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 Mary’s Catholic Church
P.O. Box 70 Office: (406) 654-1446
Malta, MT 59538 Fr. Cory Sticha - Pastor Fax: (406) 654-1467
May 5, 2019
Mass Schedule
5/6: Malta ­ 8:30 AM: Special Intentions r/b Lana Fortin
5/7: Malta ­ 8:30 AM: Repose of the soul of Bob Bushman r/b The Howells
5/8: Malta ­ 8:30 AM: Special Intentions r/b Lana Fortin
5/9: Hi­Line ­ 10:00 AM: Repose of the soul of Roy Waters r/b The Howells
5/10: Malta ­ 8:30 AM: Special Intentions r/b Lana Fortin
5/11: Malta ­ 4:00 PM: Repose of the soul of Mrs. Wm Marks r/b Helen DePuydt
5/12: Dodson ­ 8:30 AM: Repose of the soul of Evelyn Brandt r/b Helen DePuydt
Malta ­ 10:00 AM: For the Parishioners
Saco ­ 12:00 PM: Repose of the soul of Bill Marks r/b Helen DePuydt

Knights of Columbus # 2124 Parish Council of Catholic Women
Meets First Tuesday of the month Meets Second Sunday of the Month

Weekly Eucharistic Adoration
Every Friday from 9 to 10 AM (following daily Mass)

Confessions: Saturdays Noon ­ 1p.m., 1/2  Baptism: Normally celebrated at weekend 
hour before daily Mass (Tues., Weds., and  Masses. Parental sessions are required.
Fri.) or by appointment Marriages: Six month couple preparation 
Anointing of the Sick: Please contact Fr.  period required. Please meet with Fr. Cory 
Cory as soon as possible for anointing. before scheduling marriage date.

Goal Remaining Past Due

Malta: $24,326.76 $22,113.76 $69,639.37
Dodson: $3,497.83 $3,097.83 $0.00
Saco: $2,756.41 $2,741.41 $0.00
Collections Totals For 4/28
4/28 Needed Online
Malta: $1272.00 $2721.00 $445.00
Dodson: $198.00 $441.31 $0.00
Saco: $110.00 $441.31 $225.00
Please send bulletin announcements to by Thursday evening. Thanks!
Daily Scripture Readings
5/5 — 3rd Sunday of Easter
Acts 5:27­32, 40­41; Psalm 30:2, 4­6, 11­13; Revelations 5:11­14; John 21:1­19 or 
5/6 —  Monday of the Third Week of Easter
Acts 6:8­15; Psalm 119:23­24, 26­27, 29­30; John 6:22­29
5/7 —  Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter
Acts 7:51­8:1; Psalm 31:3­4, 6, 7, 8, 17, 21; John 6:30­35
5/8 — Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter
Acts 8:1­8; Psalm 66:1­7; John 6:35­40
5/9 — Thursday of the Third Week of Easter
Acts 8:26­40; Psalm 66:8­9, 16­17, 20; John 6:44­51
5/10 — St. Damien de Veuster, Priest
Acts 9:1­20; Psalm 117:1­2; John 6:52­59
5/11 — Saturday of the Third Week of Easter
Acts 9:31­42; Psalm 116: 12­17; John 6:60­69
5/12 — 4th Sunday of Easter
Acts 13:14, 43­52; Psalm 100:1­3, 5; Revelations 7:9, 14­17; John 10:27­30

Pope Francis' Universal Intention Catholic Quotes
For May: Evangelization: That the Church  "In the life of every Christian there are 
in Africa, through the commitment of its  countless resurrections." ­ Caryll 
members, may be the seed of unity among  Houselander
her peoples and a sign of hope for this 
Everyday Stewardship
I am struck by how Jesus addresses the  How mature are you in your faith? How 
disciples in the 21st chapter of John. They  much trust do you have in Jesus Christ? 
have been fishing all night, and when the  How often do you pause to listen to the 
dawn comes, Jesus asks, "Children, have  instructions of your Teacher? The night is 
you caught anything to eat?" They hadn't  now over, and the dawn is upon you. 
caught a thing, so he tells them what to do  Reflect on the visible fruit of your 
to finally fill their nets. These children  stewardship, and then listen for the words 
thought they knew best, but they couldn't  of Jesus.
get the job done until they listened to  ­ Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS
Jesus. Like a child who needs a parent, 
these early followers of Jesus were 
learning that real maturity of faith requires 
trusting in and listening to the Teacher.
The stewardship way of life demands of us 
a certain maturity of discipleship. Just as a 
child is not yet ready to be a parent, an 
immature disciple may not yet be ready to 
sacrifice regardless of the cost or 
understand the true value of his generosity. 
So every day, we are challenged and called 
to respond, sometimes even with little cost 
to ourselves. But each step, no matter how 
small, brings with it growth. We are 
growing not only in maturity, but in the 
ability to trust in God and how to listen for 
the call as well.

Mass Intentions Please consider having Masses celebrated 
for family and friends on special occasions 
Mass Intentions: As Catholics, we have a 
and anniversaries, as well as those who are 
long tradition of having Masses celebrated 
in need of prayers. Masses are also 
for those we offer up in prayer. The Mass is 
encouraged in memory of those loved ones 
the ultimate form of prayer, and each Mass 
who have died, especially on the 
is celebrated for an intention. We ask $10.00 
anniversaries of their deaths. Please contact 
per mass intention. 
Fr. Cory for more information.
Word of Life from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops
“Jesus, Lord of Life, transform the hearts 
of all elected leaders to recognize that 
infanticide is wrong and must not be 
tolerated. Open hearts and minds to 
recognize and defend the precious gift of 
every human life.”
USCCB Secretariat of Pro­Life Activities
 “Prayer for an End to Infanticide” 

Live The Liturgy
If you really want to get to know someone,  another better, and for renewal. Jesus 
invite them to dinner. Sharing a meal with  invites us to dine with him once again at 
someone opens up the door to a deeper,  today's Eucharist. He receives our pain and 
more intimate, and more authentic  blesses our wounds. We are forgiven, set 
encounter. When we gather around a table,  straight, renewed, and reconfirmed in our 
we are more vulnerable and are reminded  task of discipleship. Love is celebrated here 
not only of our need for food and  again. May we bring that love to those who 
sustenance, but also the love of friends and  need it most, especially those we may find 
community. We are meant to be together.  difficult to love and to those who have hurt 
Meals can be opportunities not only for  us. Share with them the bread of 
authentic meetings, but for healing  compassion and the wine of mercy.
relationships, for understanding one 

Please Pray For
Jack Lind, Noel Emond, Kelly Kussie, Lois Goodheart, Tom Lankford, Barb Darrah, Terri 
Cole, Tom Golik, Susan Hofer, Joyce Wright, Bonnie Lankford, Joyce Donavan, Marian 
Holman, Joyce Boos, Leona Keinenberger, Makayla Wilke­Hofeldt, Michael Fred Ereaux, C.J. 
Bishop, Bruce Hould, Bobby Ereaux, Janeen Brookie, Myrtle Hould, Jeanie Engebretson, John 
Murray, Payton Kill Eagle, Mary Kelly, Roberta Pospisil, and those from our area serving in 
the military.
For the repose of the souls of Linda Berg, Bob Bushman, Terry Stiles, Jack Munsinger, Doris 
Nicholson, the Poor Souls in Purgatory, and for comfort and peace for their families.
Anyone who needs to have prayers said for someone can call Dianne Salsbery at 654­1443 or 654­4675; 
Jean Niebur at 654­2822. Names will be listed in the bulletin for one month unless specified.
New to the Parish?
Welcome! We’re glad you will be joining us. If you would like to register with the 
parish, please fill out this form and drop it in the collection basket. You may bring it by 
the parish office or send it to us.
Phone number:__________________________________________________________
Email address:__________________________________________________________
You may also use this form for a change of address.

Trivia at Blue Ridge Brewing
Think you're a trivia expert? St. Mary's  St. Mary's Parish is sponsoring this evening 
Parish and Blue Ridge Brewing is giving  of trivia, music, and fun. $5 will buy into 
you the chance to prove it! Know a lot  two rounds of trivia, with Blue Ridge 
about popular music from many eras and  Brewing gift certificates available to win in 
styles? Show us! each round.
Join us on Thursday, May 16th at 6:00  Bring your friends and 
PM at Blue Ridge Brewing, 320 S 1st St  plan for an evening of 
E (next to the car wash). trivia fun!

Parish Council
Regina Webb (Malta) Cliff Merriman (KofC) Leona Kienenberger (Dodson)
Charlie Mears (Malta) Wilma Mavencamp (PCCW)
Shawn Bleth (Malta) Tom DePuydt (Saco)
Gospel Meditation
"Simon Peter said to them, 'I am going   "'Simon, son of John, do you love me?'" 
fishing.'" Peter is a favorite apostle for  Peter has endured so much in his walk of 
many people. I wonder if it is because of  discipleship! But something is still 
his flawed, relatable humanity. Today's  weighing on him. In today's Gospel, Jesus 
Gospel takes place after Jesus appears to  confirms Peter's devotion three times, a 
the disciples and breathes the Holy Spirit  redemption of his earlier threefold denial. 
upon them. And yet, Peter finds himself  The call of the Lord must come again, as if 
returning to his old way of life, to  heard anew for the first time. So often, this 
comfortable habits he formed long before  is the pattern of the Christian life. We 
following Jesus. Is something still lingering  discover God and experience a new desire 
in him? Is something still lingering in us?  for our faith, but in time, our enthusiasm 
Lent is over, and we should be rejoicing!  begins to wane. Perhaps something happens 
But do you feel like you're still holding  that startles us, or we startle ourselves by a 
onto something? Or perhaps you had an  poor decision. Then we discover God 
excellent Lent. You encountered Jesus in a  anew! Our joy returns...for a while. Even 
new way and grew in faith. But as the  the Apostles were no strangers to the 
weeks since Easter have slipped by, some  cyclical nature of spiritual growth. Our 
of your newfound devotion has begun to  disappointments or frustrations should not 
waver. The closeness you felt in your  be cause for giving up. Like Peter, we too 
Lenten commitments has given way to  can recommit and start anew. This Sunday 
humdrum status quo or turn­of­the­season  and every day of our lives, Jesus is waiting 
busyness. to say again, "Follow me."
“Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them;
for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.” Luke 18:16

Dates to remember:
Trivia Thursdays: May 16, 23, 30th. St. Mary’s hosts Pro-Life Speaker
6:00 p.m. at Blue Ridge Brewing. “Drinking the Spirit”
(Note: there will not be Trivia on Thursday
May 9th.) On May 14th St. Mary’s hosts “Drinking the Spirit” at the
May 5th: May Crowning. GN Lodge Room at 7:00 p.m. This is an adult group for
May 12th: Senior Mass anyone who is interest in hearing different speakers on
May 14th: Drinking the Spirit. Speaker
different topics. This month’s speaker is Amy Seymour.
Amy Seymour will be talking on the Pro-
Life movement in the Great Falls-Billings Amy is from Joliet Montana and is very active in her par-
Diocese. ish and community. Amy is a founding board member
May 22nd: First Communion Confirma-
and current president of Yellowstone Valley Christians
tion Mass at 6:00 p.m. Reception following.
for Life. Since 2010 Amy has organized annual pro-life
activities in the Billings area, including 40 Days for Life,
The Month of Mary
Life Chain, Billings March for Life, An Annual Youth Pro-
“From Mary we learn to surrender to God’s
Will in all things. From Mary we learn to Life Speech Contest, Pro-Life Rosary Rally, Good Friday
trust even when all hope seems gone. From Pro-Life “Cross Walk,” National Day of Remembrance
Mary we learn to love Christ her Son and
for Aborted Children, Sidewalk counseling/prayer out-
the Son of God!” St. John Paul II
side the local abortion clinic every Wednesday, which is
Every time Mary appeared to people, she
the surgical abortion day.
called on all people to pray the rosary for
the salvation of souls.
Did you know that when you pray the mys- Amy will be talking about her experiences and how peo-
teries of the rosary, you’re praying the Gos- ple in Phillips County can start their own Christian Pro-
pel? Life organization. She will be discussing different events
Many saints throughout the years have told and how to kick start them.
us that the rosary is the greatest weapon
we have against evil
St. Mary’s invites everyone who may be interested
During the month of May make a commit-
starting a Pro-Life group in Phillips County to come and
ment to pray the rosary daily.
hear Amy speak.
“Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy”
(Psalm 126:5)

We hold many wonderful memories of our loved ones. And it is often

important to us to find ways to honor their memories.
This Memorial Day, 2019, the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana
would like to offer you an opportunity to remember someone and at the
same time help your parish, a Catholic school or favorite ministry by making a
gift in their memory.
Consider honoring a loved one who has passed by making a contribution to a
permanent endowment in their name, ensuring their memory lives on forever. You may
select the endowment of your choice, perhaps one that would have meant the most to
If you would like someone notified of your memorial gift, we are happy to send a
card and a packet of Forget-Me-Not seeds in your loved one’s memory.
My Gift is in Memory of: _______________________________________________________
My gift is for my parish endowment (name of parish): ___________________________________
OR: My gift is for the ___Greatest Needs Endowment ___Parish Assistance Endowment ___Bishop’s Endowment
___Priest Retirement Endowment ___Other Endowment (please specify*) ___________________________________

My Name __________________________________________e-mail:________________________________
Address______________________________________ City____________________ St _______ Zip_______

Please send an acknowledgement card and packet of forget-me-not seeds to:

Name(s) ________________________________________________________________________________
Address______________________________________ City____________________ St _______ Zip_______
Please sign my/our name(s) on the acknowledgement card as:
Share below if you have a special message you would like to include:

Please return this form with your gift of any amount to:
Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana, PO Box 1345, Great Falls, MT 59403
* For a complete listing of endowments to choose from, or to donate online,
please visit our website: