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Googles dramatic ascent and subsequent domination in the past

fifteen years of the technology and information industries has financially
enabled Google to explore seemingly unrelated projects ranging from
Google Mail to the Google Car. In particular, Google has invested a
significant amount of resources in the Google Car, an integrated system
that allows for the driverless operation of a vehicle. While initial reports
indicate that the Google Car driverless automobile will be more safe and
efficient than current vehicles, the Google Car is not without its critics.
In particular, the existential threat that the car presents to several large
industries, including the insurance, health care and construction industries,
creates an additional challenge to the success of the Google Car well
beyond the standard competitive threats from other established car
manufacturers in the automobile industry, which begs the question, Can
the Google Car be successful? With so many challenges above and beyond
the competitive forces typically threatening long- term profitability, will
the Google Car be able to create and sustain a competitive advantage for
Google in the driverless car space?