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We are so glad you have joined us today! Our desire is that God TODAY - May 5th
8:30am & 10:50am Morning Worship Services
would bless and direct our time together. Worship is an interactive, 9:45am Sunday School
participatory experience and our prayer is that the service today 4:45pm Choir Practice
would strengthen and encourage you on your spiritual journey. 6:00pm Wedding Shower for Anna Ezell
Whether you are new to faith, just coming back to church, or a
long-time follower of Jesus, we hope you find your time with us Wednesday, May 8th
engaging and meaningful. 11:00am Wednesday Morning Bible Study
If you are a first time Guest, we have a special gift for you. One of 5:15pm to 6:15pm Family Supper Cookout with Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
our pastors will be in the foyer following the service to meet you 6:30pm CARAVAN Ceremony
and give you a gift. All classes will meet in the sanctuary

Thursday, May 9th

WHAT TO EXPECT TODAY 7:00pm Recovery Court Session held at 440 George Fraley Parkway in Winchester.
All are welcome to come and offer support & encouragement.
Worship: We take time together to connect with God through
song, scripture, fellowship, and prayer. Something special Sunday, May 12th - Mother’s Day
happens we focus on God together. We invite you to stand and 8:30am & 10:50am Morning Worship Services
sing with us as we praise God, but adopt whatever posture of 9:45am Sunday School
No evening service / activities
worship is best for you. The song lyrics and scriptures are
projected on screen so that you can follow along. A typical service
lasts about 65 minutes.
Children: We have a fully-staffed Nursery for ages three and
below. Kids ages 4-12 will be dismissed during the service to the NURSERY WORKERS
children’s chapel to be taught by Pastor Linda and her staff. TODAY:
1st Service: Carley Rigsby, Jessica Neece, Pat Neece
Sermon: The teaching time seeks to communicate biblical truth in 2nd Service: Jessica Graham, Darlene Norrell, Alicia Hodge
compelling, relevant ways. All of our sermons are available on our PM Service: Wedding Shower for Anna Ezell
website,, and are also podcast. NEXT SUNDAY: May 12th
1st Service: Aly Champion, Ruth Champion, Shanna Layne
Response: When God is speaking, we take time to respond. 2nd Service: Cora Brown, Mikey Butner, Tracy Butner
Many times this is after the message, but other times it may be in No PM Service
the middle of the service. Listening and responding to God is one
of the most important things that we do. An invitation is never FINANCIAL STATISTICS: 105 Flower Lane Drive
needed if you want to pray at the altar. April 28, 2018 Estill Springs, TN 37330
Phone: 649-3867 Fax: 649-3410
Communion: We take time regularly to celebrate Communion and Tithes & Offerings: Emails:
welcome all followers of Jesus Christ to participate in this act of Received: $4,068.83
worship and remembrance regardless of membership or
denomination. Faith Promise:
Received: $215
Offering: We give tithes and offerings as a part of worship in Office Hours: May 5, 2019
obedience, celebration, and thanksgiving to the Lord. It’s also just Fiscal Year is 5/1/19 to 4/30/20
Monday - Thursday
our way of saying, “We love our church and we want to support it!” 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
WORSHIP MINISTRIES Are You Graduating? It is with great joy that we
invite you to share in our happiness

We are compiling a list of all who are graduating from high school,
Choir Practice Tonight at 4:45pm as we exchange marriage vows
college or vocational school this year. Please give the following
information to the church office by May 16th.
Name, School, Degree, Future Plans
Matthew Davis
You can email the office at
Wedding Shower Graduate recognition will be on May 26th. Bailee Hastings
Anna Ezell & Cory Miller We have received info from the following: May 17, 2019
Tonight at 6:00pm High School Graduates: College Graduates: 6:00pm
Jessica Graham Anna Ezell
They are registered at Walmart & Target 105 Flower Lane Drive
Katelyn Pacheco Bailee Hastings
*Anna is the daughter of Emily Ezell Estill Springs, TN
April Estes Emily Hastings
Sydnee Pendergraff Recovery Court Graduates:
Brian Finney Amanda Wilson
Wednesday, May 8th Bradley Finney
A table has been placed in the foyer where you can leave cards for MICAH 6:8 MINISTRY from Sandy Schefcik
FAMILY COOKOUT at 5:15pm our graduates.
Did you know... that for the first time in history, atheists constitute the largest
with Hamburgers & Hot Dogs religious group in America? According to the General Social Survey, the number of
Followed by Americans who have no religion has increased 266% over the past 30 years and now
CARAVAN CEREMONY at 6:30pm account for 23.1% of the population, edging out Catholics and Evangelicals as the
nation’s dominant faith. Mainline Protestant churches have suffered the greatest
All classes/groups will be collapse, declining 62.5% since 1982 and now comprising just 10.8% of the U.S.
population. As religiosity has declined, social ills have abounded. Nearly 1 in 5 American
meeting in the sanctuary adults suffers from anxiety disorders, which now constitute the most common mental
illness in the country;1 in 6 Americans take antidepressant drugs, a 65% surge over just
15 years. While depression diagnoses have increased 33% since 2013, 47% among
Millennials and 63% among teenagers. Suicide rates among American teenagers have
increased by 70% since 2006. American life expectancy declined in 2018, as Americans
SUMMER CAMPS 2019 continue to drug and kill themselves at record rates. Social scientists have established
the link between religiosity and life satisfaction: people who attend religious services
several times each week are nearly twice as likely as those who worship less than once
CHILDREN’S CAMP a month to describe themselves as “very happy.” Psychologists state the obvious: the
belief that God loves you and that you will live with him in eternity offers greater
June 10th - 14th For Grades 1-6 consolation than the view of death as a dirt nap that stiffens you into worm food.
See Pastor Linda for more info. Religious people are also more likely to engage in happy-making behaviors, such as
getting and staying married. A study in 2017 affirmed what countless others had already
shown: married couples report higher life satisfaction than their single, divorced, and
YOUTH CAMP widowed neighbors. That satisfaction tends to last beyond the honeymoon and into old
June 17th - 21st For Grades 7-12 age. The misery epidemic threatens not merely American households but also our halls
of power. The late Andrew Breitbart observed that politics is downstream of culture, and
See Pastor Jake for more info. culture in turn is downstream of religion. “Cult” and “culture” are etymologically related,
and a culture is defined by what it worships. A materialistic culture worships wealth; a
Applications for both camps are available for campers and licentious culture worships sex; a godly culture worships God. But “our Constitution was
counselors. All completed and notarized forms need to be turned in September 6-8, 2019 made for a moral and religious people,” as John Adams wrote to the Massachusetts
Annual Ladies Retreat militia in 1798. “It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” A miserable
by May 15th. Forms are available in the foyer. politics awaits us when the irreligious rot flows downstream. Who but God can help us
In Pigeon Forge, TN