Read and correct the mistakes. Then, write .

a. I have got two beautiful jacket. _________________________________________________
b. There are two sandwich on the table. ____________________________________________
c. The bus drivers is my friend. __________________________________________________
d. I love mouses. _____________________________________________________________
e. There are two knife in the box. _________________________________________________

11. Find nouns in the plural form. Then, write .

Consolidation worksheets for apoio ao estudo lessons – unit 3

1. Write the words in the correct place.

2. Read and draw the words in the box in the house.


Ground floor:
swimming pool
3. Crack the code and write the words.

4. Order the letters and write them. Then, find the secret message.

5. Write the words in exercise 4 in the table.

Countable nouns Uncountable nouns

a. singular b. plural c. singular

6. Read and answer the questions about your house. Use Yes or No and there
is, there are, there isn’t or there aren’t.
a. Are there two balconies in your house? ________, ____________________.
b. Is there a pantry? ________, ____________________.
c. Are there three sofas? ________, ____________________.
d. Is there a bookcase? ________, ____________________.
e. Are there two wardrobes? ________, ____________________.
f. Is there a shower? ________, ____________________.

7. Look and complete the sentences with some or any.

a. There is ________ bread.
b. There aren’t ________ eggs.
c. There are ________ bananas.
d. There isn’t ________ salad.
e. There are ________ tomatoes.
f. There isn’t ________ pasta.
g. There aren’t ________ sausages.
h. There are ________ vegetables.

8. Read and correct the prepositions in italics. Then, write . There is one
a. The water is in front of the yoghurt.

The water is behind the yoghurt.

b. The lemons are behind the bottles.


c. The apples are opposite the oranges.


d. The tomatoes are on the fridge.


e. The bottles are above the cheese.


f. The plate is on the cheese.

Consolidation worksheets for apoio ao estudo lessons – unit 4

1. Look and complete . There is one example.

2. Now, read and complete the sentences with the expressions/verbs in

exercise 1. Do not repeat the expressions. There is one example.

a. You have dinner with your parents g. I sometimes _________ at ten pm.
every day. h. I ______ with my family in the kitchen.
b. I _________ at twenty-five to eight am. i. After breakfast, I usually _________.
c. I always _________ in the morning. j. You _________ to school on foot.
d. You never _________ TV after dinner. k. We _________ in the school canteen
e. We _________ at night, before bed. at midday.
f. I _________ and do my homework l. I rarely _______ very late, I usually go
after school. to bed at half past nine.

3. Look and write the time.

4. Read and write the verbs in the present simple.

a. I usually _________ (go) to school at 8 o’clock sharp.

b. They often _________ (visit) their family.
c. Ben _________ (play) basketball once a week.
d. Ms Symington always _________ (teach) us new things.
e. She never _________ (help) me with my homework.
f. Maria and Vlad _________ (swim) twice a week.
g. In Angola, people usually _________ (dance) a lot.
h. Yan _________ (run) on weekdays.
i. We _________ (live) in London at the weekend.
j. She _________ (travel) to Paris every Sunday.

5. Write sentences about Grace’s daily routine.

a. wake up
a. Grace wakes up at a quarter to seven.
6:45 am

b. have a shower
7:05 am

c. get dressed
7:30 am

d. start lessons
9:00 am sharp

e. have lunch
12:00 pm

f. play with her

friends 1:15 pm

g. begin lessons
1:40 pm

h. go home
3:50 pm
6. Draw the time on the clocks and write four sentences about your daily

7. Look and write the sentences in the negative.

a. On weekdays, I prepare my breakfast early in the morning. __________________________

b. You tidy up your room after school. _____________________________________________
c. Yan visits a museum on Sundays. ______________________________________________
d. They have got sports practice at 6 o’clock sharp. __________________________________
e. She hangs out with her friends at the weekend. ___________________________________
f. Peter is from South Africa. ____________________________________________________

8. Make and answer questions using the present simple. There is one

a. he / go / to the cinema / at the weekend / ?

b. Ben / visit his family / every week / ?

c. Luana / do errands / after school / ?

d. we / go shopping / every Saturday / ?

e. you / read a book / during the week / ?

f. they / play computer games / on Sundays / ?

g. Ben and Maria / go to the shopping centre / every day / ?

a. Does he go to the cinema at the weekend ? Yes , he does .

b. ______________________________________________? _______, ___________.
c. ______________________________________________? _______, ___________.
d. ______________________________________________? _______, ___________.
e. ______________________________________________? _______, ___________.
f. ______________________________________________? _______, ___________.
g. ______________________________________________? _______, ___________.
Consolidation worksheets for apoio ao estudo lessons – unit 5

1. Find five tech and seven sports free time activities. Then, write.

2. Write sentences using the present continuous. There is one example.

3. Write the sentences in the correct column. There is one example.
a. He often holds the door for you! f. At present, Luana is saving the file for
b. They are doing research for their school her presentation.
project. g. I rarely read the signs at school.
c. Vlad usually buys train tickets online. h. Maria sometimes buys a souvenir for
d. They are filling in the registration form her family.
now. i. Ben is selecting information for his
e. Yan always waits in a queue at the school project.
school canteen. j. She is surfing online at the moment.

Present simple Present continuous

(habits and routines) (actions happening now)

a. He often holds the door for you! b. They are doing research holds are doing for their school project.
____________________________ _____________________________________________________
____________________________ _____________________________________________________
____________________________ _____________________________________________________
____________________________ _____________________________________________________

4. Read and complete the verbs in the present simple or present continuous.
What does Jack usually do? What’s Jack doing now?

a. Jack usually ___________ (arrive) at b. But today he __________ (arrive) late.

school on time.

c. Jack always _________ (pay) attention b. But today he __________ (arrive) late.
to the teacher.

e. Jack often _________ (have) lunch in f. But today he __________ (have) lunch
the school canteen with his friends. alone in the park.
5. Read and write the verb in the present simple or present continuous. There is
one example.
a. Where’s Vlad? He is listening (listen) to a new CD in his room.
b. My mother always ____________ (register) on websites about cooking.
c. We ____________ (surf) the net at the moment.
d. They always ____________ (buy) the tickets before the show but today they
____________ (buy) the tickets at the show.
e. Maria ____________ (swim) very well, but she ____________ (not run) very fast.
f. you ____________ (enjoy) the party? Yes, I ____________ (have) a great time!

6. Read and circle the correct answer.

a. Wait a moment. I ’m copying / copy this file now.
b. The cinema is opening / opens at 6 o’clock sharp.
c. She is highlighting / highlights the information at the moment.
d. We are relaxing / relax in the park at the weekend.
e. Peter is buying / buys a ticket at the museum today.
f. Museums open / are opening at 10 am on weekdays.

7. Look and do the crossword with how + adjective/adverb.

2. How tickets do we need?
5. How does the library open?
7. How is the museum?

1. How does the museum close?
3. How is the train?
4. How is the net today?
6. How is the trip?