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Name __Pablo Hernandez____________________ Date _____4/15/19________ Class__7___

Battle for a Bargain

The battle is on. You have $500 to deposit into a checking account and it’s up to you
and your team to use the Internet to find the best “bargain” bank—the one that offers
the most services for the lowest associated fees.Time to get moving…the race to riches
begins now.

Commercial Bank Credit Union Internet Bank

Name of financial First Community

Chase Ally Bank
institution Credit Union
Tech-savvy Online Banking
Online Banking Online Banking
services (e.g., Text Message
Chase Mobile App Mobile App
online banking, Banking
Text Message Text Message
text message Ally Bank Mobile
Banking Banking
banking, etc.) App
Other services
(e.g., overdraft
protection) Overdraft
n/a n/a

Minimum opening
deposit $0 $0 $0
maintenance fees $12 $0 $0
Overdraft fees $25 fee for
overdraft items paid
and overdraft items
$27.50 every time returned. And even
they pay an if you have multiple
n/a overdraft overdrafts in a
single day, they'll
only charge you the
fee once that day.
ATM fees With ATMs, Ally
Bank does not
$2.50 fee at non- $1 fee on ATMs not charge a fee and
chase ATMs in the owned by First Ally will reimburse
U.S. Community ATM fees of $10
each statement
Penalties and With a basic Chase
withdrawal limits debit card, you can
n/a $1000 a day
withdraw $3,000
from an in-branch
Name __Pablo Hernandez____________________ Date _____4/15/19________ Class__7___

Chase ATM.
However, you can
withdraw just
$1,000 from other
Chase ATMs, and
only $500 from
non-Chase ATMs.