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Widening of Canal Bank Road And

Chaubucha Underpass


1. Name of project Widening of Canal Bank Road and Chaubucha


2. Location

 Provide name of the District Lahore / Punjab

 Attach a map of the area, Attached at Annexure A.
clearly indicating the project

3. Authorities responsible for

I. Sponsoring Government of The Punjab

II. Execution Lahore Development Authority (LDA)

III. Operation and

IV. Concerned Federal

4. a) Plan provision

 If the Project is included in

the medium term/five year plan, N/A
specify actual allocation.
 If not included in the
current plan, what warrants its N/A
inclusion and how it is now
proposed to be accommodated.
 If the project is proposed YES
to be financed out of block
provision, indicate:

Total block Amount already Amount proposed for this Balance Amount
Provisions committed project
Rs. 5,128.34 Million Rs. 6,937.73 Million Rs. 1809.39 Million

b) Provisions in the current year Supplementary Grant


Widening of Canal Bank Road And
Chaubucha Underpass

5. Project objectives
 The objectives of the Since last two decades several transport studies
sector/sub sector as indicated in of Lahore has been carried out, funded by either
the medium term/five year plan be International loans or local budget plans.
reproduced. Indicate objectives of Although some of those studies were conducted
the project and develop a linkage in very comprehensive manner and showed a
between the proposed project and very good recommendation, yet none of them
objectives. was officially selected and determined as the
Lahore Transport Master Plan.

Government of the Punjab initiated a strong

commitment to alleviate traffic problems at
various arterials of Lahore. In this regard
developments such as Kalma Chowk Flyover &
Underpass, Muslim Town Flyover, Canal Road
widening from Mall Road to Doctor’s Hospital,
Metro Bus System (MBS) along Ferozepur Road,
Signal Free Corridor along Ferozpur Road, Jail
Road and Main Boulevard Gulberg seconds its
commitment. Government of Punjab has already
started construction of Orange Line Metro Train
Project along Multan Road and GT Road passing
through busy Central Business District (CBD)

Signal free Canal Road is main arterial of Lahore

City which is acting as back bone of
infrastructure. From Mall Road to Doctor’s
Hospital Canal Road is already widened i.e two
lanes to three lanes either side. After widening of
this section, traffic along the section is moving

Now Government of the Punjab has intended to

widen the Canal Road from two lanes to three


Thokar Niaz Baig to Doctor’s Hospital. It also

includes one U-Turn.


Mall Road to Harbanspura. This Package

includes three U-Turns and five pedestrian
bridges. Vertical Clearance of Shalamar
Underpass is also going to increase upto 5.1 m.


To construct three lanes either side underpass at

Chaubacha. This underpass is being proposed
with 5.1 m clearance.

Widening of Canal Bank Road And
Chaubucha Underpass

This PC-1 pertains to all three Packages

mentioned above.

Widening of Canal Road and construction of

Chaubacha Underpass will alleviate traffic jams,
noise & air pollution.

 In case of revised projects,  Revision in Pakistan Railways loading

indicate objectives of the project if requirement.
different from original PC-1  In order to ensure undisturbed/
uninterrupted traffic flow along canal
during construction of Chaubucha
 Rehabilitation of existing widened

6. Description and Justification of

project (enclose feasibility study for
projects costing Rs. 300 million &

 Describe the project and This project includes widening of Canal Road
indicate existing facilities in the from Thokar Niaz Baig to Doctor Hospital (Length
area and justify the establishment = 3 Km) and Mall Road to Herbanspura Pura
of the project. (Length = 8.35 Km). This project also includes
four U-Turn and five Pedestrian Bridges. To
increase vertical clearance of Shalamar
underpass up to 5.1 m is also the part of this
project. Construction of three lanes underpass on
either side at Chaubacha is also the part of this

Traffic congestion is increasing with the passage

of time and commuters are facing delays.
Proposed widening and grade separation is
imperative and explained in Traffic Studies (Refer
Annexure – C).

 Provide technical parameters The Geometric Design of the project is governed

i.e. input and output of the project. by AASHTO Criteria for highways design. The
Also discuss technological aspect Geometric design parameters are given below:
of the project.

1. Canal Road Widening

No of Lanes = 3 (either side)

Lane Width = 3.65 m

Widening of Canal Bank Road And
Chaubucha Underpass

2. Underpass at Chaubacha

No of Lanes = 3
Lane Width = 3.6 m
Barrel Width = 12.5 m
Vertical Clearance = 5.1 m
Up Gradient = 5%
Down Gradient = 5.5 %

Pavement Structure

Subgrade CBR = 8%

Asphaltic Wearing Course = 5 cm

Asphaltic Base Course = 12 cm
Water Bound Macadam = 30 cm
Sub base = 20 cm

Typical cross-sections are attached as


 Provide details of civil works, Refer Annexure - D for details of civil works.
equipment, machinery and other Resources to be arranged by the construction
physical facilities required for the firm.

 Indicate governance issues ---

of the sector relevant to the
project and strategy to resolve

Transport & Communication

 Provide technical parameters Refer above Para-6 and Annexure - B

i.e. selected design features and
capacity of the proposed facilities
alongwith alternates available.

 For roads, provide Refer Annexure - B

information regarding lane width,
geometric and pavement design
including formation width,
pavement width.

 Land classification for ---

bridges and culverts.

 Thickness/width of road way ---

on bridges and culverts.

Widening of Canal Bank Road And
Chaubucha Underpass

 Design speed, traffic capacity Refer above Annexure - C

of road in terms of passenger car
units per day.

 Saving in distance for ---

diverted traffic. Average daily
traffic of motor vehicles by
category as well as the car units
be provided.

 In case of improvement ---

within the urban area, separate
traffic counts within that area
should be given. Brief information
regarding traffic and pavement
width etc. in adjoining section
should also be given.
 For bridges provide location,
total length of bridge, number of ---
spans with length of each span,
width roadway and footpath, type
of sub and super structure and
load classification.
 Indicate date of estimation of May 2016
Project cost.

 Basis of determining the Estimate has been prepared on the basis of

capital cost be provided. It market rates displayed on FD website for 1st
includes market survey, schedule biannual 2016.
rates, estimation on the basis of
previous work done etc.

 Provide year-wise estimation N/A

of physical activities

7. Annual Operating Cost

 Item-wise annual operating Source of financing will be Government of Punjab

cost based on proposed
capacity utilization be worked
out for 5 years and sources of its

8. Demand and supply analysis

 Existing capacity of ---

services and supply/demand.
 Project demand for 10 ---
 Capacity of the projects ---
being implanted in public/private
Widening of Canal Bank Road And
Chaubucha Underpass

 Supply-demand gap. ---

 Designed capacity and ---
output of the proposed project.
9. Financial Plan

Sources of Financing

a) Equity

Indicate the amount of equity to be financed from each source.

Sponsor’s own resources Government of the Punjab/LDA

Federal Government --
Provincial Government YES
DFT’s / banks --
General public --
Foreign public --
NGO’s / benefits --
Others --

b) Debt

 Indicate the local & Foreign debt, N/A

interest rate, grace period and
repayment for each been separately.
The loan repayment schedule be also
c) Grants N/A

d) Weighted cost of capital N/A

11. Benefits of the project and analysis

 Financial N/A
 Economic Refer Annexure - F
 Social ---
 Environmental ---

Financial/Economic Analysis (with-assumptions)

 Quantifiable output of the project N/A

 Profit and loss account and Cash Flow statement N/A
 Net present value (NPV) and Benefit Cost Ratio N/A
 Internal financial rate of return (IFRR) N/A
 Unit cost analysis N/A
 Break even Point (BEP) N/A
 Payback period N/A
 Return on equity (ROE) N/A

 Economic analysis

 Provide taxes & duties separately in the capital and Refer Annexure - F
operating cost
 Net present value (NPV) and benefit cost ratio BCR) -do-
Widening of Canal Bank Road And
Chaubucha Underpass

 Internal economic rate of Return (IERR) -do-

 Employment analysis
 Employment generation (direct and indirect) N/A
 Sensitivity analysis
 Impact of delay on project cost and viability N/A

12. Implementation Schedule

 Indicate starting and completion date of the Eight (08) Months

 Item-wise/year-wise implementation schedule To be arranged by the
in line chart correlated with the phasing of contractor
physical activities.

13 Management Structure and Manpower Requirements

 Administrative arrangements Manager Admin 1 No.

for implementation of project. Office Engineer 2 No.

 The manpower requirements Soil Engineer 2 Nos.

by skills during execution and Design Engineer 3 Nos.
operation of the project be Civil Engineers 6 Nos.
provided. Electrical Engineer 1 Nos.
Mechanical Engineer 1 Nos.
Skilled 50 Nos.
Unskilled 75 Nos.
 The job description, --
qualification, experience, age
and salary of each post be

14 Additional project/decision required

 Indicate additional --
projects/decision required to
optimize the investment being
undertaken on the project.

15 Certificate

 The name, designation and Chief Engineer,

Phone # of the office Lahore Development Authority,
responsible for preparing and 467- D2 Johar Town,
checking be provided. It may Lahore
also be confirmed that PC-I
has been prepared as per
guidelines issued by the
Planning Commission for the
preparation of PC-I for
Infrastructure Sector projects.

 The PC-I alongwith certificate

must be signed by the Principal
Accounting Officer to ensure its
Widening of Canal Bank Road And
Chaubucha Underpass