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TO BE Simple Present Tense AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE Aad. Ytonivaction ol am_ happy. I am not~sad. ereeeer § You are atschool. You | aren't athome. isnotpossible g He is hungry. He isn’t thirsty. apart & She is anurse. She isn’t apilot. eS It is big. It isn’t_ small. fonae Z| We | are | early. We (aren’t~ late. Men't= = 1 > 5 You are students. You aren't teachers. 2.. not @ They| are quiet. They aren't noisy. (QUESTIONS ‘+ Affirmative They are happy. She is rich. 2) Question Are they happy ? Is she rich ? Short Answer Yes, they are /No, they aren't Yes, sheis/ No, she isn't CONTRACTIONS lamnot.. Heisnot... Youarenot... Wearenot... They are not... = I'mnot.. He's not You're not... We'renot... They're not... = xX {(nctpossible) He isn’t... Youaren’t.. Wearen’t.. They aren't... Er ier rt EVI eel Short Answer Short Answer ‘Sample Questions - (Affirmative) (Negative) Am | late? Yes, you are. No, you aren't. Are you tired? Yes, Lam. No, I'm not. Are you both happy? Yes, we are. _-No, we aren't. Are they thirsty? Yes, they are. No, they aren't. Is he sick again? Yes, he is. No, he isn't Is she a good teacher? Yes, she is. No, she isn't Is it available? Yes. itis. No, it isn't. Examples Are you from Chile? - Yes, | am. (= Yes, | am trom Chile) - No, I'm not. (= No, ! am not from Chile) Is he an engineer? ~ Yes, he is. (= Yes, he is an engineer) - No, he isn't. (= No, he isn't an engineer) ENGLISH GRAMMAR SUBJECT PRONOUN | Thave a shirt. YOU You have a book. HE = Hehasapillow. SHE Shehasadog. IT It has a bone. WE We have a bird. YOU You havea house. THEY They havea car. YOUR = Possessive Adjective - You need to bring your dictionary. YOU'RE = You are (contraction) ~ You're an excellent student. Possessive Adjectives Laz POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVE MY YOUR HIS HER ITs OUR YOUR THEIR ITS = Possessive Adjective - The dog played with its ball. IT’S =It is (contraction) = It’s very hot right now. My shirt is green. Your book is new. His pillow is soft. Her dog is small. Its bone is old. Our bird is noisy. Your house is big. Their car is slow. ENGLISH GRAMMAR, and AN have the same meaning. A-AN The difference between A and AN Aand AN are indefinite articles. The difference depends on the sound at the beginning of the next word. When the next word starts with a CONSONANT SOUND A a book a frog a car a lemon adog a truck BE CAREFUL! ahouse BUT anhour When the next word starts with a VOWEL SOUND AN an orange an umbrella an actor an apple an egg an insect The SOUND of the letter is important The H at the beginning of hour is silent. anuncle BUT a university The Uat the beginning of WK university sounds like YOU. This rule applies to all words after A or AN (including adjectives, adverbs..) a) cold day al very crazy person an easy lesson an interesting class