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Bel-Air Manor May 2019 Therapeutic Recreation Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2
Director: -Sue Lepage, 3 *Frances B.*
BA,TRD 10:00am Mass on TV
Christine Donavan & Lauryn 10:00am TV Mass 10:30am Mass on TV-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV-Rotunda
Bailey & Odilia Santiago 10:30am Kentucky Derby at Bel- 10:30pm Let’s Celebrate Cinco De 10:45am Ribbon Cutting for
Air Manor Part 2 and History Mayo little Store-Rec
*Little Store Hours* 5/12/19 5/27/19 11:00am May Day Disc. (10)-Rec Entertainment-Jose Paulo -11:30am Little Store Grand 10:00am TV Mass-Rotunda
Mondays and Friday 2:00pm Bowling Tournament-Rec 2:00pm Christine’s choice-Rec Opening-Rec 10:30am Mother’s Day Card
10:45am-11:30pm-Rec. Room 3:00pm Movie m-Matinee-Rec 3:15pm Comedy hour-Rec Making -Rotunda
1:30pm Bingo Game -DR
*Happy May Birthdays* 2:30pm Snack attack –on unit 1:30am Bingo-DR
*Family Visits*

5 *Cinco De Mayo* 6 7 8 *Janet S.* 9 10 *Miguel F.* 11 *Jose Dacosta*

10:00am Mass on TV-Rotunda 10:00am TV Mass and 10:00 TV Mass-Rotunda 10:00am TV Mass-Rotunda 10: 00am TV Mass-Rotunda 10:00am TV Mass-Rec 10:00am TV Mass-Rec
10:30am Cinco De Mayo Word Communion-Rec 10:30am Yoga Stretch and 10:30am Musical Ball and 10:30am Entertainment with Kathy 10:30am Exercise for your Heart 10:30am Active Games-
Game 10:30am Nascar Racing -Rotunda Meditation –Rec movement-Rotunda Health-Rec Parachute Soccer-Rec
11:00am History of Cinco De 11:00pm Darts Tournament -Rec 11:00am Angel Support 2:00pm Bingo Elizabeth & 2:00pm Baking Club-Rec 11:00pm Mother’s Day History 11:00am Active Games- 1:1 on
Mayo (Pg. 20) 2:00pm Bowling Group-Rec Friends -DR 2:30pm Spring Hang man and word (pg. 12) the- Annex
1:30pm Bingo-DR Tournament -Rec find-Rec 1:30pm Bingo -DR
2:00pm Cardo game Rec 3:00pm Classic Movie Theatre- 1:30pm Bingo -DR
*Family Visits* 3:00pm Movie Matinee -Rec *Family Visits*
3:00pm I Love Lucy -Rec 3:30pm Comedy Hour-Rec
*Independent Activities* 3:00pm Classic Movie -Rec
6:00pm Bingo-Carol-DR

12 *Elizabeth C.* 13 *Senior Olympics Starts.. 14 15 *Marie B.* 16 17 18 *Arm Forces Day*
10:00 TV Mass- Rotunda 10:00am Staff wheel chair 10:0am TV Mass-Rotunda 10:0am TV Mass-Rotunda 10:00am TV Mass -Rotunda 10:00am TV Mass-Rec
10:30am Discus Challenge -R and Walker Race- Rotunda 10:30am Wheel Chair or Walker 10:30am Staff Wheel Chair 10:30am Entertainment by Jim 10:30am Patriotic Sing –a-Long
11:00pm Bowling Tournament-R 11:00am decorating Contest-Rotunda Basketball challenge-Rotunda Sheehan- R 11:00am Patriotic Word game-
*Happy Mother’s Day* 2:00pm Water Balloon Challenge 1:30am Oil Painting –Brian 11:00am Judging and Ribbon 2:00pm Entertainment 2:00pm Masquerade Senior Rec
10:00am - 11:30am 2:30pm Pie Eating Contest for 2:30pm High Stake Bingo- reward-Rotunda Karen. -Rotunda 1:30pm High Stakes Bingo-DR
Mother’s Day Brunch Staff and Residents-R Ball Dress ro
Library 2:00pm I scream , you Scream
3:30pm Movie Matinee-Rec impress-R
1:30pm Bingo-DR 6:00pm Bingo-Carol-DR we all Scream for Ice Cream-R *Family visits*

19 20 *Joseph P.* 21 22 23 Jewish : Lag B’Omer 24
10:00am Mass on T
10:30 Resident Council meeting 10:00am TV Mass-Rec
10:00am Mass on TV-Rec 10:30am Morning Stretch- 10:00am TV Mass-Rotunda 11:00pm Mind games-Rec 10:30am Entertainment- Kathy- 10:00am TV Mass-Rotunda 10:00Am TV Mass
10:30am Spring Crafts-Rec Rotunda 10:30am Exercise-R 2:00pm Cardo Game-Rec Rotunda 10:30am -Rec
11:00am This was the Year of 11:15am Osteoarthritis p18-Rec 10:30am Bowling 11:00pm -Rec
3:30pm Comedy show-Rec 2:00pm Birthday Celebration
1:30pm Bingo-DR 1943 (pg. 48) 1:30pm Emmanuel HS-R Tournament. -R 2:15pm 3 Angels Church-R
Entertainment with Cindy-R
*Family Visits* 1:15pm-Pet therapy with Cotton 2:15pm Word Game-R 1:30pm Bingo -Dr
*Independent Activities* 2:00pm Bowling -Rec 6:00pm Bingo-Carol-DR
*Activities Subject to change
26 27 28 29 10:00am TV Mass-Rec 30 *Helder G.* *Breakfast 31 without Notice* *Mail
10:00 TV Mass –R 10:00amTV Mass –R 10:30am Exercise your heart-R Delivered*
10:00am TV Mass -Rec 9:00am Club* DR 10:00am Mass On TV
10:30am Piano Recital 10:30am Nascar Racing -R 11:00pm Poetry Writing and Monday – Saturday
10:30am Morning Stretch-Rec 10:00am Mass on TV
with Robert-R 1:15pm Emmanuel Church-R Reading Session-R 10:30am Morning Stretch *Activities Location:*
11:00 Sarcoidosis (pg.18) -Rec. 10:30am Morning Stretch-Rec
1:30pm Bingo -DR 2:30pm Word Search –R 2:00pm Bowling Tournament-Rec 11:00am The Price is right-Rec R-Rotunda
2:00pm Cardo Cards- Rec 2:00pm Baking Club-Rec
6:00pm Bingo- Carol-DR 3:00pm Comedy- I love Lucy-Rec DR. - Dining Room
3:30pm Movie Matinee-Rec 3:00pm Memories of Your favorite 1:30pm Bingo-DR Rec. - Recreation Room
dish-Rec 3:30pm Classics movie-Rec Library-L