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Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program

Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) – Teacher Leader Project

Revised 1.1.19
Directions: The ILP should be completed with Mentor input. Complete blue cells prior to classroom implementation. Complete orange cells after POP Cycle is completed. Cells will expand as
needed. When submitting completed ILP to instructor, please include copies of all instructional resources, including Google Survey used for assessment of audience satisfaction.
Section 1: New Teacher Information
New Teacher Email Subject Area Grade Level
Nicole Wilcoxen 6th – 8th Grade Math; 8th ELA 6th – 8th grade
Mentor Email School/District Date
St. Aloysius / Diocese of Los
Nicole Johnson 2-27-2019
Section 2: CSTP Areas of Inquiry
Directions: Identify 2-3 CSTP elements for ILP focus. Use most recent CSTP Assessment for Initial Rating. Identify both teacher and student rating for CSTP 1 and 2. See example.
CSTP Element Initial Rating Description Goal Rating Description
T - Facilitates systematic opportunities for students to apply critical
T - Guide students to think critically through use of questioning strategies,
Promoting critical thinking thinking by designing structured inquires into complex problems.
T – Applying posing/solving problems, and reflection on issues in content. T – Innovating
1.5 through inquiry, problem S - Students pose and answer a wide-range of complex questions and
S – Exploring S - Students respond to varied questions or tasks designed to promote comprehension S - Innovating
solving, and reflection problems, reflect, and communicate understandings based on in
and critical thinking in single lessons or a sequence of lessons.
depth analysis of content learning.

Use available technologies Use a wide range of technologies to design, implement, and analyze
Integrates a variety of technologies into the development, implementation, analysis of
to assist in assessment, assessments and provides for an in depth and ongoing
assessments, and communication of student learning to all audiences.
5.6 analysis, and communication Integrating Innovating communication regarding student learning to all audiences.
of student learning

Facilitates collaboration with colleagues.

Works to ensure the broadest positive impact possible on
Collaborate with colleagues
Collaborates with colleagues to expand impact on teacher and student learning within instructional practice and student achievement at school and district
and the broader professional
levels and for the profession.
6.3 community to support Integrating grade, or department and school and district levels. Innovating
Engages with members of the broader professional community to access resources and Initiates and develops professional learning opportunities with the
teacher and student learning
broader professional community focused on student achievement.
a wide range of supports for teaching the full range of learners.

Section 3: Teacher Leader Inquiry Focus and Planning

Project Title Inquiry Question Project Objective(s)

Using technology to assess student learning What resources can teachers use to help them assess students
in a more efficient way, using technology?
Teachers will learn to use and create assessments on goformative to help
them assess student learning.

How Project Fits into Professional

Audience for Project
Goals and/or How Audience Satisfaction will be Assessed
(Who Participates/Who Benefits)
Department/School/District Needs
Being a blended learning school, we are using technology on
At the end of the presentation, teacher will complete a survey. They will
All staff (TK – 8th grade and principal) a daily basis at my school site, however, majority of
teachers are using predesigned curriculums as opposed to
be asked a variety of questions including, how likely they will be to create
one of these assessments and use them in their own classroom.
creating their own assessments (summative and formative)

Special Emphasis: Teacher Leader Model Standards and NBPTS Core Propositions
Directions: Identify at least one NBPTS and at least one Teacher Leader Model Standards that are the primary focus of your project. Explain how these standards will be incorporated.
Special Emphasis Focus How Special Emphasis will be Incorporated
Teacher Leader:
Proposition 5 – Teachers are members of professional Teacher Leader:
communities • The Teacher Leader Model Standards will be incorporated in my project during the
• Teachers collaborate with other professionals to improve school presentation. I will begin the presentation by asking teachers what some of their
effectiveness hesitations are in using technology in the classroom to assess the students, since the
NBPTS: majority of our students are devices on a daily basis.
Domain 5 – Promotes the Use of Assessments and Data for NBPTS:
School and District Improvement • My entire presentation will be incorporating this standard. I feel like my school site
• Collaborates with colleagues in the design, implementation, has so much technology available to us, but many of the teachers have become
scoring, and interpretation of student data to improve educational comfortable using the premade curriculums as opposed to find new ways to assess
practice and student learning. their students and collect data.

Inquiry Implementation Plan

Discuss Results with
Analyze Results
Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Mentor
Milestone 4
Milestone 5

Identify name and date for Create Present to Review Data

Research Review Data
activities. Presentation Colleagues with Mentor
March 18th –
March 11th – 15th March 27th March 29th April 5th
Provide 1-2 sentence
I will be researching new ways for my teachers to assess students using all of the technology that we have available to us at my school
summary of your teacher
site. Using technology can help them summarize their data gain more information about their students.
leader project.

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 1 of 4
Summarize process for After presenting the information to the teachers at my school, I will have them complete a survey to gage how much they learned from
analyzing effectiveness of the presentation. I will also ask questions to see how likely they will be to use those resources in their own classroom, including how
leadership role. comfortable they feel using the resources after the presentation.
Section 4: Inquiry Research and Exploration
Research/Professional Learning (Identify two articles that have informed inquiry focus. Provide title, URL or citation, and statement of what was learned.)
Title: Assessment; Section 4: Measuring for Learning
Title: Effective Assessment in a Digital Age
“Technology-based formative assessments can offer real-time reporting of
“Assessment lies at the heart of the learning experience: how learners are
results, allowing stakeholders to understand students’ strengths and weaknesses,
assessed shapes their understanding of the curriculum and determines their
while guiding them to make valid, actionable interpretations of the assessment
ability to progress. At the same time, assessment and feedback form a significant
data. Such assessments can enable educators to see, evaluate, and respond to
part of practitioners’ workloads and, with increased numbers, reduced budgets
student work more quickly than can traditional assessments. Similarly, learners
and higher learner expectations, continue to be a matter of concern for many
and their families can access this information almost in real time. Technology-
based summative assessments also facilitate faster turnaround of results.”

Colleagues (Summarize how two colleagues have addressed similar leadership roles OR the status of the issue at department/school/district level.)
3rd – 5th Grade Math Teacher:
Middle School Social Studies / Science Teacher: This teacher has also struggled to use the technology available to us at
This teacher has struggled with ways to use the technology we have as a my school site. I feel as though we have been given so much it terms of
means of assessment. The two of us have really been working hard to physical resources, however, we have not received much training on how
find new ways that we can use the technology to help expedite the to really effectively use it. The math teacher and myself have been
assessment process and use it to more effectively assess our students. working in partnership with the science teachers to make this more
helpful in our classrooms daily.
Section 5: Results and Reflection
CSTP Element Revised Rating Evidence/Rational for Rating Suggestions for Moving Forward
To move to INNOVATING level: Consider how to increase
Promoting critical
Teacher asked questions of analysis and evaluation. complexity of task beyond a single lesson so that there
thinking through T – Applying T – Integrating
1.5 Students answered questions that included all levels of Bloom’s. are continuing opportunities for students to engage in
inquiry, problem S – Exploring S - Integrating
Students created their own math problems. inquiry in complex problem. How could you extend lesson
solving, and reflection
into PBL?
Use available
technologies to assist
Teacher uses a wide range of technologies to design, implement, and To continue in the INNOVATING level: Continue
in assessment,
5.6 Integrating Innovating analyze assessments and provides for an in depth and ongoing researching new technologies to use in the classroom to
analysis, and
communication regarding student learning to all audiences. design, implement, and analyze assessments.
communication of
student learning
Collaborate with Teacher leader Initiates and develops professional learning
colleagues and the opportunities with the broader professional community focused on
To continue in the INNOVATING level: Teacher will
broader professional student achievement. Teacher Leader used presentation to
6.3 Integrating Innovating continue to seek out and develop professional learning
community to collaborate with colleagues, works to ensure the broadest positive
support teacher and impact possible on instructional practice and student achievement at
student learning school and district levels and for the profession.
Special Emphasis (Teacher Leader Model Standards or NBPTS Core Propositions
Contribution to
Key Learnings and New Skills/Knowledge Developed by Teacher Product(s) Generated
Gave teachers a new tool for using
technology in the classroom. This will
Presenting to fellow teachers is much more difficult than also help teachers with grading as it
Assessments for teachers to
presenting to students. I definitely learned that I need to will grade most types of responses.
use in their classrooms.
practice more prior to the presentation. This is also a great tool for teacher to
look at data as it shows the class
overall on one single screen.
Mentor Feedback
Directions: The Mentor should Identify strengths and areas of improvement in each of the following areas.
Strength: Presentation was well developed. Visuals helped audience
follow along.

Effectiveness of resources designed by Candidate, including presentation, Improvement: Maybe add audio to videos so that if teachers are using
notes, handouts, and other resources. the presentation on their own to create another assessment, they will
have the descriptions of what is going on in the video.

Teacher Leader did a great job teaching and coaching adults. She related
Effectiveness of Candidate in teaching and coaching adults. (Refer to
to current experience that teachers are dealing with and allowed them
Adult Learning Principles in FOTIP Handbook
[]. time to work with their own curriculum to create assessments, as
opposed to telling them what kind of assessment to create.

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 2 of 4
Strength: This is a very valuable topic for our school site. In the past few
years, we have really developed our online learning and online
Value of topic for audience.
assessment is the next step to creating an all-around online learning
Strength: Overall presentation was great. Teacher Leader did a great job
displaying her knowledge of something she is passionate about and
sharing the resources with her peers.
Overall delivery by Candidate of the professional development
experience, including audience engagement, pacing, tone, and response
to questions. Improvement: More time for the audience to mess around and play
with the content. Also, possibly having audience come in with pre
written questions and pdf files so that they don’t have to spend time
trying to find something to use.
Analysis and Summary of Audience Assessment
Directions: Record assessment data into Assessment Data Table (see end of document). Include copies of assessment tool with submission. Include at least one graph in your summary.
Participation satisfaction was assessed using a Google Form. I had already provided all of my staff members with access to the
presentation via Google Slides. At the conclusion of the presentation, I had all of the teachers click on the link to the Google Form, and
answer a few questions about the presentation. The staff answered questions such as, how easily the content was, to understand,
how likely they would be to use the assessment tool in their classroom, if they would like more help getting to know GoFormative, and
any other questions they might have for me.

Google Form:


Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 3 of 4
Action Items (some may not be applicable)
For curriculum design,
lesson planning, assessment

For classroom practice Making this used school wide will help students become more familiar with it.
For teaching English
learners, students with
special needs, and students
with other instructional
Have teacher come prepared with questions they would like to use for their assessment, or a completed
For future professional
assessment they will be giving to students in the near future so that they can spend the time creating a real
assessment they will be likely to use in their classroom.
For supporting Give more detailed examples of how this can be used cross curricular not just in a math classroom. Explain
others/department/ to ELA teachers how students can submit short answer and essay type responses and how the grading
school/district system could assist teacher in grading by looking for key words and phrases.


Other Notes and Comments

Include copy of Google Survey Form assessment tool.

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