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Conference Room Equipment User Guide

1) - To power on/off TV SCREEN: Locate the TV remote and point it to the TV and press the
POWER button. By default the TV is set to the correct input (PC IN).
:- The TV remote is located in the left side drawer in the credenza.

2) - To use the computer in the conference room you will need to:
:- Access the wireless keyboard & mouse: it is stored in the left side drawer of the credenza.
NOTE: The wireless mouse will not work on the translucent glass surface of the credenza
unless you have a mouse pad or use a piece of paper under it.
:- Turn on the PC and login with your domain id and password

3) To connect a laptop or other mobile device:

 For laptop: locate the VGA and audio cable in the left side drawer of the credenza. Connect
the cables to the laptop and to the appropriate connector on the conference room table.
 Power on the laptop and the TV.
NOTE: If no image displays on TV SCREEN, use Fn + LCD buttons on your Laptop until image
desired is displayed.

4) Conference Call :-
Calling in to the conference system is just like making a regular, long-distance
phone call.

After you dial the phone number, you simply listen to the voice prompts and enter your
access code on the telephone keypad. (Note: the "#" key is referred to as the "pound" key.)

If the conference has not yet begun, you will hear background music.
During the conference call, everyone on the call will be able to hear me. They'll be able to
hear you, too, unless your line is "muted."

:- To start a conference (3-way) call:

:- Call the first person or while you are on a current call, press the Conference button on the
phone (or Confrnc soft key on the display) to create a new call.

Note: During a call the active call is placed on hold.

:- Call the second party.
Note: You can either dial the number directly or search for the number in the Call Lists or in
the Contact Directory.

:- When the second party answers, press the Conference or the Confrnc soft key on the
display again to join all parties to the call.

:- To end the conference (3-way) call, press the END CALL soft key on the display or hang up.

5) Skype video conferencing :-

:- Enter your work account(skype id) and password then select Sign In
:- Find and add a contact
:- On the Contacts tab, in the Find someone box, type a name or email address.
:- In the search results, right-click the person you want to add, and select Add to
Contacts List.
:- Share your desktop or a program:

:- Select Share Content and select an option:

Share your Desktop to show the entire contents of your desktop.
Share a Window and double-click the program or window you want to display.
The Currently sharing tab and yellow border around the shared content appears.
:- Select Stop Sharing when you're done.

6) Share Drive access:-

:- Login with your domain id and password after you able to access your share Drive (File
and Folder)

Turn all equipment OFF after use and return any items removed from the credenza.
For technical support, contact the IT Support Department at +91 80 2235 2280/+91 80 2235