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A. Choose the best answer.

To operate a fan you must follow these instructions.

1. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. (AC 120 Volts 60 HZ)
2. To make the fan move sideways, push the pin on top of the motor.
3. To move the fan up or down, first pull up the oscillating pin, then press the tilt adjustment knob.

4. To change the speed of the fan, press one of the switches at the bottom.
1. What should we do if we want the fan move sideways?
a. Push the oscillating pin d. Push the pin on top of the e. Press one of the switches at
b. Turn on the fan immediately motor the bottom
c. Press the adjustment knob
2. What is the function of the switches on the fan?
a. To move the fan c. To turn on the fan e. To push the wall outlet
b. To change the speed d. To turn off the fan
3. ‘To change the speed of the fan.’ What is the similar meaning of the underlined word?
a. To adjust b. To make c. To open d. To arrange e. To close

1. Do not store the phone in the hot areas. High temperature can damage batteries, and warp on melt certain
2. Do not store the phone in cold areas. When it warms up (to its normal temperature), moisture can form
inside, which may damage electronic circuit boards.
3. Do not drop the phone. Rough handling can break internal circuit boards.
4. Do not paint the phone. Paint can clog the moving parts and prevent proper operation.

4. The text above tells you about ... a mobile phone.

a. The tips to buy c. The descriptions of e. The procedures to maintain
b. The steps to activate d. The ways to start
5. Which part will likely be broken if the mobile phone is dropped?
a. Electronic circuit boards c. Moving parts e. The inner chasing
b. Internal circuit boards d. The battery
6. Why shouldn’t you keep your mobile phone in a cold place?
a. To set a broad network d. To maintain the electronic circuit boards.
b. To conserve the battery life e. To keep the operation runs well
c. To get a good connection with others
7. “Paint can clog the moving parts and prevent proper operation.”
What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?
a. Stop b. Preserve c. Cure d. Save e. keep



EM-4 is a mixture of micro-organism that gives the benefit for cattle growth and product.

1. decrease smell pollution
2. Balance mutual micro-organisms.
3. increase quality and quantity of cattle product

How to Use:
1. To get the satisfying result, dissolve 1 cc EM-4 per liter water.
2. Spray on the floor, wall and manure, 1 cc EM-4 per liter water every week.

Agent: PT. Songgolangit Persada, Jakarta

Distributor: Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara 46 Jakarta
Phone (021) 7864523

8. What is EM-4?
a. organic mixture of cattle d. organism water spray
b. bacteria to be used in an organic fermentation e. mixture of pollution
c. solution dissolved by water
9. The following is TRUE except:
a. EM-4 can reduce smell pollution
b. EM-4 is beneficial for cattle growth and product
c. EM-4 decreases both the quality and quantity of cattle product
d. EM-4 is a mixture of micro-organism.
e. EM-4 can be used once a week.
10. We can apply EM-4 by:
a. mixing it with macro-organism d. spraying it on the floor, wall and manure
b. balancing it everyday e. mix it with the cattle products
c. increasing its quantity
11. To have a good result, EM-4 can be sprayed:
a. once in a week b. twice a day c. bi-weekly d. fornightly e. yearly
12. The synonym of the word increase is:
a. Raise b. apply c. erase d. dissolve e. decrease

How to Iron a Shirt

What you need to press a shirt are iron board, iron cover, iron, hanger, needle, thread, splint, button,
handkerchief, sprayer, and dry-mat foot
The Steps of Pressing Shirt
1. Use protector for safety
2. Plug in the electricity
3. Choose the suitable temperature for the clothes material
4. Make wet the 100% cotton clothes if it is necessary
5. Start to iron the shirt from the collar, sleeve then body
6. Iron by following line if there is a fold
7. After completely done, hang the shirt
8. Check the result and do it again if it is necessary
9. After completely ironing, put back the equipments and chemicals
10. And don't forget, clean working area

13. What do we wear for safety when we are ironing?

a. hanger b. Protector c. needle d. Chemicals e. Clothes
14. What is the first part of the clothes we ironing?
a. Body b. Sleeve c. Pocket d. Line e. Collar
15. If there is a fold in our shirt, what do we do?
a. Iron by the following line c. Check the result e. Hang the shirt
b. Iron the sleeve first d. Wet the shirt
16. ‘Check the result and do it again if it is necessary.’ What is the synonym of the underlined word?
a. Trivial b. Required c. Insignificant d. Minor e. Unimportant

Cell Phone Repair Tips

Sometimes, your cell phone doesn’t work properly. Blank displays, failure to recharge and frozen screens are some common
problems faced by owners. Most phone malfunction problems stem from the phone’s operating system that is stalling out or trying to
carry out a bad request. The easiest way to fix problems due to these software issues is to perform a system reset.
First, you have to try the soft reset. Turn the power off and turn it on after a few minutes. The soft reset is the best way to fix a
frozen display or when the system has made a bad request. If the soft reset doesn’t work, you have to try the hard one. A hard reset is
used when you have a frozen operating system or a locked keyboard. For this solution you have to open the battery door and remove
the battery. When you remove the battery, the operating system is forced to restart and clear the error.
17. What is the text mainly about?
a. How to do a soft reset on a phone. d. How to remove a battery from a cellphone.
b. How to repair a cellphone by yourself. e. How to choose your new cellphone
c. How to do a hard reset on a phone.
18. How many ways can you reset your cell phone?
a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four e. Five
19. What is the first step to perform the hard reset?
a. Remove the battery c. Turn the power on. e. Open the battery door
b. Turn the power off d. Restart your cellphone
20. When should we perform a hard reset on the phone?
a. When the operating system is frozen d. When the phone has malfunctioned.
b. When the battery indicator is empty e. When the phone is very broken
c. When the phone operating system is stalling out.

B. Read the text below then answer the questions

Care and cleaning instructions
Wash the pan in hot soapy water with a sponge or dishcloth. After drying, condition the non-stick surface by wiping with cooking oil.
Cool the pan gradually. Do not pour cold water into a hot pan. Soak the pan in hot water before washing to remove burned or dried-on
food. Do not use abrasives on it.
Care Interior
Plastic or wooden utensils will prevent scratching the surface. A spotted white film (mineral from water scratch from food) may from on
the non-stick surface. A sponge dipped in lemon juice or vinegar will remove the film. Wash, rinse, dry, and recondition with oil.
Deterioration of the handle can occur if the pan is immersed for too long time. Check the handle periodically and tighten when
Hot soapy water is suggested to clean the exterior finish. A sponge or plastic pad will avoid scratching. This cook-ware may be cleaned
in automatic dishwater.
1. What is the object discussed in the text?
2. What do we need to clean the pan?
3. What do we do if the handle of the pan deteriorate?
4. If we cook using the pan, we must use plastic utensils. Why?
5. “Don’t use abrasives on it.”(paragraph 2)
What does “it” refer to?