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Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Dear Fellow State Delegates of the Utah Republican Party (URP),

We were shocked; as I’m sure some of you were to read the article in the Salt Lake Tribune where several unpaid
URP interns listed their concerns with Lisa Shepherd, of course we wish these young interns well; however, they
did not describe the Lisa Shepherd we on the SCC know. The accusation made some wonder if this could be true,
it seemed so unlike the Lisa we all know and have served with at SCC and other meetings, well over 2 dozen
meetings including eating out afterward.

Fearing just this sort of manipulative smear campaign from someone using the interns as pawns, Lisa had the
foresight to video record all her comings and goings interacting with the interns at the URP headquarters.

We reviewed the video of Secretary Shepherd interacting with the interns and am happy to report there is
nothing on these video recordings to substantiate the claims made against her. She was not “angry” or “hostile”
as alleged. Lisa was as polite, professional and friendly as ever, that is her way. It’s regrettable that someone,
apparently, coaxed or cajoled these interns (though please note, not all URP interns did sign the letter, 2 refused)
into writing what we consider a libelous letter and timing the release just prior to the State Convention.

Lisa has a spotless record as Secretary! She has proven her dedication with 100% attendance at all SCC and EC
meetings as well as additional URP events for the last 2 years. She keeps perfect attendance records, knows the
bylaws and Constitution and has been called the “Walking UTGOP Encyclopedia”, and is quick to reply to requests
for information. She also has Parliamentarian training, and knows the URP history, she is a very valuable
addition to our GOP State Officers and we do not want to lose her to a smear campaign! Lisa is human, and
occasionally has passionate views, but her passion is kept in bounds with good decorum. The Salt Lake Tribune
tried to label her “unfit”, you can believe them or us who have worked with her and seen the exact opposite.
Please see:

Please join us in vindicating a dedicated URP volunteer by overwhelmingly re-electing her!

The undersigned here do personally acknowledge Lisa Sheppard’s outstanding work as URP Secretary for the last
3 years and attest to her good character and manners. We enthusiastically support her for re-election and know
she will continue to do an excellent job as Secretary and will treat all Republicans fairly and with good manners.

Lynda Pipkin, Weber County GOP Chair, SD Paul Cozzens, Iron County SCC, Commissioner

Elizabeth Carlin, Weber County SCC, URP EC, SD Bill Olson, Weber County SCC, SD

Bob McEntee, Weber County SCC, URP EC, SD Julie Edwards, Davis County SCC, SD

Kelly Strebel, Salt Lake County SD Patti Bateman, Utah County, Precinct Chair

Teena Horlacher, Davis County SCC Andrew Young, Former Iron County Chair

John D. Johnson, Weber County, Precinct Chair TJ Edwards, Davis County SD

Keith Kuder, Utah County SD Richard Genck, Iron County Secretary