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How to solve the problem

The way to overcome unemployment problem is depending on the superiority of the

government. Firstly, the expansive monetary policy is one main solution which can help
avoid unemployment. There should be expansive monetary policy from Federal Reserve
since it’s quick, effective, and powerful. When there are lower interest rates as mentioned
above, they allow individuals to borrow in a cheap manner to purchase a car, consumer
goods, and more. By this way, the interest rates allow business to borrow money at lower
rates which also offers them with capital to hire employees in order to meet rising demands.
These are few aspects that need to be followed in cooperation with the people and
government in order to solve unemployment. National Unemployment rate can be decreased
from the nation when planned and implemented in the right manner. Natural unemployment
is a major concern in any country and hence focusing on it is important in order to save the
nation from economic decline.

As unemployment affects every individual in the nation, there needs to be proper

economic conditions and maintenance by the government. The government should be
prepared in order to take the right steps at times of recession which leads to unemployment.
The unemployment solutions to the unemployment problem are also mentioned and hence
unemployment is an aspect to be concentrated by all citizens of the country. Unemployment
is a major crisis and may bury the economic condition of the complete nation and hence be
following the right procedure is mandatory. People who are unaware of unemployment and
not sure about the inner details can run through these points and get benefited. Work
towards developing a nation free from unemployment.

Secondly, the other policy to reduce unemployment is fiscal policy. According to The
Free Dictionary, fiscal policy describes taxation and spending that the government pursues
in an effort to influence the overall state of the economy. Two common goals of fiscal policy
are to reduce unemployment and encourage economic growth. Taxation is one of the
primary fiscal policy tools the government has at its disposal to reduce unemployment. High
taxes mean consumers have less disposable income, which results in less consumption.
When consumers buy less, business take in less revenue and are less likely to hire new
workers or may even lay off workers to reduce costs. Cutting taxes is a common method the
government uses to spark economic growth and reduce unemployment. Tax cuts put more
money into the hands of consumers, which can lead to increased revenue for business and
expansion and hiring.
After that, the government needs to urgently solve the problem of the mismatch of
supply and demand of labour force and skills. The allocation of scholarships as well as the
intake for different courses in universities and vocational schools should reflect the
estimation of what the economy needs in the medium term of two to four years. The
curriculums of the courses at tertiary institutions should be more industry-driven. In addition,
technical and vocational education and training (TVET) should be rebranded as an attractive
pathway for secondary school leavers, just as it is in countries such as Germany. It is better
to be a TVET graduate armed with skills that are in high demand (and thus be paid for that)
by the market, such as an aeronautical mechanic, oil and gas technician or crane operator
etc, than to be a university graduate with no job prospects.

Then, youths graduates must be empowered to venture into entrepreneurship. Only

2% of the nation’s graduates are running their own businesses upon graduation. Small and
medium enterprises create more than 70% of the jobs in Malaysia, thus more jobs could be
created for youths if the young start their own businesses. Therefore, there should be special
incentive programmes for youth entrepreneurship. In fact, exposure to the internet from a
young age can be this generation of Malaysians nowadays has a much wider worldview as
well as greater creativity and potential to think outside of the box than previous generations.
The government must formulate an incentive system that can help youths with extraordinary
ideas turn these ideas into products or services via youth entrepreneurship. Additionally, the
finding of the study shows that majority of the students agree that entrepreneurship can help
to reduce unemployment. This finding supports the work submission from the Office of the
Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth (2014) which states that entrepreneurship is a lasting
solution to unemployment issues in societies, rural communities inclusive.

Next, unemployment problem cannot be overcome as long as government do not

do their policy because they are superior to solve this problem. However, there are ways to
reduce the unemployment among graduates is from the attitudes of the graduates
themselves. Attitude of graduates themselves have to think professionally and not being
negative about something. As a process of finding a variety of experiences ranging from a
subordinate management enable graduates to learn basic things that you want to venture
into the field In addition, a person graduates also need to improve communication skills,
especially fluency in English and a variety of skills Soft Skills. Graduates need to take the
initiative to learn various skills Soft Skills that are not taught directly in the study. Self-
confident attitude will gain knowledge and skills of graduates into a work area. Through the
experience gained graduates need to think solving a problem efficiently and increase
productivity. The government should raise the level of education and also continue to
promote the importance of English among graduates.

Besides that, partnering employers and universities to enhance graduate

employability is ways to reduce the unemployment. Talent Corp’s initiatives in the area of
graduate employability aim to achieve three main objectives: increase awareness, provide
exposure, and increase the employability of graduates. These programmes work hand-in-
hand with employers and universities, ultimately with the aim of equipping students to
prepare them for work. Institutions, particularly trainers need to understand and apply the
soft skills that are very important to the industry now. Based on the findings, it is suggested
that the problem-solving skills and communication in English will be given significant
emphasis in the teaching and learning process. Graduates should also have a positive
attitude towards work and the environment, innovative and creative. The ability to meet the
challenges and take risks to challenge should also be applied to the students. Cooperation
between colleagues and understand the goals and demands of employers and able to work
independently and producing quality workers is also an industrial use. One of the steps to
reduce graduates unemployment is by promoting a conducive environment for the
development of entrepreneurship among graduates, hence less graduates will be looking for
paid employment.

As a mention above there are many solution to overcome the unemployment from
the government, youth graduates etc. Therefore, the parties involved need to initiate each
initiative them in solving this problem because Unemployment is a serious issue for any
economy. It creates negative affects to unemployed as they are jobless and suffer from
worse prospects to find new job and those who are employed feel less secure to keep their
jobs in future.

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