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Photography Manager: I have played Mortal Kombat off and on since the Super
Hailey Scherer Nintendo Entertainment System and of course, was excited for
Mortal Kombat 11 to release. Mortal Kombat 11 is by far is ... 
Staff Photographers: Chad Boxley, Jordan
Bennett, and Brian Angus

SMADs Manager: Yves White

08 5 SECLUDED SPOTS ON CAMPUS College life can feel a little overcrowded at times. Being always
surrounded by people can get overwhelming. So, if you’re an
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This past week was a memorable one for the Radford Softball

04 08
print-ready and in PDF format; files must be delivered team. Not only did infielder Hunter Mundy record her first Big
via e-mail at Please visit our website for more South Player of the Week honor but the Highlanders went 1-1 in
information, including rates and payment methods. a series against Western Carolina.
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outlets. By Dustin Staples
4 | The Tartan Ida Domingo, Managing & News Editor // // News

(Left to Right) Edward

Blount, Maura Marcellino,
Geoffrey Preudhomme, VA
House Delegate Elizabeth
Guzman, Alexsis Rodgers,
and Izzie Taveras
Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Preudhomme

RU Young Democrats Win Chapter of the Year

“In 2017, we benefited from a swell of grassroots support across the district,” Del.
Hurst explained. “Part of that was the efforts of a lot of college students on Radford
University’s campus [...]”
election, 25 percent. The a new voting precinct closer to affiliated with the RU Young holding them accountable, and
B y J e r e m y M o s e r ’19 election resulted in the most the University, which the city Democrats,” Del. Hurst said in communicating with them what liberal city council in the city’s council approved in November. an interview with The Tartan. policies are important,” said Del.
history, including the liberal The chapter hosted the March Del. Hurst unseated three- Hurst.

aving made waves in last mayor, David Horton, and most for Our Lives bus tour which time Republican incumbent Preudhomme is graduating
year’s city elections, the women ever elected to the included some of the Parkland Joseph Yost in the 12th district this year along with much of
Radford chapter of the council. Shooting survivors. They also race last year, despite high odds the current executive board,
Young Democrats were named “I think the Young Democrats helped form the Radford High against him. but the chapter has a plan for
Virginia’s “Chapter of the Year” were crucial in helping to School Young Democrats in the “In 2017, we benefited from the coming year. With a focus
at the state conference held in increase campus awareness of Fall, which along with a similarly a swell of grassroots support on recruitment, the Young
Norfolk from April 5-7. what was going on in the local Republican group, helped raise across the district,” the delegate Democrats hope to back Del.
Chapter President, Geoffrey election,” Mayor Horton said in 2000 cans for Bobcat Backpacks explained. “Part of that was the Hurst for re-election. They will
Preudhomme, cites their an interview with The Tartan. and Radford-Fairlawn Daily efforts of a lot of college students have their final meeting of the
involvement in the 2018 local Mayor Horton said that many Bread. on Radford University’s campus, year May 1.
elections as what primarily students are unaware of their Their work with the whether they were related with “We’re working hard with
gained them the recognition. A eligibility to vote and encourage campaign for Del. Hurst in the Young Democrats or not. We Chris to ensure it flows just
year before, they were named students to participate in the 2017 had them featured in just had a lot of people who were as well as it did the first time,”
the state’s “Up and Coming political process. the NowThis film, “Virginia motivated to do something and Preudhomme said. Del. Hurst
Chapter of the Year” for their “I think it’s important 12th”, a documentary about the wanted to get out and participate will face Republican opponent
involvement in the successful because keeping people involved journalist-turned-politician and in local elections.” Forrest Hite in the 12th district
campaign for Del. Christ Hurst. in the process is crucial to their what Preudhomme called “one He believes that student race this Fall.
“It’s beyond our wildest growth as citizens and their of the first student-organized political organizations can
dreams,” said Preudhomme. “For connection to the community,” campaigns of its kind in the play a vital role in the election ---------------------------------
both elections we were both Mayor Horton said. United States.” process beyond campaigning.
hanging our heads down real low The Young Democrats have “I’ve been very impressed “The best role that they can The Tartan reached out to the
thinking we were going to lose.” made more efforts to increase with the work ethic and play for politicians is to inform Radford College Republicans but
2018 saw the highest voter student participation in determination by some really them of what their top priorities could not secure an interview at
turnout for a Radford municipal elections. They lobbied to add remarkable young people are, engaging with them, this time.
Tartan Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | 5

See Us as We Are: The Divide of Women in STEM

workers in that field are female; a their eyes, everyone deserves a Dr. Lee said, “It is not there
B y C o ry H i g g s similar case is found in all STEM place to express their skills no yet, but we are getting there programs including Computer matter their gender or identity. [and] that’s good news. If we are
Science and Information Dr. Lee said, “We are not stuck somewhere, that’s bad,
Technology, there is especially whining, we want to be good although we do not live in [a] Dr. Lee said, “We
a lack of gender diversity where
women make up a minimal
computer scientists, and I think
that’s the way we can achieve
perfect world ... yet, as long as
we are getting there, I consider
are not whining, we
amount of the workforce. diversity. We do not want to get it a good sign.” want to be good
As Dr. Lee entered the an extra favor because we are a Gender inequality is a hot
workforce, she started to minority.” issue in society, especially in the computer scientists,
experience outside forces telling In a recent article “The Secret workforce. Radford University and I think that’s the
her she should give up, and History of Women in Coding,” holds a majority female faculty,
she also recalls working for a the New York Times takes a look yet the gender gap is still present way we can achieve
corporation that when she was at the history of coding. in some fields such as Computer diversity. We do not
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Hwajung Lee

considered to be promoted in They found that the Science and Information

her position, she was told that profession was almost entirely Technology. want to get an extra
she’d need to dye her hair to
look “older and gain respect.”
female-dominated until the
mid-1970-80s when men started
However, according to Dr.
Lee, change is coming to the
favor because we
The cold hard fact is that this to integrate into the field. university, slowly but surely. The
Tartan are a minority.”
is a situation all too common for The first computer

ender inequality is women around the world, Dr. programmer was female, Ada
affecting nearly every Lee says, “I have to prove what I Lovelace born 1815, wrote code
industry and field, can do on and on and on, I have and thought of sophisticated
however, STEM fields, of Science, to gain credit.” algorithms for machines to
Technology, Engineering and A woman like Dr. Lee is so follow. The area of Computer
Mathematics which are core passionate and determined Science and Information
to society’s workings have about what she’s doing is Technology was invented by
been heavily influenced by the inspirational; however, the women and ran by women for
connotation that they are male- fact remains that professions, decades, but they had been
dominated fields. especially STEM programs, have displaced by male interest in the
Radford University’s 2018 a male-dominated connotation field, and an idea that it was a
Fact Book shows that of its associated with them. Dr. Lee masculine profession emerged.
administrative and professional expresses this when she says, The New York Times reported
staff that 58 percent are female, “see us as we are,” she goes on that 26 percent of the people in

Photo Courtesy of Samuel Zeller | Unsplash

but some departments are to say we should judge people by computer and mathematical
still heavily male-dominated, their work, not their gender. occupations are women; this
one being the Information Dr. Lee is also the faculty statistic proves true at Radford
Technology department. advisor for the student club, University where the balance
Dr. Hwajung Lee, a computer “Equality in computing,” it used is slightly lower at 21 percent
scientist at Radford University, to be a women’s computing club female in Computer Science and
has devotedly worked to get but was changed because, in Information Technology.
where she is and is one of four
female faculty for the entire
ITEC school.
Dr. Lee is from South Korea,
and at an early age, found her
niche in mathematics. She said
she wished she had a more
dramatic story to tell; however,
her parents and teachers saw
promise in her in the form of
Dr. Lee said, “Nobody
stopped me, and it was a good
thing my parents recommended
that I start this. I’ve heard that
in many situations that when
a female high school student
picked a major many of the adults
or family, or teachers said that
IT or Computer Science is not a
field for females, that’s why they
tend to ignore Computer Science
and Information Technology for
their major.”
Data from the Bureau of
Labor Statistics shows that
there is a significant lack of
gender diversity for females in
STEM fields. Architecture and
engineering occupations show
that less than 16 percent of
6 | The Tartan Dylan Lepore, Editor-in-Chief & Culture Editor // // Culture

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

A Videogame Review

Mortal Kombat 11
moves to make them safe on of the Elder God Shinnok. This
B y E va n M a s o n ’19 block, increase their damage, sets up a lot of past versus open up combo opportunities, future self scenarios that have
and more. character building moments,

have played Mortal Kombat There is also a special move comedic interactions, and
off and on since the Super called Fatal Blows, its a strong dramatic outcomes and
Nintendo Entertainment and fast move that allows you endings.
System and of course, was to do 35 percent damage that There is a lot of character
excited for Mortal Kombat 11 can be used once per match customization with gear, skins,
to release. Mortal Kombat 11 is and can sometimes make or and techniques. They can be
by far is good, bloody fun, and break matches if used wisely. unlocked through the Krypt
quite possibly one of the best There is another mechanic and Towers of time modes.
ones to date. added called Krushing Blows. The Krypt is a mode
The combat centers around It is based on specific criteria where you explore different
two punch buttons and two depending on the character dungeons, solve puzzles, and randomized, so when using unlocks, and the items are also
kick buttons, and a block you are using. For example, find and open loot gained from currency, you might not get randomized making it even
button, though seemingly if you have a character who in-game currency. The loot is anything you actually want, more painful.
simplistic, it requires specific can activate a Krushing Blow frustratingly even when you’re using a high For online, all of the
inputs from the directional with an uppercut, then if amount of currency. Otherwise, expected options are here:
pad, and the action buttons to they use that uppercut after there are cool easter eggs to you can play ranked matches,
string together combos. Not an a counterattack, it will be be found and can be fun to casual matches, or King of
easy game for newcomers of activated showing a gruesome explore. the Hill, but you can also play
the series, but thankfully there uppercut that launches your Towers of Time are theme AI matches where you pit a
are several in-game tutorials opponent in the air and leaves based fights that can be fun or team of customized characters
to help you get the hang of the them open for a combo. Having frustrating. They require you to against someone else’s and
fighting system. a mastery of the moves that beat opponents by set criteria watch them fight it out for
The game still incorporates activate Krushing blows for such as beating opponents rewards.
over the top gory finishing each character will give you an with twice as much health You can enhance your
moves, but they changed the advantage in fights. as you, or if you fighters in this mode with
fighting up a bit in comparison The story mode stand near special augments and even set
to Mortal Kombat X. is really short. It them for their AI behavior, but there’s
In Mortal Kombat 11 they spans about 6 t h r e e not much else to it outside of
have slowed down the speed hours, but by seconds, a way to keep Mortal Kombat
of movements and also made far one of the y o u 11 running and still earn some
it tougher to string together best stories g e t rewards.
massive and far-reaching M o r t a l Overall the game is one
combos. Some people may not Kombat of the best, despite some of
like the slowdown, but to me, the grind and frustrating
it did seem to make the game requirements in some game
more thoughtful and tactical modes, but the superb
with knowing when to attack story and the great
and block and how. It also shocked, online gameplay is
forces you to not button requiring you what will keep
mash and to learn the to attack from me coming
characters you are a distance or it back for
using. has ever had. The story might say to get to more. The

starts shortly after a certain area in a

Mortal Kombat X. tower and do 75
Mortal A new character: uppercuts.
Kombat 11 Kronika, an all- It can be
changes how meter powerful being with a grind
management works by control over time which to get Overall 8.5/10
splitting it in two. sets the plot down
Photo Courtesy of Mortal Kombat 11 the Videogame

The defensive meter is used a path of another

primarily for special wake- impending timeline
up options, environmental reset, due to
interactables, and a combo- Raiden’s upsetting
breaking move called a of the balance Isn’t this guy pretty scary?!
breakaway. of good and I think he’s pretty scary, I
The offensive meter is used evil with his don’t know about you!
for amplifying your special decapitation Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | 7
A Movie Review

Avengers: Endgame
of easter eggs and references pay homage to the moments, of the future, some characters actually well paced. It doesn’t
B y E va n M a s o n ‘19 throughout. characters, and relationships. will play a more significant feel dragged out or boring. It is (Spoilers Ahead for While it may sometimes feel role in newer movies which is a dense movie that does what
Avengers: Infinity War) like fan service, and it is fan why the original characters get it needs to do without making

vengers: Endgame is the Following Thanos’s snap service, it does make you the most focus. you feel ready to leave.
sum of years of Marvel begins a story of the balance reflect on the sheer scope of There is an over-reliance Endgame is by far the most
superhero movies that that he achieved and the this interconnected universe of CGI, which is noticeable at ambitious, emotional, and
needs to be experienced. This aftermath. With screenwriters and the investment of the fans times, but it doesn’t take away intense movie in the MCU to
IS the must-see movie of the Christopher Markus and and creators in years past. too much from the over the date. It amazingly wraps up
year. Stephen Mcfeely, and directors There is a lot of focus on top epic battle scenes, which years of superhero stories and
The best way to enjoy Joe and Anthony Russo, this the original six characters of has moments of breaking does so with a lot of heart and
this movie is if you have was a colossal undertaking the MCU, but it pans out well, into character building and confidence. Though Stan Lee
seen most, if not all of The offering an epic narrative while still giving the large emotional moments. The is gone, this movie gives me
Infinity Saga Marvel movies balancing darker moments, cast of characters moments to pay off from those moments hope that the future prequels,
Courtesy of Jefferson College of Avengers: Endgame the Movie

before Avengers: Endgame deep emotions, and yet still shine in the process. strengthens the outcomes sequels, and spin-off will do
because you will appreciate managing also to deliver Without giving away immensely and gives him proud. The

it that much more from the lighthearted moments and spoilers, some fans may feel like everything more depth.
knowledge you’ve gained. Not humor. certain characters didn’t have The length of the movie, Overall: 9/10
only that, but there are a ton Endgame does well to much of a role, but in thinking despite being 3 hours long, is

Endgame is by far the most ambitious, emotional, and intense movie in the MCU to
date. It amazingly wraps up years of superhero stories and does so with a lot of heart.
A Restaurant Review

unconventional restaurant
Gaucho Brazilian
was evident that there were
side of jasmine rice, housemate bananas. They were coated in
B y C o n s ta n ce A n n a n setup. several options to choose signature pork and smoked brown sugar and cinnamon and As I embarked on my weekly from; however, despite the Kielbasa sausage beans stew served with vanilla ice-cream.
google search for new food to numerous options, the menu with your choice of sauce and In the end, my meal and

f you’re interested in trying try, I stumbled upon Gaucho was easy to understand and salad. For my sauce, I choose experience were worth every
authentic Brazilian Cuisine, Brazilian Grille, located at far from overwhelming. Dishes chimichurri and a side order of penny, and I highly recommend
you are in the right place! 880 University City Blvd #201, are assigned their traditional plantains. a visit to Gaucho Brazilian
Not more than 30 mins outside Blacksburg, VA 24060. Brazilian name, with My meal was spectacular! Grille if you are ever in the New
of the city of Radford, you will Upon walking in, we were descriptions written in English With every bite, flavors oozed River Valley area. The

find a restaurant by the name of greeted by the sweetest honest. for non-Portuguese speakers. out of my mouth.
Gaucho Brazilian Grille. I was then seated and greeted I went with the Square Meal The food and service were Overall: 10/10
The smell of herbs and by my waiter with two glasses Sobrecoxa. This meal came so good that I decided to stick
sweet flavors hit your nose of complimentary ice water. with grilled bone and skinless around for dessert. I ordered
as you stare in awe at the Looking at the menu, it chicken thigh steak, with a plantains, which resemble fried
The tea
8 | The Tartan Jennifer Bennett, The Tea Editor // // The Tea

Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week

“For every complex problem there is an
answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”
- H. L. Mencken

Are Straws

That Bad
The Tartan is looking for
dedicated, fast-learning, and
self-suffient student who can
set their own standars or goals

for the
for what they would like to
contritbute to the Tartan.

Photo Courtesy of Atikh Bana | Unsplash

• Culture Editor
• Assistant Culture Editor

• News Editor
• Assistant News Editor
• Staff Writer
• Staff Photographer
the ocean. 2020.” that cannot biodegrade should
Interested? B y E m i ly S a r g e n t ‘19 Sophomore Marah Cheek McDonald announced last not be thrown away. People
For more information head to knows how straws can harm year that it would be banning think that just one straw won’t
Tyler Hall Room 025 ocean wildlife, saying, “I’ve plastic straws at restaurants in make a huge difference, but it

Monday - Friday hat happened to all heard they get stuck in turtles’ the United Kingdom and Ireland. will. Once discarded, one straw
10 a.m to 5 p.m. of the straws? When throats and they can’t breathe This move is a response to the will become one of the billions
you walk into Dalton [but] I don’t know how much demanding public action against that seriously harm the ocean.
Kitchen, you will notice that worse they are compared to a product harming the ocean. Even I am finding myself
most of them are gone. This took other plastics.” As mentioned earlier, using plastic straws because I
me by surprise when I was there Senior Jarett Driskill is also Radford University’s Dalton have no other option. When my
a couple of months ago. aware of the threat straws pose Kitchen has cut back on the use drink contains a lid, it’s only
RU Aware ... Plastic straws have long been to the ocean saying, “Sea turtles of straws to tackle this problem. logical to put a straw in it. This
the subject of debate due to their are swallowing them and dying.” “Straws are still available in is what I have grown accustomed
There are more lifeforms living
impact on the environment. Straws remain in the the dining room, we just moved to doing. However, I do think of
on your skin than there are
According to National environment because they do them to the front of the room,” the environment every time I
people on the planet.
Geographic, 500 million straws not break down easily. According said Resident District Manager use a straw now because I care
are estimated to be used daily in to Get Green Now, plastics do Adrean Harris. “If you really about our planet.
the United States with billions not biodegrade. They cannot want a straw, you can get one up I hope that one day, straws
of plastic straws polluting the be naturally broken down and front.” will no longer be made from
Looking for world’s beaches. recycled into a new life. It’s no Harris also said that several plastic but paper or other Eco-
How did this happen? wonder the earth is in danger people have sent emails and friendly materials. That way,
Tartan Archives? One reason is that plastic with all of these non-renewable made phone calls thanking the people who are used to using
straws cannot be easily recycled. resources contaminating it. staff for moving the straws. them will still have the option.
Rediscover the history of the According to Get Green Now, Restaurants are currently The use of straws has greatly By taking a stand against
Tartan through exploring all the straws are usually made from planning to do away with decreased now that they are no plastic straws, we can become
way back to 1910, when it was type 5 plastic. Most curbside straws because of these longer by the soda fountain. one step closer to a cleaner
initially called the Grapurchat
recycling programs do not accept findings. According to National I think straws are bad for planet. The

to when it was rebranded as the


this type of plastic, which means Geographic, “Starbucks plans the environment because they
Tartan in 1979.
they get dumped in landfills or to phase out plastic straws by cannot be recycled. Anything
Go to and select

5 Secluded Spots on Campus

the “More” tab to find those

Do old newspapers bore you?

floor down. You’ll be greeted by
Check out our new photo B y B r i a n A n g u s ‘22 Peters Hall Garden
rows and rows of bookshelves,
gallery on Flicker by selecting but to the right of the floor,
the “photo” tab to wander
our photos taken by our there is a line of study rooms.
exceptionally phenomenal College life can feel a little Each room has a desk with
photographers. overcrowded at times. Being a few chairs and sometimes a
always surrounded by people bean bag chair. The rooms are
can get overwhelming. So, if tranquil as there aren’t usually
you’re an introvert like me, or many people down there.
just need a quiet place to study,
here are some spots you can go Peters Hall Garden
to find some peace and quiet on Upon entering Peters Hall,
Photo by Brian Angus | The Tartan

campus. from the entrance closest to

Dalton, walk straight ahead and
2nd Floor Library Study take the staircase to the first
Rooms floor. At the bottom of the stairs,
When you enter the library,
take the stairs or elevator one TURN TO SPOTS PAGE 9 Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | 9

The Only GPA Is

Thing Your
Lower Bank
Than Your Account

Photo Courtesy of Guilherme Stecanella | Unsplash

Photo Courtesy of Jimi Filipovski | Unsplash
you’re in a math class, you would coming to an end, and the girls Prime is $7, Apple iCloud is $1, semester is coming to a close,
B y N ay -Q ua n B rya n ’22 most likely need a TI-83 or TI- (plural to both men and women) Hulu is $1 a month (for now). and a majority of us are broke, so 84 calculator, and they’re pretty are BROKE. There are so many That totals in $142 a month. save your coin up this Summer
expensive. For my studio design expenses to deal with, whether Then add in my other spending because next year, there will

hear it, you hear it, the cries class, we had to buy supplies for it’s school related or not. habits, that means I’m a broke be many more expenses to deal
our wallets make every time our projects. Your tire could’ve popped, girl pretty much year-round. My with. The

we open them. Our credit My classmates Ariel Kern, a and you had to get it replaced, grades look way better than my
and debit cards yell with glee as freshman in Design Management, or you could’ve gotten another bank account. I pay monthly for my
we swipe them continuously and
by the end of the school year, the
and Kayla Courtney, a freshman
in Fashion Merchandising, and
car-related issue. Medical issues
are expensive especially if you
But there are ways to improve
both. Studying in repeated
phone bill, which
only thing lower than your GPA I would go supply shopping don’t have insurance, which is intervals can help remember is $127 a month,
is your bank account.
As students, we spend so
in Christiansburg, and almost
every time after shopping we
somewhat often because not
everyone can afford it.
the materials you learn in class,
which in turn will help you do Apple Music is
much money on school and would go out to eat. People also like to have a better on test and quizzes. $5.99, Amazon
textbooks, but then there are I’ve gone to the movies a good time, and we spend money Setting spending limits on
so many other costs we have to lot with Kimberly Bythewood, when we’re with our friends. certain bank accounts can help Prime is $7, Apple
deal with. For our dorms, we’re a freshman in Dance, and after Some of us are just really reckless regulate spending and help iCloud is $1, Hulu
buying decorations, toiletries, the movies, we usually stop with our spending — me, buying you learn how to budget your
cleaning supplies, and food. We somewhere to eat. clothes year-round even though money. I believe most banking is $1 a month (for
love a good snack supply. I know
a majority of my money this
I spend money on clothes
and food the most. I predict by
my closet is already full.
These expenses add up, and
apps give cardholders the ability
to set spending limits for every
now). That totals in
year was spent on clothes, more the end of the semester my bank sometimes you may also have month and once you reach the $142 a month. I’m
clothes, and shoes.
We have certain supplies
account will be lower than my
bills. I pay monthly for my phone
bill, which is $127 a month,
limit, you’re unable to spend any
a broke girl pretty
for our classes, for example, if While the semester is Apple Music is $5.99, Amazon As I said earlier, the much year-round.

Just watch out for the bees. overlook the Bonnie area and very bright, colorful, and modern
Kyle Hall Deck some of the “dark side” housing. design giving you a lively feeling,
turn right and follow the Lot Z River Bank Many people have probably and is fitted with desks, couches,
hallway till you come across a On the river bank behind lot seen this spot, but if you’re Information Literacy Center and whiteboards, allowing for a
door leading you outside. Z, some benches overlook the like me and never have classes ‘B’ (ILC B) in the Library multitude of spots and ways to
Here you will find a tiny New River. There is a little bit of in Kyle Hall, you may just be On the third floor of the study.
courtyard and a small garden. traffic noise in the background, hearing about it. library, towards the back near the Radford might seem like a
The area looks like it doesn’t but overall it is a peaceful spot There is a deck on the front restrooms, is ILC B, a functional small campus, but just a little
receive many visitors as there is to sit on a beautiful day. side of the building, fit with only classroom and study area. curiosity and wonder can lead
moss growing up from the brick There are plenty of trees to a couple of tables and chairs. So, The room is used to teach you to some pretty interesting
on the ground, so this would set up hammocks, and I’ve seen it isn’t always easy to get a spot research workshops, but when places around campus. The

definitely be a great place to some people fish and kayak out on a beautiful day. no classes are scheduled the
relax and find some peace. there as well. From the decks, you can room is open to anyone. It has a
10 | The Tartan Davis Byrd, Sports Editor // // Sports

The Tartan’s Female Athlete of The Year

RU an established, or
fledgling journalist? Or
maybe you just love to recipient. This careful selection and Forward. at Radford University was over.
write, and this might be B y C h a d B ox l e y ‘19 came in result of her amazing Walker mentioned during an She eventually went on
your first time showcas- performances and contributions interview with The Tartan how to accomplish that goal, Mar.
ing your hidden talent? to her team this year. she loves to get her teammates 17, inside of the Deadmon
The Senior Communications involved as much as she can. center against Campbell as the
Want to bring your opin- major led the Radford She was responsible for 80 Highlanders won their first Big
ions and unique views University’s Women’s Basketball assists and 46 total steals this South championship since the
to the masses? Love the team from her Guard/Forward season. 1995-96 season.
idea of reporting on and positions this season to an Her final Basketball season When The Tartan asked
impressive (27 - 6) record which included a dominating 18 game Walker about how she felt about
off campus news, voicing
included a dominating (17- 1) win streak by the Highlanders receiving this award, she replied
your opinion on topics
Big South conference record. that lasted from Jan, 12 to that she was so honored to
ranging from movies,
Photo Courtesy of Radford Athletics

This season the Florence S.C March 23 as well as an NCAA receive it, but she thinks that
laws, and on the many native played and started in all tournament appearance. her teammate, Lydia Rivers,
fun, and sometime’s un- 33 Highlander basketball games, During the Highlanders should’ve won it because she has
usual, attractions going scoring a total of 462 points, NCAA tournament appearance been a big fan of her outstanding
on around campus? Then which averaged out to a solid against the Maryland Terrapins, performance this season.
give Radford Universi- 14.0 points per game. Walker was responsible for April 20, Walker officially

ty’s Student-run News- pril 27, The Tartan Walker continued to display 15 points during her strong signed with her agent and is
paper a shout and email selected Radford all season how extremely performance, but unfortunately, currently preparing to continue
the Editor-In-Chief! University Women’s versatile she is and that she can they weren’t victorious. her basketball career. She will
Basketball standout Destinee attack opponents from multiple Walker stated that her start playing overseas beginning

Walker as The Tartans first ever positions on the court, which is goal was for the team to win a in September of 2019. The

Female Athlete of the Year Award why she’s listed as both a Guard championship before her tenure

The Tartan’s Male Athlete of The Year

Tartan’s Male Athlete of the Year in leading his team on an
B y C h a d B ox l e y ‘19 Award. impressive 7 game win streak at Szamski is a Geology major one point this season.
here at Radford University, and Szamski even also received Whenever Szamski
he is the son of Jim and Susan
Szamski. He also has one sibling,
national honors earlier this
season when he was recognized,
steps up to bat,
The RU Funnies his brother Jimmy who also has a April 2, by USA Golden Spikes no matter who his
How many tickles does it take to tickle
an octopus?
history with baseball.
Szamski continues to show
when he earned their Player of
the Week Award.
opponents are,
Tentacles! improvement day in and day out Szamski’s batting average they are instantly
What do you get when you cross an
on the baseball field.
Whenever Szamski steps
this season sits at an impressive
.337, and he currently leads
frightened. During
elephant and a rhinoceros? up to bat, no matter who his his team in that category. The this season
Photo Courtesy of Radford Athletics

opponents are, they are instantly standout also led his team in
opponents often
---- frightened. During this season runs scored with 43.
Whats the difference between the opponents often attempt to shy He has also dominated attempt to shy away
away from him because of the hitting the baseball this season
from him because
Starship Enterprise and toilet paper?
Nothing, they both orbit Uranus power he displays behind each as he was responsible for 58
hit he takes at-bat. total hits! of the power he

wiping out Klingons!
---- he male athletes here at He is currently tied for first After his eventful year,
What’s the difference between a Radford University this place with teammate J.D Mundy the Highlanders will surely displays behind
crocodile and an alligator?
One you’ll see in a while and the other
school year have been
extraordinarily outstanding,
in the category for most home
runs, as they both now have 9.
miss Szamski’s impactful
performance on the baseball
each hit he takes
you’ll see later! and they put on amazing Although the Highlanders field next season!The
Tartan at-bat.
---- performances for their baseball season has been rocky,
Who’s the king of the classroom? respective teams each day. Szamski has consistently
The Ruler! Although one remarkably dominated from his outfield
Photo by Chad Boxley | The Tartan

---- individual stood out to The position during his 44 starts this
What’s the difference between a well Tartan staff, and he goes by the season.
dressed man on a unicycle and a name #8 Andrew Szamski. The Glen Arm, Md. native
poorly dressed man on a bike? Saturday, April 27, The Tartan earned two Big South Player of
Attire! selected the redshirt senior to be the Week Awards this season.
the first-ever recipient for The He also played a major role Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | 11

A Big Week for Highlander’s Softball

The First Game inning. They finished the inning Big South Player of the Week Mundy was able to help lead
B y L u c a s C a r r ‘20 In the first inning, the 8-1 and subsequently the game. In other news, over the the Highlanders to a series sweep Highlanders scored two runs as Highlanders’ past six games, against Hampton, finishing with
Maggie Rowe marked her 27th The Second Game Hunter Mundy spearheaded the a phenomenal 24-0 final score in

his past week was a run of the season, and the sixth In the evening game, the women’s offensive game. She the last game of the series.
memorable one for the of the past two games. Highlanders’ eight-run streak was named Big South Player of Playing just under .500 ball
Radford Softball team. Western Carolina was able ended, dropping the match- the Week going 10-for-18 from this year, the Highlanders have
Not only did infielder Hunter to get on the board in the third up 0-1. With Kayla Huffman the plate that gave her a .556 three more games left in the
Mundy record her first Big South but was unable to keep up with at the plate, she only allowed batting average. She was also season. They will participate
Player of the Week honor but the Radford’s unrelenting offense. one run on two hits. Although able to catch four extra-base in another three-game series
Highlanders went 1-1 in a series Jesse Marvin was at the plate for the Highlanders were unable hits (one double and three home against the Campbell Camels.
against Western Carolina. the Highlanders and she allowed to get the steady offense going, runs). The series will begin May 3, and
The Highlanders split a 6 runs but tallied 6 strikeouts as Huffman ended the game Senior Day and the series May 4 which will feature another
doubleheader in Radford against well. retiring the last nine Catamount finale against Big South doubleheader at 1 p.m. and 3
the Catamounts on Wednesday, Sienna Williams was batted batters. opponent Hampton, Mundy p.m., respectively.
April 24, taking the first game in by a double from Ellie Rowe. Fisher, Rowe, and Tapia all showed out and produced a
and dropping the second. The Destiny Freeman forced bases- recorded hits in the five o’clock 4-for-4 performance. She was ---------------------------------
3 o’clock start time Radford loaded walk to home, and game. Fisher led the pack with also able to record a career-high
proved to be a charitable one Sofia Tapia batted in two other two and Tapia recorded her five RBIs in what became her Cheer on the Softball team
as they exploded for 8 runs on 8 runners on a double for the fourth of the doubleheader. first and likely not the last Big as they aim to finish the season
total hits. Highlanders three-run sixth South weekly award. on a high note! The
Photo Courtesy of Radford Athletics

Sofia Tapia

Radford Men’s Baseball Falls to Virginia Tech

Ryan Bywaters, a right-handed The Hokies came out strong the Hokies 5-4.
B y D e v i n S t u bb s ‘19 sophomore pitcher from in the first inning, scoring Radford having the lead was Smithsburg, MD, only let in 1 two runs. Dunn allowed 2 RBI short-lived, Tech responded
run over 2.0 innings. The right- doubles, giving Tech the lead immediately and tied the score

adford Men’s baseball handed pitcher, Graham Firoved, over Radford. in the top of the 6th. The Hokies
hosted the Virginia Tech allowed no runs in 1 inning. The Virginia Tech continued scored off of an RBI single. They
Hokies Wednesday, April freshman from Virginia Beach, their pursuit and added to their would add two more runs in the
24. The match took place at the VA also earned 2 Ks. lead. In the top of the second, 7th, keeping the lead for the rest
Carter Memorial Stadium at 6 Though the Highlanders the Hokies scored on an RBI of the game.
p.m. and was aired on ESPN+. ultimately fell to the Hokies, single pushing the score to 0-3. Adding their final point to
The Hokies ended the four- they fought a hard battle. The Highlanders finally got the board, Tech hit a home run
game winning streak for the The second baseman, Clayton on the board in the bottom of the to right center in the top of the
Highlanders, besting them 8-6. Blaine, hit his third home run in third. Matheny fired a 1-1 pitch 8th. The Hokies extended their
The Highlanders entered the the last two games. The redshirt over the left field wall against lead over Radford, 8-5.
game optimistic, led by starting sophomore from Lovettsville, VA the Hokies’ starting pitcher. The Adam Whitacre, a redshirt
pitcher Cole Dunn. Dunn, a drove in a team-high of 3 runs. score was 1-3. junior from Stephens City, VA,
right-handed freshman pitcher Garrett Matheny, a Virginia Tech earned a 4-1 gave Radford their final point in
from Middletown, DE, pitched sophomore left fielder from Perry advantage after an RBI single in the game. The pinch hitter hit an
for 3.1 innings. He yielded four Hall, MD, smacked his 2nd home the top of the fourth. infield RBI, pushing the score to
earned runs on six hits against run of the season. Adding to the The bottom of the fifth 6-8.
the Hokies. team overall 12 walks against inning was filled with power
Derek Domecq, a left-handed the Hokies, redshirt junior plays by the Highlanders. ---------------------------------
freshman pitcher from Crozet, shortstop Colby Higgerson drew Horwitz scored on a wild pitch
Photo Courtesy of Radford Athletics

VA, took the loss for Radford. four of them. The first baseman, by the Hokies, pushing the score The Highlanders will be
He allowed three runs in 2.2 Spencer Horwitz, was able to to 4-2. Radford took the lead traveling to Raleigh, NC to take
innings, 2 of them being earned. reach base by free pass three after Blaine launched a three- on NC State Friday, May 3. The
The two relievers showed times. The Highlanders stranded run homer off the scoreboard three game series will take place
grand play in the final three 10 of their own on base in their in left center. His fourth of the after the series against Gardner
Garrett Matheny
innings out of the bullpen. demise against VT. year, the Highlanders now led Webb.
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