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1. Click here to go to ECC Online.

2. Register first. You may download the ECC Online User Guide here. It will
provide you a step by step tutorial on how to fill out the registration.
3. After registration, prepare your ECC Application. In this step, you will be asked to
verify your project. Take note of the industry your project falls under.
4. Once qualified, fill out the online Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
Checklist form.
5. After filling out the IEE Checklist form, download and print the Order of
Payment. Go to any LandBank Branch nationwide and pay the processing fee
of Php 5,055.00
6. Have your accomplished IEE checklist with accountability statement of
proponent notarized.
7. Submit and upload the necessary documents (Please see FAQ#3)
8. The EMB Regional Office will evaluate the applications filed online.
9. The evaluation could result to an either approval or a need to submit
additional information. Check your ECC Online Account frequently.
10. After all the pertinent documents are passed, EMB RO may deny or
approvethe ECC Application.
11. Results can be printed on both EMB Online System through your ECC Online


1. Convert all uploaded files to PDF. File must not exceed 10 MB.
2. If you can’t find your type, you may download the Revised Guidelines for
Coverage Screening and Standardized Requirements under PEISS (page 18
of PDF).
3. Print two (2) copies of your Order of Payment.
4. Complete up to Step 6 to save a draft of your application, otherwise you will
have to repeat from the beginning the next time you log in.
5. We suggest uploading and completing the necessary documents before
paying. Unlike CNC, your ECC registration would not be erased in the system
and you can come back later for editing.
6. Frequently check your account for feedback from Regional Office.


1. I can’t access the ECC Online Application Site. What could be the problem? If
you’re using Mozilla Firefox, click Add Exception and then Confirm Security
Exception. For Google Chrome, click Advanced Options and then Click
2. What is Project Verification? Project verification is to check if your project will
qualify in the online application process.
3. I can’t find the kind of project my business falls under. What keyword
should I use? You may refer to the Revised Guidelines for Coverage
Screening and Standardized Requirements under PEISS (page 18 of PDF) as
your guide.
4. I can’t input the capacity for my proposed project size, what am I doing
wrong? The system only accepts numeric and period only. Comma and spaces
are not allowed.
5. What are the documents we need to prepare? Please prepare the following
 Upload scanned copy of the deposit transaction slip and duly notarized
IEE Checklist
 Geo-tagged photographs of proposed project site
 Maps of impact/affected areas (showing at least 1km from the project
 Certification from LGU proving the compatibility of proposed project with
existing land use plan
 Site development plan/vicinity map signed by registered professionals
 Project/Plant layout signed by registered professionals
 Schematic diagram of wastewater treatment facility (if applicable)
 Schematic diagram of air pollution control facility (if applicable)
 Organizational Chart in charge of environmental concerns
 Proof of authority over the project site (e.g. land title, lease contract, deed
of absolute sale, etc.)
 Duly accomplished project environmental monitoring and audit
prioritization scheme (PEMAPS)
1. How much is the application fee? Total application fee is only Php 5,055.00
2. Where do I pay? You may pay at any LandBank branch using the OnCall
Payment Slip.
3. How do I follow-up my ECC application? You may correspond with EMB RO
through the Online System. Frequently check your account for updates or
additional information needed to fully process your application. Additionally, you
may call the EMB RO where your project is located.
4. Where can I validate my ECC? All issued ECC can be validated online through
the EMB Website.
5. Where can I get a Certified True Copy of my ECC? Certified True Copies can
be obtained from the concerned EMB Regional Office.
6. How long does it take for my ECC to be processed? Given that you’ve
submitted all the necessary requirements, it will take 20 working days for your
application to be approved.