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Extensive Problem Statement

(with hope that this clears all confusions)

ME-235: Fluid Mechanics II

Semester Project

Problem Statement: Designing a pipe network configuration which

satisfies the requirement of provided static heads at different nodes.
What will be provided:
 Source Tank (at an elevation of 1.2 m)
 Ball valve at inlet
 Drainage on the perimeter
 12 mm diameter T-Connectors at inlet of the target
 T- and X- Connectors in a very limited number (feel free to bring
some of your own, if your design requires many)

What you should bring:

 12 mm (external diameter) pipes (Mandatory)
 Pipes of any other reasonable diameter (with appropriately
sized connector)
 Nozzles and/or diffusers (if your system requires any)
 Valves (if your system incorporates any)
 Provide a program (using any programming language or an Excel
sheet) which solves the problem
 Provide a short project report on the provided format
 Provide pipes and/or other components and set up the system
in your lab session to validate your results
 A post-demo viva

Helpful Links:
Figure 1: Target points/nodes with 12 mm diameter T-connectors (all labelled) to
connect your system to.

Figure 3: Water rises in the tube at the node due to its

pressure, similar to a manometer.

Figure 2: The initial storage tanks providing a 1.2 m Elevation Head

Figure 4: The target points with the tanks over them. The system will be present on the lower shelf (silver)
show in the picture. Please ignore Abdullah in the background; he works very hard.
Figure 5: System Diagram showing the whole setup
Figure 6: Mapping which displays the target nodes.
1. Source and sump are nearest to node A.
2. Although the maximum flow rate obtained was between 15 and 20
L/min, analogizing with electrical circuits, the actual flow rate
obtained will be dependent on the specific system (i.e. the network
you design) attached.
3. Bends in pipes have loss coefficients dependent on the relative
curvature of the pipe and the bend, and hence cannot be predicted
beforehand. To minimize unpredictability, replace pipe lengths with
connectors or other links wherever possible.
4. Nodes marked as ‘x’ in excel file for heads are variable, and the
value of head at that node will not affect your score.
5. The end of the inlet pipe (same for all groups) has a diameter of 12
mm. So, whatever pipe/connector you attach should have an
external diameter of 12 mm.
For queries, please contact:

Abdullah Hayat: 0332-6383076

Abdullah Zafar: 0317-4927040