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Dear Avans University of Applied Sciences,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter applying in your exchange program. My name is Shabrina
Puspasari, I am a student in the Faculty of Law at Airlangga University and I am currently on my 6th
semester. I would like to take part in the Avans University of Applied Sciences exchange program in
Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.

Many reasons triggered my desire to apply for admission to exchange program. Firstly, joining this
exchange program will significantly benefit me by opening my mind. Meeting new people coming from
different countries and interaction with local Dutch people will help me acquire cultural diversity. This
will undoubtedly broaden my global understanding. Secondly, it is important to get out of one’s shell and
leave comfort zone, because taking a step outside your comfort zone and experience a new lifestyle is a
better way to discover oneself.

In addition to benefits from this exchange, as I will have linguistic exposure I will learn new languages
and improve my practical English level. Once given this opportunity, it will be the realization of what I
have always dreamed of. My plans once I am offered this opportunity is to invest my maximum efforts in
studies to ensure that my stay in Netherland was tremendously gainful. Furthermore, for a smooth
cooperation with other students, I will join student organizations, student activities such as social and
sport activities and trips for a better interaction. Lastly, my purpose while I’m studying there is to be a
good ambassador of Airlangga University as my sending University and also Indonesia in general.

There are several reasons why I choose Avans University as my exchange destination. Firstly, I am
strongly interested in the courses provided by Avans University namely the European criminal justice and
social work because it is relevant to my legal studies and it will increase my knowledge as a future jurist.
In that regards, I want to learn about the European probation rules including the elements to be met in
probation services and how to contribute to the synchronization of citizen rights regarding probation
system. Secondly, there are legal similarities between Dutch law, to which Avans University belongs, and
Indonesia legal system especially in criminal and civil law.

I sincerely hope that my request will be granted. I am looking forward to receive a favorable answer from

Thank you!

Yours Faithfully,

Shabrina Puspasari