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Proposed 2018 AML Pilot Program Project Request Form

Form Completed By: Daniel S. Deiseroth, P.E. and David Mongillo, Esquire
Primary BAMR Project Contact:
AML Pilot Project Name:
Problem Area Number and Name: (0962) and Muse
Project Number(s): 0962
Municipality: Cecil Township
County: Washington
Primary Project Partner(s): Cecil Township and ABB, Inc.
Project Description:

This is a pass-through abandoned mine land reclamation project that will involve grading and soil amendment
to approximately 26 acres of land impacted by coal refuse from subsurface coal mining operations occurring
between 1923 and 1953. The project will involve grading several large refuse piles (up to approximately 60
feet high) to remediate existing hazardous slopes. The refuse piles will be blended with alkaline materials,
topped with a two-foot earthen cap from a borrow site on the property, and re-vegetated. The parties initially
considered excavation and reprocessing of the coal refuse, but based upon testing completed by ABB, Inc. the
refuse does not contain sufficient BTU value to pursue this as a viable option.

The reclamation of the coal refuse area described above is part of a larger project to redevelop 87 acres of land
currently owned by ABB, Inc. ("ABB"). Cecil Township has executed a sales agreement to purchase the 87-
acre site from ABB and the parties are addressing environmental issues to obtain an Act 2 release from the
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The redevelopment will include construction of a new
public works building for Cecil Township and appurtenances including a salt storage building, a materials
stockpile area and a walking trail. The Township plans to build the salt storage building and the walking trail
directly on the refuse pile area after it is leveled and re-vegetated. The coal refuse area is the preferred location
for the salt storage area, due to its proximity and access to public roads. A Site Location Map is attached as
Exhibit 1. A Master Plan Map indicating the location of the proposed improvements is attached as Exhibit 2.

In addition to allowing for development of the site, reclamation of the coal refuse area will improve public
safety within Cecil Township. Numerous trails are visible on and around the coal refuse piles, the result of
trespassers riding motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles on the site for recreational purposes. Reclaiming and
developing the piles will eliminate these dangerous activities. The coal refuse piles are extremely steep, and
Proposed 2018 AML Pilot Program Project Request Form

situated in close proximity to public roads. Reclaiming the piles will reduce the possibility of excessive water
runoff, flooding and landslides. Reclaiming the coal refuse piles will also remediate potential soil
contamination, groundwater and surface water contamination associated with the piles.

By addressing the coal refuse pile, obtaining an Act 2 release and building a new public works building, this
project will enhance safety, eliminate environmental hazards, and improve public services to Cecil Township
residents. In addition, undeveloped portions of the site are zoned for business park development and industrial
uses, and will be eligible for future development opportunities.

A detailed Property Description and History is attached as Exhibit 3.

Total Estimated Project Cost: Approximately $1.9 million, consisting of $1,183,810.00 for coal refuse clean-
up and $701,500.00 for a permanent access road and utilities. Other site development cost estimates include
$488,750.00 for construction of the salt dome and storage area on the coal refuse area; $85,675.00 for the
walking trail on the coal refuse area; and $2,666,625.00 for construction of the public works building. Total site
development costs are estimated at $4,551,935.00. An opinion of preliminary construction cost is attached as
Exhibit 4.
OSMRE AML Pilot Program Guidelines Category? (A, B, or Both A and B) Both A & B
Proposed AML Pilot Funding Amount: $1.884 Million.
Eligible for Title IV AML Funds or AMD Set-Aside Funds? (Y or N) Y
If Yes: Why fund this as a Pilot Program project versus just a straight AML or AMD funded
project? Through the AML Pilot Program, it is likely that the project construction schedule can be
expedited upon completion of the coal refuse area reclamation. The reclamation and re-grading will
allow full use of the coal refuse area and will allow construction to occur across the coal refuse areas,
providing economical and regional benefits for Cecil Township and the community. This project will
allow Cecil Township to construct a new public works building in a central location to improve the
Township's ability to service its growing community. The project will eliminate safety and
environmental hazards associated with coal refuse piles located on the site. The project will also reclaim
approximately 26 acres of coal refuse and put the area to productive use as the site of the Township’s
proposed salt storage facility and a future walking trail.

Is there any ongoing O&M funding requirement? No

Proposed 2018 AML Pilot Program Project Request Form

If Yes: What is the estimated annual O&M cost and source of that funding?
For projects needing funding from the AMD Set-Aside Fund for construction or ongoing O&M,
identify the watershed the site is located in and whether the site is located in an approved QHU or

Other Project Funding Source(s) Including Title IV and/or AMD Set-Aside (Amount and Status):
None. The Township and ABB have already invested private funding to complete this project and will continue
to do so.

Will the Project be an In-house Project Design or Pass-Through Grant?

Pass-Through Grant

Anticipated Project Start and Completion Date: 2019 - 2022

Are all of the property owners (including any needed for access only or permanent rights-of-way) in
agreement with the proposed project?

If yes, have any formal agreements or written approvals (including letters of support) been obtained?
Yes. A Sales Agreement between the Township of Cecil and ABB is attached as Exhibit 5.
There is also a three (3) party buyer-seller agreement between ABB, Cecil Township and DEP, under which the
parties have committed to complete environmental remediation activities to obtain an Act 2 release from
liability for environmental contamination. The buyer-seller agreement is attached as Exhibit 6.
Current Project Status:
• Planning & Preliminary Development Investigation

Summary of any Significant Project Issues:

• DEP must approve various reports associated with the Act 2 environmental remediation
• An Act 2 release for the coal refuse area can only be obtained if coal refuse is addressed and

How likely are the project partners to complete any work required beyond the reclamation / AMD
Abatement project work?
The project partners are extremely likely to complete all work once the reclamation is completed. Cecil
Township has been committed to this project for approximately 3 years. The Township has conducted
environmental planning and feasibility studies at the site. The Township has also developed a master plan for
Proposed 2018 AML Pilot Program Project Request Form

the site to include construction of a new public works building, a salt storage facility, an access road and a
walking trail. The development of the access road will eventually allow for an alternate access to a school and
the redevelopment of another property with a coal refuse pile. The Township has already spent in excess of
$500,000 on this project for site development and environmental remediation activities. Cecil Township and
ABB have executed a sales agreement, attached as Exhibit 3, under which Cecil Township has committed to
fund up to $450,000 in environmental remediation costs and ABB has committed to any environmental costs
above this amount. The Township has invested a substantial amount of time and money into the development
of this site, and is committed to finalizing this project contingent in part on reclamation of the coal refuse area.

Project Proposed End Use for Economic Revitalization and/or Community Development:
The end use of the project is a Public Works Facility, Salt Storage, a road that will connect to a
School, and a walking trail. The construction of a new public works facility will improve the Township's ability
to provide essential public works services to its residents. The construction of the public works facility will also
create new construction jobs within the Township. The project will involve excavation, building construction,
and road and utility construction. Consequently, the project will create jobs within various construction trades.

Remaining usable land on the property carries the potential for future commercial and industrial growth in Cecil
Township. The site is zoned BPD (Business Park Planned Development District) and I-1 Light Industrial
District. This zoning allows for various commercial and industrial uses, the development of which will create
additional jobs and economic activity within the Township. A zoning map indicating these zoning designations
is attached as Exhibit 7.

Long-Term Benefits to the Local Economy and/or Community Revitalization/Development (Refer to the
OSMRE AML Pilot Program Guidance Section III. ‘Economic and Community Development Nexus’ for
example metrics for the benefits):

Long-term benefits to the local economy will be realized through the retention and possible creation of new jobs
to Cecil Township, a more efficient public works facility, and elimination of environmental risks, health and
safety exposures, and a site nuisance.

The existing public works facility is outdated and the Township has outgrown the facility. Because of the space
limitations associated with the current public works facility, many pieces of the Township’s equipment remains
outside, exposed to the elements, leading to costly repairs. The population of the Township is expanding. As
the Township expands and grows, so do its public works needs. A larger, updated public works building will
address these needs and will create additional jobs and economic activity within the Township.

Please submit a project location map and any photos of the proposed project site. Photos are attached.

Exhibit 1: Site Location Map
Exhibit 2: Master Plan Drawing
Exhibit 3: Property Description and History
Exhibit 4: Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate
Exhibit 5: Cecil Township/ABB Sales Agreement
Exhibit 6: DEP Buyer Seller Agreement between Cecil Township, ABB and DEP
Exhibit 7: Zoning Map
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Site Location Map ABB Property Muse, Cecil Township Washington County PA

Site Location

Map data ©2018 Google 2000 ft,-80.2077964,14z 7/30/2018
Exhibit 3
Property Description and History

Cecil Township is in the process of purchasing the Property, having executed a sales agreement with the
current property owner ABB Corporation (ABB). ABB acquired the property in 1990 when ABB
purchased Combustion Engineering Corporation. Combustion Engineering’s subsidiary, C-E Cast had
purchased the Property from Chemical and Solvents, Inc. (CSI) in 1968. CSI purchased the Property
from United States Steel Corporation (USSC), a predecessor of USX Corporation (USX), who owned and
operated a subsurface mine (National No. 3 mine) beneath the Property. USSC retained ownership of
the mine.

The Property is divided into four general areas identified as Coal Refuse Area, Undeveloped Area,
Landfill Area, and Main Plant Area.

 Coal Refuse Area is located in the western portion of the Property and encompasses
approximately 26 acres land. This area is comprised of steep uneven terrain with large, high (up
to approximately 60 feet) piles of coal refuse. Numerous trails are located throughout the Coal
Refuse Area; the result of trespassers riding motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. The coal refuse
is the result of historical subsurface mining that was performed beneath the Property from
approximately 1923 until 1953.

 Main Plant Area is located in the eastern portion of the Property and encompasses
approximately 27 acres of land. This majority of the ground surface gently slopes to the south,
with steep slopes along the periphery to the south and east. This area is currently vacant land
but historically had numerous buildings that were used to support historical-
industrialoperations by past owners. A closed mine shaft is located in a fenced area located in
the southern portion of the area.

 Undeveloped Area is located in the northern portion of the Property and encompasses
approximately 21 acres of land. This area surrounds an approximately one-half acre parcel
owned by the Pennsylvania American Water Company. As the name implies, this area is not and
was never developed, with the exception of a utility right of way.

 Landfill Area is located in the northcentral portion of the Property and encompasses
approximately 4 acres of land. The area formerly housed a solid waste landfill that was
constructed in 1980 to dispose of waste (i.e., contaminated soil, sludge, and discarded drums)
generated on the Property. The landfill was later closed in late-2008 to early-2009 by excavating
the waste material, removal of the landfill components (i.e., liners, leachate collection system)
with off-site transportation and disposal of the waste material at a licensed disposal facility.
Between the early 1990s and 2015. ABB completed extensive investigations to identify areas of soil and
groundwater impacted as a result of historical industrial operations at the Property. In addition, ABB
remediated soil at several locations in the Main Plant Area in 1980 and in late 1995 through early
1996. In 1980, impacted soil was excavated from along the eastern property boundary and placed in the
on-site landfill. Impacted soil excavated in 1995 and 1996 was excavated, treated on site using
thermally enhanced vapor extraction, and returned to the areas that were excavated. ABB completed
semi-annual groundwater monitoring through 2017.

In 2018, Cecil Township and ABB executed an agreement (salesagreement) for Cecil Township to
purchase the Property from ABB. In addition, on January 8, 2018, ABB and Cecil entered into an
agreement (i.e., Buyer-Seller Agreement) with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental
Protection. This agreement describes the obligations of each party to remediate identified
impacts. After executing the Buyer-Seller Agreement, Cecil Township has expended approximately
$162,000 to date as part of its obligation to purchase the property. In total, Cecil will incur costs of
$450,000 to fulfil its purchase obligations.

In summary, Cecil Township has conducted these actions as part of their obligation to purchase the

 Filed a Notice of Intent to Remediate with the PADEP Environmental Cleanup and Brownfield
Development program.
 Conducted an extensive investigation to further characterize the nature and extent of soil and
groundwater contamination in the Undeveloped Area and Landfill Area.

Additional work remaining for Cecil Township to meet their obligations under the Buyer-Seller
Agreement include investigations to further evaluate soil in the Main Plant Area and Coal Refuse Area
and preparation of reports required under Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling and Environmental
Remediation Standards Act (Act 2); Remedial Investigation Report, Risk Assessment Report (if
necessary), Cleanup Plan, and Final Report. Cecil Township’s obligations set forth in the Buyer-Seller
Agreement are anticipated to be completed by 2022.
The Gateway Engineers, Inc. Project No. C-45284-0003
100 McMorris Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15205 Amount $4,551,935.00

Estimate of Cost For Work To Be Completed In Cecil Township, Washington Co.

Project Cecil Township redevelopement of ABB property


1 Coal Refuse Clean-up

Mobilzation/Demobilization Each $15,000.00 1.0 $15,000.00
E & S Controls ACRE $1,000.00 25.0 $25,000.00
Recontour Refuse Pile C.Y. $1.00 336,400 $336,400.00
Alkaline Treatment Tons $20.00 9,000.0 $180,000.00
Soil Cap C.Y. $4.00 87,000 $348,000.00
Seeding ACRE $5,000.00 25.0 $125,000.00
Sub-total $1,029,400.00
Contingency 15% $154,410.00
Total $1,183,810.00

2 Access
a Road L.F. $255.00 2,000 $510,000.00
b Utilities L.F. $50.00 2,000 $100,000.00
Contingency 15% $91,500.00
Total $701,500.00

3 Public Works Building

a E & S Control ACRE $1,000.00 10.0 $10,000.00
b Grading C.Y. $4.00 25,000 $100,000.00
c Utilities L.F. $100.00 1,000 $100,000.00
d Paving S.Y. $45.00 1,500 $67,500.00
e Buidling Construction SF $110.00 15,000 $1,650,000.00
Sub-total $1,927,500.00
Contingency 15% $289,125.00
Property Purchase Cost $450,000.00
Total $2,666,625.00

6 Salt Dome and Storage Area

a E & S Control ACRE $1,000.00 5.0 $5,000.00
d Paving S.Y. $45.00 1,000 $45,000.00
e Buidling Construction SF $75.00 5,000 $375,000.00
f Sub-total $425,000.00
g Contingency 15% $63,750.00
h Total $488,750.00

9 Walking Trail (3,700' x 8')

a E & S Control ACRE $1,000.00 3.0 $3,000.00
b Grading C.Y. $10.00 2,200 $22,000.00
d Paving S.Y. $15.00 3,300 $49,500.00
f Sub-total $74,500.00
g Contingency 15% $11,175.00
Total $85,675.00

Note: Estimates are merely opinions based on past Total Investmenet $4,551,935.00
experience and are not projections of current market conditions
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0 466 0
250 0
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40 0 0 317


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154 00 0
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299 325
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1014 0 9 15 0 0
7 0 204
1021 180 0 24
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140 84 69 0
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133 132
0 0

222 0
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122 0 0 0
123 0 0 0 0 40
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116 13 8
114 7 186
0 0 0 00
110 0 3
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91 11 00 17
106 100
89 113 4
104 161 11
0 0 75 102 108 110 155 0 00
100 0 157 0
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0 94 102 109 0
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372 145
0 368 123
67 126 18
153 0 136
129 107 0 135 0

Cecil Township