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MEMORANDUM To FROM SUBJECT DATE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE BUREAU OF CUSTOMS 1099 MANILA ALL DEPUTY COMMISSIONERS ALL DISTRICT COLLECTORS ALL OTHERS\CONCERNED Bocagernes REY LEONARDO B. GUERRERO Commissioner’ MAY 03 2019 SUSPENSION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF CMO NO. 18- 2019 WITH SUBJECT ADJUSTMENT OF THE PERIOD OF LODGEMENT OF GOODS DECLARATION AND PAYMENT OF DUTIES AND TAXES MAY 03, 2019 Pending policy refinements and updating of E2M system by the Management Information System and Technology Group (MISTG), CMO No. 18-2019 with above quoted subject, is hereby suspended until further notice. For your guidance and strict compliance South Harbor, Gate 3, Port Area Manila 109 9 Tel. Nos, 527-4537, 527-1935 (OCOM) Website: . Email: Boc.cares@customs gov oh (PIAD)