CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL STIRLING ENGINES CONFERENCE We, at Green Energy Stirling Engine Partnership (GESEP) and our colleagues

feel that it is timely and important to call for an International Stirling Engines Conference, with the theme Green Energy Stirling Engines in 21st Century. The Conference can be held in 2009 at Las Vegas, date to be announced. Partners in GESEP are a group of practitioners active in the field of state of the art Stirling Engines R and D, commercialization and international technology transfer since the 1970’s. GESEP international partners are enthusiastic promoters of green energy Stirling power as alternative to nuclear and fossil power worldwide. We were among the key groups that sponsored the 2nd International Stirling Engines Conference in Shanghai, China, July 1984. We were firm believers of “The steam engines initiated 19th Century, the internal combustion engines powered the 20th Century, and green energy Stirling engines will harmonize 21st Century”. We are more than ever convinced in this prophetic truth. This Conference can provide the opportunity for not only academic scientific discussion of Stirling engines but also room for technology, product information exchanges and commercial ventures synergistics. Those invited to attend will include prominent technical experts, developers, manufacturers, utility managers, venture capitalists, investment bankers, research organizations, academic institutions and government policy makers. Through this Conference we hope all Stirling engines believers will come together, so worthwhile technology can obtain funding, investment organization can find their technology and developers can find their customers. We hope this overdue large scale Stirling engines international conference can also serve as rallying call for worldwide commitment to substitute green energy Stirling engines for nuclear and fossil power plants. A Conference with “Stirling commitment,” that will commit to improve ecology and quality of life. A Conference of “Stirling alliance,” that will enhance harmony between man and nature and unity in diversity among world citizens.

With Al Gore’s recommendation to convert all US electric power to green renewable energy by 2018, Stirling engines in all forms now are finally coming to life. We will see green energy Stirling engines applications in electric generation large or small, appropriate power for developing world and free piston cryocoolers for cooling. The promising future of green energy Stirling engines is unlimited. We foresee all forms of hybrid powered Stirling engine transportation vehicles replacing the current fleet of fossil fuel consuming automobiles, ocean going vessels, trains, trucks and even airplanes. Attached overview abstracts describe model green energy city with Stirling energy systems, ocean crossing airplanes and ships to be replaced by solar powered Stirling engine hybrid surface effect ships and low flying SES vehicles. To play a timely important role in Stirling Engine Renaissance, we expect the Conference to be inclusive and enlist worldwide leaders of Stirling engine believers, manufacturers, R and D experts, Nobel Prize laureates, government energy policy planners, managers of utilities and relevant UN NGO’s. Following is a preliminary list of distinguished individuals and organizations invited to support or sponsor the Conference. Your support and participation is very important to us. Kindly respond with your recommendations, comments and suggestions to Conference Planning Committee, Green Energy Stirling Engine Partnership by email to