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Name: Sonya Wier

Date: 1/23/2019

Course: ELM 490

Instructor: Yusura Millenbaugh

STEP Standard 5 - Implementation of Instructional Unit

Implement the unit you have designed. You have already implemented and analyzed the pre-
assessment. In this topic, you will implement all lesson activities, correlating formative
assessments and the summative post-assessment. Choose one of the lesson activities to video
record a 5-10 minute segment, review, and reflect on your teaching. Have your cooperating
teacher/mentor review the recording and provide feedback, if possible.

Video Recording Link: If you are turning your video in through OneDrive, just note it here.
Summary of Unit Implementation:
The lesson started off with implementing vocabulary words so that students could develop
understanding of words to relate them to in stories we will read. Once students showed understanding,
I asked students to name any inventor they know or have heard of. Then, they were asked to name
inventions that have helped solve problems. Students were familiar with inventions, however I had to
teach and show videos and pictures of famous inventors for my lower leveled learners to learn and gain
understanding, which they took notes. We read a story on George Washington Carver and talked about
his inventions and then I read a listening comprehension story on George Washington Carver, which the
students had to compare the information in both stories. With the listening comprehension, I provided
many questions to check for understanding and making sure that students were engaged. The purpose of
the listening comprehension was to model for students how to ask questions. Students were put into
groups to see if they could remember the inventor and match their inventions to them. Students were
asked what the world would be like if inventions were not created, and they had to share ideas with their
small groups to explain why.

Summary of Student Learning:

My fourth grade students were able to develop understanding of how inventions have changed our lives
by paying attention to what I was teaching them and being engaged in small group discussions to share
their ideas. Students were provided with a formative assessment on inventors and inventions and had
to match them together, which was proof that students developed understanding of the lesson. There
are four English language learners, two special education learners, and one sever behavioral student
who did not pay attention to the instructions given, so I brought them to intervention table to explain in
detail what they were supposed to do. Instructions were repeated in small group instructions, which
helped these students to complete the activity.
Reflection of Video Recording:
In looking at my recording, I was able to see that the majority of my students were engaged in the
conversations when put into groups. I noticed lower leveled students were not participating in their
small groups, so I provided students with a different set of instructions using a different method so each
person in the group could share their ideas. Students were given three color coded blocks and they
used the blocks to take turns speaking and listening to each other. I would have liked to provide my
students with higher leveled questions, but I feel that since the dynamics in my classroom consists of
many students who are on a second grade level of learning, with DOK level 1 questions, I was able to get
participation from lower leveled learners. I felt comfortable teaching the lesson, but I want to improve
on allowing my students more think time when I ask them questions. I feel that my students respect me
and when they are asked to come back into the lesson from talking in their groups, they were able to
transition back to being quiet and ready to listen.