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Zachary Williams


A Dream to Explore

One of my most sacred dreams is to explore the world in all its entirety. I have the urge

to be spontaneous and see everything that God has created. One of my greatest desires is to

learn new languages and immerse myself in the cultures that come together to make up

humanity. While I have a will to learn about the different parts of the world on a first hand

basis, my options are few and far between. For the past four years I’ve thought constantly

about the military as a way to fulfill my desires of exploration, but an even better alternative

has been presented to me: the Norfolk State University’s Study Abroad program.

One reason that I want to study abroad in India is because of its atmosphere. India’s

culture is one that has been regarded as rich and beautiful by Americans especially. The stories

that I’ve heard of the scenery there are akin to a vision perceived from an angel-woven fantasy.

Even Queen Victoria considered India her “Crowned Jewel” and possessed the honor of being

crowned Empress of the mystical nation. My Humanities’ teacher of my freshmen year of

college explained that while there are border conflicts, plagues, starvation, and destitution,

there is still a peaceful serenity that hangs in the very air of this mystic land. By going to India

this summer I plan to investigate this occurrence and hopefully experience this serenity for


Religion is something that I have always been fascinated with. Whether it is the

polytheistic religion of the Babylonians, the monotheistic religion of Christianity, or the

ancestral religion of Shintoism, I have always been intrigued and awed by the variety in which

the different cultures of the world conduct their beliefs. India is no exception to my curious
inquiries. While I am a Christian myself, I am always excited to learn more about the history

behind other religions from various countries. By going to India, I will be able to open up new

avenues of knowledge and wisdom by exploring the religions which India has made its own.

Soccer is my life. I love the game in all its entirety and I appreciate the way that

individuals from different cultures can come together and transcend their differences to play

this wonderful sport. While India’s favorite sports are Cricket and Field Hockey, Soccer (or

Football) is gaining popularity amongst the populace. When I travel to India, along with my

studies, I plan to pursue my interests in soccer and expand my network in the soccer


In conclusion, I am a free spirited young man who has a bad case of wanderlust and the

study abroad summer program in India is the best pathway I can take to achieve my goals. I

have many interests and hobbies that coincide with India; including my love of religion, scenery,

culture, and soccer. This trip will provide me with a way to escape the chains of my homeland

and explore this wonderful world that I suddenly have access to, thereby allowing me to better

appreciate other cultures and help prepare for my future.