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10 March 2019

Pueblo City County Library district
100 E Abriendo Ave, Pueblo, CO. 81004

To whom it may concern;

Jacob K. Barger
1109 Longwood Ave I saw an opening for the Special Collections MHT position at
Pueblo, CO. 81004 PCCLD and hope to be considered for an interview. I know that my years
719.696.0211 of experience in the Circulation Department at the Rawlings Branch and my skills make me an ideal candidate for this position.

I have over five years of experience working at PCCLD. During

my time at the Lamb and Rawlings branches, I directly served library
patrons in various capacities such as repairs, acquisitions, and even
reader’s advisory and reference. I helped the library transition from the
old method of checking materials in and out to the digitally operated
system. I even was able to lead a program for IdeaCon 2016 that was
such a success, that I have been invited back on numerous occasions.

The job description outlines someone who is able to be a

resource for patrons, promote circulation, and assist the executive team
in any way. I am very comfortable with employing these skills to effect
these goals, and am confident I have what it takes to perform the duties
described and more.

I have enclosed my resume for review, and look forward to

speaking with you about what else I can offer to PCCLD.

Thank you for your time and consideration- I look forward to

pursuing such a wonderful opportunity!


Jacob K. Barger