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Joint Venture Companies

Name and Registered Address of the JVC Purpose of JV JV Partners & Shareholding Pattern
BAeHAL Software Ltd, Design, Develop & Market Computer Software, BAe Systems PLC,UK - 11%
Airport Lane, HAL Estate, Firmware Programs and Systems. BAe HAL Employees - 40%
Bengaluru – 560 017, Welfare Trust, India
Karnataka, India HAL - 49%
Indo Russian Aviation Ltd, Overhaul and repair of aircraft, engines, Russian Firms
15/1, Cubbon Road, aggregates and systems RAC- MiG, - 31%
Bengaluru, Product support for maintenance and Ryazan SIP, - 10%
Karnataka exploitation of aircraft Aviazapchast Plc, - 6%
Production of aircrafts, engines, aggregates in
India/Russia on the basis of Cooperation and Indian Firms
supply of ground and role support equipment . ICICI Bank - 5%
HAL – 48%
Snecma HAL Aerospace Pvt. Ltd, Production of engine parts and components Snecma, France - 50%
140/1, Hoody – White field Road, and facilitate its assembly. HAL – 50%
Whitefield Industrial Area,
Bengaluru – 560 066.
Karnataka, India
Samtel HAL Display System Ltd, Design, Development and Manufacture of Samtel Group, - 60%
501, 5th Floor, various types of display systems for Airborne India
Copia Corporate Suits, Military and ground applications, for sale in HAL – 40%
Plot No. 9, District Centre, Jasola New Delhi – Indian and International markets
110 025
HALBIT Avionics Pvt. Ltd, Design , Develop market and provide Elbit Systems, - 26%
H15/1, Cubbon Road, operations and maintenance support to avionic Israel
Bengaluru – 560 001 products, simulators, etc., and integrated Merlin Hawk - 24%
Karnataka, India logistic support and maintenance services Associates, India
throughout the life cycle of product. HAL – 50%
HAL Edgewood Technologies Private Ltd, Develop hi-tech aerospace and defence Edgewood Ventures - 26%
3rd Floor, Old ADB Building, product designs, and develop, manufacture, LLC, USA
HAL Main Factory, and carrry out technology transfers in respect Edgewood Technologies Pvt Ltd, India - 24%
Near Departure Lounge, of state-of-the-art aerospace and defence HAL – 50%
Old Airport Road, products for sale in Indian and international
Bengaluru – 560 017 markets
Infotech HAL Limited, Design and Engineering services in the field of Infotech Enterprises - 50%
5th Floor, Infotech IT Park, Aero-Engines and Technical Publications Ltd, India
Phase 1, 110A and 110B, HAL – 50%
Electronic City, Hosur Main Road,
Bengaluru – 560 100
HATSOFF Helicopter Training Pvt Ltd. To provide military and civil helicopter pilot CAE Inc, Canada - 50%
Survey Nos. 3&4, training services in India. HAL – 50%
Opposite ARDC Main Gate,
HAL Vibhuthipura,
Marathahalli Post, Bengaluru – 560 037
Name and Registered Address of the JVC Purpose of JV JV Partners & Shareholding Pattern
Tata HAL Technologies Ltd, Provide Engineering and design solutions in TATA Technologies - 50%
Venus Building, 1/2 Kalyan Mantappa Road, the area of Aero Structures and other allied Ltd, India
Jakkasandra, Koramangala 1st Block, activities HAL – 50%
Bengaluru – 560 034
International Aerospace Manufacturing Private Manufacture products to be used in civil Rolls-Royce Overseas Holdings Ltd, UK - 50%
Ltd, aerospace sector. HAL – 50%
Survey No 3 Kempapura Village, Varthur
Hobli, Bengaluru East Taluk,
Bengaluru – 560 037
Multirole Transport Aircraft Limited In respect of multi-role transport aircrafts UAC-TA & Rosoboron export Russia - 50%
MTAL House, design, develop, manufacture, market and HAL – 50%
HAL Senior Officers' Enclave, provide product support.
Old Madras Road,
Bengaluru – 560 093
Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council Research and aggregate skill requirements of
Technical Training Institute, the aerospace and aviation industry
HAL Surjandas Road,Vimanpura, create skill database, collate and disseminate
Bengaluru – 560 017 labor market information
Karnataka, India identify upcoming technologies in the
aerospace and aviation sector and determine
technology specific skills
provide quality assurance via accreditation and
certifications of training delivery bodies.
Defence Innovation Organisation To implement the Scheme of defence
Centre of Learning and Development, innovation inititative by creation of an
Bharat Electronics Limited, Jalhalli ecosystem to foster innovation and technology
Bengaluru – 560 013 in defence.
Karnataka, India
Helicopter Engines MRO Private Limited Provide support, maintenance, repair and
2727, 80 Ft Road, HAL 3rd Stage, overhaul of helicopter engines directly to civil
Indrianagar, and defense customers.
Bengaluru – 560 001
Karnataka, India

Liaison Offices
Liaison Office London Liaison Office Moscow Liaison Office Delhi Liaison Office Mumbai

Liaison Office Chennai Liaison Office Visakapatnam Customer Service Cell, Delhi
R&D Centers
 ARDC: 1940
o Design & Development, Integration, Testing and certification of basic and advanced trainers and combat aircraft.
o Ground Testing of aircraft structures and systems
o Wind tunnel validations
o Flight Evaluation
 AERDC: 1960
o design and development of a Hindustan Jet Engine (HJE-2500) as first jet engine project in 1965 which was proposed for the HJT-16
o only design house which has developed test beds for Engines of Western as well as Russian origin engines
o design and development of HTFE-25 engine,
o a turbo fan engine for powering medium thrust class aircraft and
o HTSE-1200 engine, a turbo-shaft engine for powering helicopters.
 RWRDC: 1970
o design, development, prototype manufacturing, ground & flight testing and Certification of Civil and Military helicopters
 ASERDC: 1971
o research and development in communication, radar, mission, navigation and identification systems for Aircraft and Helicopters.
o secure communication, Identification systems, Radio altimeters, Ground Radars, Flight Control systems, on Board Computers, Navigation,
Electronic Warfare, Hybrid Micro-electronics and Space Applications have been indigenously designed and developed.
o capability to develop modifications, undertake life extension studies, failure analysis of aero-engine and its components through defect
investigation and court of Inquiry and suggest improvements based on the field experience by its dedicated and highly qualified team of
experienced engineers.
 AURDC: 1964
o Su30MKI, MiG series aircraft in design and development for product improvements, role capability enhancement, indigenisation, technology up-
gradation, structural integrity studies for life extension, flight test analysis and mid-life upgrade are its strengths
 TARDC: 1967
o role modifications for transport, maritime and intelligence warfare aircraft, integration of mission system and avionics, aircraft upgrades,
indigenisation, damage survey and assessment, development of repair and preventive maintenance technology, cabin furnishing and layout.
 MCSRDC: 2008
o Design of avionics systems architecture, system software & hardware development, installation, integration and testing for aircraft and
 CMPL: 1941
o materials testing and R&D Laboratories
o Treatise on Nondestructive Testing (Three Volumes)
o Laboratory Test Procedures and
o Hindustan Process Specifications.
 ASERDC, Lucknow: 1973
o Functional / Life Testing, simulation and analysis tools, Prototype Shop for Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Fuel, Electrical and Electronic System LRUs.
Actuators, Pumps, Wheels and Brakes, Control Valves and Sensors are other products from this Centre.
 ASERDC, Korwa: 1984
o development of Flight Data Recorders and other Avionic LRUs
o Embedded Systems Hardware & Software development, Open Architecture based Test Equipment & Ground Replay Equipment