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Wednesday,  November  3,  2010 Contact:  R3  Press  Spokesman  Nathan  Dahm Phone:  918-­‐615-­‐2335 Email:  info@nathandahm.com

Grassroots Republicans Welcome Victories But Urge Continued Action Following Tuesdayʼs Elections

Tuesday  began  with  many  people  wondering  whether  it  would  be  a  “good  night”  and  exactly  how  the   elec9ons  would  turn  out.  The  results  were  generally  as  expected,  with  Republicans  winning  back  the  U.S.   House  of  Representa9ves  and  sweeping  the  state  offices  in  Oklahoma. The  2009  Tea  Party  movement  occurred  well  before  the  primary  season,  vocalizing  the  general  sen9ment  to   “throw  the  bums  out”.  The  ini9al  baJle  cry  was  to  start  over  with  a  new  crop  of  elected  officials.  However,   this  elec9on  resulted  in  an  expulsion  of  many  Democrat  incumbents  while  a  majority  of  Republican   incumbents  retained  their  seats  or  moved  onto  higher  office.  In  Oklahoma,  for  example,  Tea  Party  groups   decried  s9mulus  packages  and  bailout  votes,  yet  TARP  supporter  Rep.  Mary  Fallin  won  the  Oklahoma   Governor’s  race  by  a  wide  margin  on  Tuesday. Republicans  have  been  presented  with  a  double-­‐edged  sword  of  opportunity  with  Tuesday’s  victories.   Republican  officials  have  been  presented  with  a  historic  mandate  to  reverse  policies  and  return  to  basic   Cons9tu9onal  principles.  The  Republican  grassroots  have  shown  their  ability  to  get  out  the  vote,  make  their   voices  heard,  and  effect  a  sea-­‐change  in  government.   Although  Tuesday  may  seem  at  first  glance  to  have  been  a  major  victory,  the  poten9al  exists  for  voters  to  sit   back  trus9ng  the  new  Republican  majority  to  take  up  the  fight  in  defense  of  the  Cons9tu9on.     “The  na9on  is  at  a  9pping  point,”  R3publicans’  board  member  Porter  Davis  explained.  The  fact  that  so  many   incumbent  Republicans  were  returned  to  office  presents  the  real  possibility  that  they  will  not  make  good  on   their  campaign  promises,  that  their  votes  will  be  similar  to  their  records  when  they  were  in  power  during   President  Bush’s  term.   “R3publicans  urges  all  Oklahomans  interested  in  a  limited,  Cons9tu9onal  government  to  maintain  vigilance   over  their  elected  officials  and  prepare  to  hold  their  feet  to  the  fire  once  they  take  office  in  January,”  noted   R3publican  co-­‐founder  Sandra  Crosnoe.

About  R3publicans:    R3publicans  is  a  grassroots  network  of  ac5vists  working  together  to  restore   the  Republic.    The  group  is  based  in  Oklahoma  and  networked  around  the  country.    The  group’s   focus  is  limited  government,  Cons5tu5onal  principles  and  free  market  ideas.  R3publican’s  most   recent  project  in  Oklahoma  was  working  with  the  organiza5on,  OK-­‐SAFE,    to  distribute  their   elec5on  summary  guide  “Posi5ons  On  Oklahoma  State  Ques5ons”. Website:  h*p://www.r3publican.com

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