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TAREFA DOMICILIAR – Inglês (A) Americans got exercise when they crossed the continent in

covered wagons
(B) exercise and diet are more widespread in America than ever
(C) heart disease is the number one killer among Americans
NOISE POLLUTION (D) Americans live longer than they did before

Noise pollution is best defined as sound that is unwelcome or sound 2. (IME) The main idea of the second paragraph is:
that is detrimental to the quality of life. Noise is commonly measured (A) jogging as an exercise appeals to a large number of Americans
in decibels dBA, a unit of sound pressure level. In urban areas, noise (B) joggers have to buy special shoes
usually comes from three sources: (1) transportation systems, (2) (C) joggers must be a certain age
occupational or industrial sources, and (3) community background (D) jogging is inexpensive
noise, with transportation noise having by far the greatest impact on
urban residents. Each community has its own "noise signature," or 3. (IME) The main idea of the third paragraph is:
background noise, which is affected by its type and level of activities (A) people are so eager to lose weight that they will try any kind of
and its proximity to transportation routes. The overall size of a city diet
has little effect on noise signature, and, surprisingly, so does traffic (B) fad diets are so popular because they are on the best-seller lists
density. (C) eliminating fats or carbohydrates will cause drastic weight loss
(D) diet books guarantee 20-pound weight losses
Though a few communities suffer from significant levels of aircraft
or industrial noise, highway traffic is the major contributor of noise 4. (IME) The main idea of the fourth paragraph is:
in the United States as a whole. The increase in freeways and surface (A) it’s good for you to jog and restrict your eating
streets and the widespread use of the automobile increase the need to (B) improperly controlled, diet and exercise harm rather than benefit
assess the effects of noise on people. your health
(C) jogging can damage the body because it is too strenuous an
Four major effects of traffic noise on human beings have been exercise
identified: sleep interference, speech interference, annoyance, and the (D) in the long run, dieting doesn’t reduce people because they don’t
impairment of hearing that comes from long exposure to high noise stay on a diet
5. (IME) You can infer from this passage that
Leia atentamente o texto abaixo: (A) a person’s life expectancy depends upon diet
Not since Americans crossed the continent in covered wagons have (B) inactive and corpulent people are prone to heart disease
they exercised and dieted as strenuously as they are doing today. (C) more people succumb to heart disease than to any other ailment
Consequently, they do not only look younger and slimmer, but feel (D) all of the above
better. Because of increased physical fitness, life expectancy in the
nation has risen to seventy-three years, with fewer people suffering 6. (IME) The alternative sentence that is closest in meaning to the
from heart disease, the nation’s number one killer. sentence " Both jogging and dieting can be hazardous" is
(A) People should not jog or diet
Jogging, the easiest and cheapest way of improving the body, keeps (B) Both jogging and dieting can improve your health
over 30 million people of all ages on the run. For the price of a good (C) It’s possible that dieting and jogging can damage your health
pair of running shoes, anyone, anywhere can join the race. (D) jogging and dieting are harmful

Dieting, too, has become a national pastime. Promoters of fad diets

that eliminate eating one thing or another, such as fats or
carbohydrates, promise as much as 20-pound weight losses within
two weeks. Books describing such miraculous diets consistently head
up the best-seller lists because every corpulent person wants to lose
weight quickly and easily.

Nevertheless, both jogging and dieting, carried to extremes, can be

hazardous. Many confused joggers overdo and ultimately suffer from
ankle and foot damage. Fad dieting, fortunately, becomes only a
temporary means for shedding a few pounds while the body is
deprived of the balanced nutrition it requires, so most dieters cannot
persevere on fad diets. Above all, common sense should be the
keystone for any dieting and exercise scheme.

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1. (IME) The main idea of the first paragraph is: