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Food Manufacturing Company - Manufacturing Help

Wanted (Saitama-ken, Yashio-shi)

To apply email the following:
- Current picture (within the last 3 months)
- Resume (must include valid contact phone number and email address)

Company Background:
The Better Table 株式会社 (TBT) is a manufacturer of high quality chemical free
smoked meat products. We have been operating in Japan since 2011 and opened our
first manufacturing facility in 2014. Our product included various types of bacon,
sausages and other packaged meat items. Our products are sold nation-wide in Japan
through various regional and national sales channels.

Work Environment:
TBT is a bilingual English and Japanese work environment. English language fluency is
more important than Japanese for our manufacturing positions as most people working
in manufacturing speak English and not Japanese. We are equal opportunity company
and do not care about the nationality, gender or ethnicity of applicants but focus on the
ability of candidate to do the job and learn and grow with the opportunity.

When working in the manufacturing areas, uniforms are required for all the workers.

Job Details:

Position #1 - Production Line Worker

Main Responsibilities
- Processing of raw ingredients used to make our products
- Cleaning all the production equipment
- Packaging cooked product for shipment to customers

Working Shifts
Shift #1: 7:00 ~ 16:00
Shift #2: 13:00 ~ 22:00

Work Days:
TBT typically manufactures products 6 days a week: Monday ~ Saturday, with
employees typically working 4 or 5 days a week depending on the position. At certain
times of the year we have seasonal changes in the production volume which can
increase the working time temporarily.
Salary & Benefit Details:
Hourly salary rate (時給): ¥960 ~ ¥1,500/ hour depending on responsibility level
Full-time salary: starting at 200,000 / month depending on the responsibility level
Transportation / Commutation: Paid by company
Break: 1 hour
Bonus: depending on position and responsibility level

Position Available:
There are currently 3 positions available for immediate hiring and start of work.

Hiring Process:
Step 1 - Read the working shifts above and qualifications below and confirm you can
accept these conditions.
Step 2 - Submit a resume and a recent picture via an email reply to this advertisement.
Job applications will only be accepted via email for the jobs posted on Craiglist.
Step 3 - The hiring company will review the application and respond to applications for
interviews within 3 days of receiving the applications materials.

Trial Work Period:

There is a 10-day trial work period. This trial is a way for people who do not have any
experience in food manufacturing to get to try risk free and without a long-term
commitment. The salary is 100 yen less per hour as the base salary for the position.

Necessary Qualifications:
- Have Japanese citizenship or possess a valid work visa (copy required)
- be physically fit (pass a health and drug screening)
- be willing to work weekends
- Complete a roughly 2 month probation period for new hires
- Working-level fluency in English or Japanese

To apply email the following:

- Current picture (within the last 3 months)
- Resume (must include valid contact phone number and email address)
Cover letter
García Ramírez Giovanni Bryan
Nacional street
Santiago Cacaloxtepec, huaj. Oaxaca
15th november 2018
Cellphone: 9535931393
Food Manufacturing Company
Saitama-ken, Yashio-shi, Japan

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in response to your advertisement in the website www., dated November 12th 2018. In this advertisement I saw that
you have an available vacancy of manufacturing help wanted. I am very
interested in manufacturing process due to my mayor, I think that it is a great
opportunity to implement new technologies and support in your manufacturing
process, I am very responsible and I have availability for travel, moreover I can
be available to you on time and form for labor.

In my last professional internships I support to my partners in manufacturing, I

also apply new ideas and methods for repair machines in different areas of
company, for this reason I think that this vacancy would be for me, whereas I
feel that I can be a great option due to my academic training as an industrial
engineer, I can also add that I use basic level in German and in my free time I
take training online.

Due to my recent internships I have greatly improved my skills as repairman in

machinery and industrial equipment. I acquired some experience in my
professional internships where I developed quality repair skills, and I believe
that this skill would be very important for this vacancy.

I thank you for your attention and I am at your service for be interviewed if you
wish it.Although you can also contact me through my cellphone number at any
time and please take your time to review my cv that I have enclosed.

García Ramírez Giovanni Bryan

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