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Scrum Bangalore’s 24th Meetup was organized on 27th of April, 2019 at DevOn’s office premise in
Embassy Tech Park, Bangalore. Scrum Bangalore has been one of the most active agile/scrum
community in not just Bangalore, but in the country.

There was no specific theme for this meetup, however it saw a footfall of agile & scrum practitioners
across the city. It started with the session IT Infrastructure Agility by Amar Prusty. This session
mentioned importance of DevOps and the needed infrastructure. There were some interesting insights
on the virtual machine and its evolution into containers. For current business needs and fasters delivery,
no longer can organizations can depend on monolithic mainframe systems, rather need a much spread-
out infrastructure like VM. It gave us some food for thought to deep dive on technical details on the way
servers have evolved over the last decade. Few Questions-answers and discussion followed around
relationship of Dev-QA team and how it is important for them to work in harmony.

The second session was followed by “Managing Stress from performance appraisal” by Alber Arul. This is
the first time, this author attended a session on performance appraisal at a scrum meetup, a topic, very
sensitive and very important for not just agile practitioners, but anyone in corporate industry. The topic
focused on building trust between manager-employee, which creates a win-win situation by enabling
the employee perform better and managing expectations, whilst the organization gets the best of them
and achieves business objectives. Also, the speaker explained on open, frequent and brief
communication as a key goal to reduce stress related to performance.

Post-coffee break, there was a session on Titanic 2.0 - The Agile Unsinkable Ship (lessons from big org
agile transformation) by Janardan Revuru. We saw a case-study of 2 transformations by the same
organization, the first one being Big Bang and unsuccessful, the second one being phased out and
successful. There were many discussions around right approach of transformation and how there is no
magic formula to sure-short success, rather understanding business objective of transformation along
with small-pilots help a lot in managing the risks associated with it. We also discussed how
Transformation KPIs can be derived from business needs. Janardan gave example of how their
‘Transformation KPI’ was around Faster time to market with less burden on employees. This author liked
the idea of keeping employee’s objectives in mind while coming up with the KPIs

There was a workshop on Agile Digital Marketing for Startups by Noopur Pathak, after the lunch. The
facilitator was owner of a digital marketing start-up and it was welcoming to see inputs from start-ups
ecosystem in a scrum gathering, the typical meetups which are dominated by the MNC crowd. The
workshop was around an agile game, but a very similar assignment which star-ups do. This game is very
simple and recommended for any background of teams. Participants were divided into small teams and
asked to come up with Facebook Advertisement Copy for a given simple consumer product. Through
couple of sprints, it demonstrated how frequent demo, smaller cycle time and fast to market is essential
for not just star-ups, but also for MNCs

The last session was around Data Driven Agile Transformation Journey by Saurabh Dhingra. This session
re-emphasized the importance of KPIs and tracking of data for product’s success as well as for the
transformation of enterprise. We saw the demo of DevOn’s in house tool State Of Agility, which helps in
tracking data of not just user story or features, but at a program level objective. It has another feature of
tracking a scrum-master or product owners’ s personal objective tied with self and peer feedback. The
meetup attendees were offered free-trail of the feedback report till the weekend, which upon this
author’s request was extended to one week and to the participant’s colleagues too.

Over all, a successful event, with many take away, many food for thought to start researching. Such
meetups are very good opportunities for discussing challenges faced in one’s work as opinions outside
one’s own organization, gives a lot of new dimensions to prob into