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Christian Whitcraft

Sanchez pd. 3


6 Dec 2017

The border today

The border today has become a big issue, there are a lot of people that think the border is

and isn’t necessary. Some people may think the border is really necessary because they want to

keep other people that aren’t American citizens out, or because they don’t want the risk of a

chance of a threat coming. The border can keep out drug lords, rapists, they still don’t want them

here even though they still pay taxes Even though the border may keep America safe, there are

some Mexicans that come to work and want a better life that their country can’t give them. The

border may be necessary because it keeps out threats, but it also isn’t necessary because some

people are trying to come in and start a better life for them. There are many goods and bad when

it comes to the border, and the government took the safe side. President Donald Trump went with

trying to build a wall to keep Mexicans out because of threats. Then there are other people and

politicians who think otherwise. They think it’s okay for immigrants to cross because they are

trust trying to get a better life for themselves. This topic has been going around for a while now

and no one still haven’t found a compromise and no matter what they do the other side is not

going to be okay with it. They cross over to make a better life which is good, but then they are

going to end up taking other people jobs ... and while we let them cross there is a higher risk of a

threat coming.
Whitcraft 2

The border is necessary because there are a lot of threats and bad people we do

not know about and we shouldn’t put our country at risk. There have been other studies

and projects for other reasons why the border is necessary. The book devil’s high way

gives an example on it, “illegal immigrant actually depres wages” (pg. urrea 216). So not

only there maybe threats involved they might cause more wages problems. They might

even make people poor! The book even gives another example “They are taking our

jobs!!!, in 2008 there will be five million more jobs in the united states that people to do

them” (pg. urrea 217). Why should they let immigrants in if they make people go broke,

take jobs, ruin wages, and cause threats? The risk of bad things happening maybe too

huge to let them come. How will American run if the amount of poor people increases

cause of other people coming taking our jobs. They should first hire American citizen’s

first before they take our jobs. Illegal immigrants depress wages, that should be a good

enough reason to keep them out, that’s a big dead and they shouldn’t risk ii. What if

America goes more in debt because we let illegals come. The risk are too high to let them

cross over, there should be no risk at all, don’t risk it it’s too much at state for this

country to handle. Let our government build the wall so we don’t have any problems

down the road. This country already has so much to deal with we can’t focus on

something little like this. Its better off to play it safe and not take the chances there are

just too much at risk. If building a wall means keeping this country safe then that’s what

we will have to do, at any circumstances should this country be at risk. This country has

dealt with a lot we should not risk any more problems. The border is a good idea and is

very unnecessary, no threats could come though and we could keep this country safe.
Whitcraft 3

The border is not necessary, it may keep threats out but it’s also stopping

good people trying to get a better life and looking for work to do better with themselves.

There are a lot of immigrants who don’t have a good life and can’t work, so they to come

here to America to look for work and get a better life for them but with the border there

they can’t… how can our government just block people out who are trying to do good for

themselves. Immigrants do a lot when they cross over, they help keep minimum wage

low which helps managers and business owners the book devils high way states, “they

keep the minimum wage down. this means saving for managers” (urrea 216). America is

supposed to be land of the free and land of dreams and hopes, while with the border up its

not. America crushes people dreams who just want to work and make life better for them

and we are stopping it and it’s not right. They have the same rights as everyone in the us

and they have to follow the same laws as we do and the book also states, “most of those

workers pay federal income tax: shaved right off the top. No choice, just like you “(Urrea

216). These immigrants are bad, they want to work, they don’t want to be lazy and just

get free money. They want to work and earn their money right off of blood sweat and

tears. Why do people want to put a wall up on people that want to do good for this

country? They should want them to come and give us more jobs more work more money.

The border is very unsessary it is pretty much there for nothing, government wants it up

because of money wise but if we let them come and work they have to pay taxes which

means the government gets money so the money isn’t even an issue. The government is

just very stubborn cause they don’t want to share for the greater good for people the good

that even goes towards them too not just the immigrants.
Whitcraft 4

Whitcraft, Christian. “The border today.” The devil’s high way”, Luis Alberto

Urrea, Little, brown and company, 2004 pg. 216-217