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Lesson: ​Are you Smarter than a WWII Veteran?

Grade Level:​ 5th grade

Group Size: ​Individual, Partner, and Cooperative

Subject: ​Social Studies, U.S. History, WWII

Standard: ​(5)4.23 Identify the United States participation in World War II (e.g., Pearl Harbor,
homefront, D-Day, atomic bomb) [NS 8.5.6]

Objective: ​Students will understand how to strategize and work together like an army as they
quiz each other on how the United States was involved in World War II.

● Blue and Red string to be made into necklaces
● Clothespins
● Notecards

1. The students will receive a notecard
a. During class the students will come up with 5 questions relating to WWII and
write the question and the answer on the note card
b. Once the student is finished they will show me the card and I will check to make
sure the questions are appropriate and the answers are correct
c. If any question is not appropriate or if the answer is incorrect the student will be
asked to fix the question and return to me with the edited version
d. When the note card is completed and approved they will receive either a blue or
red necklace
e. If a student does not turn in or complete a note card they will not be eligible to
f. The notecard assignment is worth 10 points
2. Each student in every fifth grade class will receive either a blue or a red necklace and 10
clothespins attached
a. They will be split evenly into the blue team (Allies) and the red team (Axis)
3. The following week the students will begin the game

Game Instructions:
1. Students from opposing teams will face off by asking their questions on the note card to
each other
a. The students must ask each other all 5 questions
b. They must take turns asking the questions until they have each asked all 5
questions or until someone runs out of clothes pins
c. If a question is answered wrong the person asking the question will take the
clothespin from the person who answered incorrectly
d. The person who asked the question must also give the person who answered
incorrectly the correct answer
e. If the question is answered correctly everyone will keep their pins and move to
the next question
i. If a person has no clothes pins then they must stop playing
ii. A member of the same team can share clothes pins with others to help
them rejoin the game
iii. You cannot share pins during a match
f. You cannot deny a duel
g. You cannot challenge someone during instructional time
i. Good times to play would be during lunch, recess, after school, before
school, or if the teacher allows class time to play
2. Students must turn in their necklaces at the end of the week (Friday at the end of the
school day)
a. I will count the clothes pins each team finished the week with
b. Whoever has the most is the winning team and will receive an after school pizza
party and 20 extra credit points on the test

Prior to teaching the lesson, I will create a KWL chart with the students to see what they know
and want to know about WWII. This will help me figure out how comfortable the students are
with the content.

The week after the game we will finish the L portion of the chart. The students will share what
we learned and we will see if we answered any questions we had in the W portion.

The day after we complete the chart the students will take a 50 question multiple choice test
comprised of some of the questions they created. This will help me to see how much they learned
from my lessons as well as from their peers.