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LAW OFFICES OF AARON RESNICK, P.A. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR Telephone: 305.672.7495 100 Biscayne Boulevard Facsimile: 305,672.7496 Suite 1607 E Facsimile 866 606.6343 s Miami, Florida 53132 Email: Friday, April 26, 2019 VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL [] AND HAND DELIVERY Jason Walker Executive Director Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Miami 1401 N. Miami Ave, 2"! Floor Miami, FL 33136 RE: Notice Pursuant to March 10, 2015 Addendum to Lease Agreement of Impact of the Bridge Project and of Rent Abatement Dear Mr. Walker', The undersigned law firm represents the interests of Florida Film & Television, Center, LLC CFF&T"). As you know, FF&T is a party to a lease agreement (the “Lease”) with the Omni Redevelopment District Community Redevelopment Agency (“CRA”) for the real property located at 50 NW 14 Street, Miami, Florida (the “Miami Entertainment Center"). A copy of the Lease is enclosed as Exhibit “A”. On March 10, 2015, FF&T and the CRA executed an Addendum to the Lease (the “Addendum”) to address the Florida Department of Transportation’ FDOT") plans to build an 1-395 Signature Bridge to improve the connectivity between I-95 and PortMiami (the “Bridge Project”). The Addendum is attached hereto as Exhibit “B”. The potential impact of the Bridge Project on FF&T was recognized by the CRA as the plans for the Bridge Project entailed significant work in the close proximity of the Miami Entertainment Center. See Addendum at § 2. As a result of the potential impact on FF&T, the CRA specifically agreed to abate FF&T’s rent, when FF&T’s business or use of the Miami Entertainment Center was impacted by the Bridge Project financially or otherwise (the “Rent Abatement”). Id. To trigger the Rent Abatement, FF&T was only required to submit written notice to the CRA that the Bridge Project would affect FF&T’s business or use of the Miami Entertainment Center. Id. This correspondence is FF&T"s formal notice that the Bridge Project will affect FF&T’s business and use of the Miami Entertainment Center beginning June 1, 2019, and as such, all rent payments as detailed in Section 3.3 of the Lease shall be abated starting on that date and continuing while the Miami Entertainment Center and FF&T are affected by the Bridge Project.’ To be clear, FDOT. provided notice to FF&T that it would begin work on the Bridge Project starting on June 1, 2019 that would impact FF&T and the Miami Entertainment Center beginning June 1, 2019. See Exhibit “D”. In fact, FF&T was put on notice that it must vacate and handover Parcel 117 on June 1, 2019. As a result, FF&T’s tenant, New International Mix Inc. (“Viacom”), advised FF&T that it will stop production at the Miami Entertainment Center on or shortly before June 1, 2019, and will } Pursuant to § 17.1 of the Lease, notice is to go to Pieter A. Bockweg, Executive Director of the CRA. Mr. Bockweg is no longer employed by the CRA. Mr. Walker has replaced him as Executive Director. As such, this notice is directed to Mr. Walker. ? Exhibit “C” demonstrates how close the Bridge Project is to the Miami Entertainment Center. ‘ ‘Miami + Boca Raton + Gainesville « Jacksonville + New York City no longer pay rent. Due to work contemplated by the Bridge Project, FF&T in unable to operate its business at the Miami Entertainment Center, and will be unable to generate any income. Unless you advise us otherwise, we will assume that FF&T’s rent will be abated June 1, 2019 and such rent abatement will continue until the Bridge Project no longer affects FF&T’s business and/or use of the Miami Entertainment Center. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. Regards, AwIKe Aaron Resnick, Esq \closures ce: _Isiaa Jones, Chief Legal Officer [ones] Bamaby Min, Deputy City Attomey [] Client EXHIBIT “A”