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Does money rule the world?

No, it is a general misconception amongst humans that money rules the world but
actually it is the mentality of the humans which rules the world .Money is a dead matter
and when humans get conditioned thinking that it is money which fetches comforts and
security then the system gets into trouble as we start exploiting each other. The level of
conditioning depends upon the nature or qualities acquired by an individual.

For any activity to take place or to manifest anything in this world a conscious being is a
must so, when humans shift their attention from a conscious being to dead material then
the whole system gets affected. For e.g. : To change wood to furniture humans beings are
required and not money .Money is only a tool for easy transaction but when it is used by
people with a material mentality then domination over others increases and this in turn
creates a chaos in the society.

For e.g.: A knife in the hand of a person with a robbing mentality is bad but with a person
with a sense of service to the needy and poor is good. So, it is the quality which decides
the purpose and its results and not the material as such.

Why should we pray god and instead why not work hard and earn spend and enjoy?

The real purpose of life is not to enjoy but to develop divine qualities so that we do not
come back here on earth after death. Every individual has all the three qualities namely
sattwa, rajas and tamas or to say qualities in the mode of goodness, passion and
ignorance. These qualities affect us in all the activities we undertake.

For eg: If a person is very hard working but has a high level of anger then even though he
might be successful in his career because of his hard work but would definitely create
troubles with is co workers because of his anger which he would manifest during his
work which in turn would make him agitated and distressed . The quality to work hard is
in the mode of goodness but his anger is in the mode of ignorance.

Now the question arises as to how to change once nature?.

Probably by doing some meditation, prayers, listening to music etc we would be able to
do so . But all this is only a temporary remedy because once the individual comes
in contact with the outside world he will get conditioned to his original nature
again. So, the purpose gets defeated because we have an option to change
ourselves but not others you see. When other person does not act the way we want
we would get back to our own original nature. This is the real problem.

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As we discussed before the real purpose of life is to be peaceful at any given situation
and it is not possible in the present mechanical world to be in peace .So where is the
solution hidden?

Yes, truly once nature cannot be changed by changing the outside world and

For eg: when a human is too sensual by nature he would not be able to change his nature
if the state sets a law or rule to punish people who misbehave with the opposite sex. Even
though this person would not physically indulge in such acts in public but would mentally
be agitated and distressed at every movement of life. So, a material solution will not help
him at all. Practically he needs to pray to the divine to suppress his desires and

Humans generally try to bring a solution to life’s problems by making changes externally
but the reality is that the problems lies within each human and it is due to the qualities
which he has acquired. And he fails to control his nature .Since the nature is created,
controlled and maintained by supreme energy who is conscious like us and whom we call
GOD. So, if we sincerely pray with devotion there could be a probable solution to this

Well, we all have experienced that no matter how hard we work to earn money and enjoy
we practically see that it is not possible to be in peace. Is there a solution to such issues?

In order to lead a comfortable life we exert our energy in material activities but in turn
add more problems and complexities in life .We try things which we are not comfortable
in doing , for sake of earning money and respect but to our surprise we are only happy
when we spend the money earned for something which we like .

But people fail to realize one important fact that why not do directly what we like than to
do something which we are happy doing for earning and then use it for something which
we like?

Ultimately to be peaceful in the life is the whole purpose.

But why are humans afraid of doing so?

It is simply due to lack of real knowledge of purpose of life and the existence of soul and
its nature.
Lack of faith in the existence of next birth and previous birth,
Lack of faith in words of scriptures and mainly lack of understanding that ultimately we
are not going to take back anything from the world so, why not share and show love than
hatred and domination.

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When an individual forgets the ultimate goal of life he takes decision in the mode of
passion and ignorance which in turn affect the whole human community. The only
solution is to depend on GOD.

So, can’t we do anything on our own to correct our nature? Yes, by following the
scriptures strictly and by adhering with the rules and regulations we can change our
nature. But it requires lot of effort and devotion to do so on our own which is not easy
now a day.

Why is one person’s nature different from the other?

People would say that it is due to the environment and circumstances that a person
behaves in a particular way which decides the nature .But the question can still be
extended as to why is that one individual is put into one kind of situation and other into
some other kind of situation .The answer again is that it is due to the individual’s nature
which he has acquired based on his past action in this birth or in the previous birth .So he
faces the reactions in this birth and all these details can be analyzed with the help of
astrology which acts as a guiding tool for humans to develop their nature . So again the
only solution is to pray and plead god for relief and to destroy our negative qualities and
develop our good qualities. Praying god helps us to gradually understand life and its
intricacies and its possible solution.

Does god really exists or is it a social concept for proper functioning of the society?

If we accept god only as a social concept then what happens with those people who know
that it’s just a social concept and not reality they can very easily cheat and dominate
others on the name of god .But our own consciousness knows that there is something
wrong and right which needs to be done or not to be done .For eg: if a child does
something wrong then we have seen it laughing and running away for the place why does
this happen? it is because our consciousness knows that that particular act was not right
.An alarm buzzers every time we commit a sin all this shows that god needs to exist and
these are simply not some myth or a concept. And moreover the creation is so organized
that to deny existence of god by saying that it just is an accident would be foolish.

If people lose faith in god and the rules and regulations then we probably would not even
have the present level of comfort and freedom .People would kill, destroy each other for
their own benefit and the world would be just another graveyard.

The scriptures proclaim that god is the ultimate reality and he monitors every individual’s
actions and thoughts and rewards it according .The rewards can be realized in the present
birth or in the next birth.

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What is wrong with material development?

We would have probably seen that in olden time’s, monks and saints renouncing the
worldly desires and comforts .why was it so and does it have a scientific relevance?

Yes, of course it is scientific .We all know that energy can neither be created nor be
destroyed but can change from one form to another which simply means that mud
becomes pot and metal becomes machinery and soon. But in the end all the basic
elements remain .This in turn means that the effort involved in an activity is same without
material development and also with material development .For eg: the effort I take to
make a pot for fetching water would be equal to the effort put by me to go and drink
water with the help of my hands to quench my thirst. Similarly the effort put by an
individual to make a car will be equal to the effort put by him to reach the place where he
needs to travel. since the calculation are fractional it seems to us that we have materially
developed but the reality is that it is simply change of form and the effort involved is
going to be the same.

So the next question arises as to why renounce and is it not better to enjoy the change in
form after all it looks great in modern equipments and gadgets?.

Here we need to understand what is the cause of material development?

Material development takes place because we feel that the present situation are the
present method of doing the work is very difficult and cumbersome .so we find some new
method and to minimize the problem. So, as we discussed before the original problem is
not with the material nature but with our qualities.

For eg: A lazy person will find it difficult to put on the TV switch so he finds a solution
in the form of remote control. But he forgets a fact that he would have put equal amount
of effort to think, design, manufacture, market and sell the remote control and use it. If he
himself does not manufacture he has to earn for buying one. So, material development is
only a delusion this is the reason why the advitians call it as Maya.

So the next question which arises is that even then there seems to be nothing wrong in
manifesting our qualities by changing the material nature which is already present and
after all it looks great to travel in Benz ,to have good colored clothes and a great kitchen
ware and soon. After all we are all working for enjoying goods and services.

Truth is that there is nothing wrong in manifesting our qualities but getting conditioned to
it is wrong it creates false ego and creates a problem in the entire system.

In every moment of live we need to keep the goal of life in mind while taking decision so
the real goal being to develop good qualities and remove our passion and ignorance and
when this goal is not satisfied then the real problem starts.

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For eg: studying hard and wearing clean cloths is a good but if someone else does not
wear good clothes and is not able to study well or is not interested criticizing him and
making it an issue results in lack of peace for both the parties involved and ultimately
defeats the real purpose of life. Even here the real problem is with the nature which the
individual has acquired so, again the solution is in praying to god to give better
understanding of life and to have a peaceful mind.

Why do spiritualists proclaim only to pray and serve god and all the rest is less important
and need not be done?

As we discussed before the real goal of life is to remove the passionate and ignorant
qualities and be stead fast in the mode of goodness .The best activity to make this happen
is to pray god because he is the cause of all causes or to say he is the cause for the whole
creation and the nature we have acquired is also part of his creation and so with his divine
wish and will we can change our nature very easily .So, all other activities are secondary
.This is the straight forward method to achieve the real destination of life. Every activity
must invariably lead to this destination .An individual who realizes this fast is steadfast in
praying god and is peaceful.

Of all the qualities which is the most divine?

Of course pure love for god which in turn manifests as love for all creatures and species
in the universe is the purest of all qualities. God is the only gem who attracts every
species in the universe. Equality and sharing the gifts of nature develops love and
harmonies life. But on the other side finding faults and limitations in others and
dominating them and exploiting them brings chaos and frustration to all.

Is death real or illusion or temporary phenomena?

It is death which keeps people guess about god, life and life after death and rebirth as
death is most terrifying for most of us. But if we understand the reality we would not fear
of death. The reality is that there is nothing called death it simply is an temporary
phenomena .The human body is made up of combination of material nature or dead
matter and the soul which animates the body never dies .So, when the soul feels that the
present body is useless or when the creator feels that the present body is no more required
for the soul then the soul leaves the body and takes up another body just like wearing a
new cloth .The soul is undestroyable was never born to die .but the material body made
up of dead matter is already dead and gets dismantled to earth, water, fire ether, and air.
So nothing is dead and nothing is born it is simply a temporary phenomenon.

If death is a temporary state then people might get to a wrong conclusion as to enjoy as
much as possible by killing, destroying and exploiting others but here is where god plays

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the real trick. To people who think that everyone is going to die so, why not share love
and happiness and pray god for everyone’s libration god grants peace and satisfaction but
for those who think that anyhow everyone is going to die so why not exploit kill
dominate cheat others for our own comforts and sensual pleasures god gives them
another chance to face the reactions of his actions committed before in form of rebirth so
that he can correct himself and take to the path of liberation again. So, the freewill is ours
but the destination is the same. ultimately to gain divine qualities is the goal of life for
every individual soul and this material body acts as an instrument to gain these qualities
.so, if we satisfy the soul we are librated but if we satisfy our body desires we are forced ,
to get conditioned and then we start committing sins and will have to comeback again
and again to this planet to learn the lessons of life.

Eg: Electricity is important for proper functioning of fridge

Cooling the products and keeping it fresh is the purpose
The fridge is the instrument
And electricity is the main important thing which triggers and serves the purpose.
Similarly the soul is like the electricity, developing the divine quality is the goal or the
purpose and the material body is the instrument like the fridge.
The process is only one pray serve and enjoy god.

LIFE IS Love Inquire Fear Enjoy God.


No not at all the scripture speaks only about trade that is exchange of goods and does not
accept exchange of goods for a price .Nothing in this world is created by humans it
existed naturally so to claim proprietorship on some thing which does not belong to us is
not consciously right. All the things in the universe belong to god and we have the right
to own only our share and not a penny more. If I happen to steal some thing from your
house and sell it for a price is it an action in right consciousness? Of course not it is
similarly with the nature because the whole nature belongs to the supreme consciousness
person known as GOD. Since profit is the main motive of business so it order to earn it
we would be forced by the outside competition to tell lies, deceive public, bargain and
cheat think crookedly and do some out of box thinking which are all in the mode of
passion and are not qualities of goodness. And if we are not in the mode of goodness .So,
our scriptures are not in favor of business.

Why is every human and other species that is the soul very important?

God’s creation is so wonderful that one species of cannot live independently without the
help of another species this is true among humans also. For eg: humans are dependent on
cows for milk on plants for food etc.So, practically every species is important and needs
to be taken care of and if one species is affected it in turn affects the others too. This is a
material view of the reality and is also the law of nature. But the spiritual view is that god

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or supreme consciousness is present in every species or living being since supreme
consciousness is all pervasive .So, it is the duty of every soul to love others and care
others as this consciousness is present every where in the universe. A human life is very
special as in this life he has a chance to completely blossom his divine consciousness and
understand the divine creator. Thus he can get librated and be in peace. If this does not
happen in this life time god gives ample number of opportunities to take birth and
achieve this divine goal. This journey of soul is a ongoing process till it reaches the
supreme adobe of God. Once reached to that place we need not come back to this
material world again and can be in complete peace and joy.
What is the role of planets in our life?

Planets are incarnations of god himself who rewards the actions of our own karmas in the
past or in previous birth and we realize those results in this life time or in the coming
birth and the action for the reaction we face in this birth will decide our nature for next
birth . So, the process goes on till the soul realizes that enjoying this material world is not
the goal of life and then seeks a spiritual guru and shifts his mind from a material plane to
a spiritual plane and then the process of libration starts. The position of planets in a
horoscope of an individual chart denotes the kind of circumstances the individual would
interact with in this life time and the way he would react to such situation based upon the
nature he has acquired due to his past karmas. Thus the results are therefore predictable.

Our own accumulated karmas results into our destiny.

The only solution to get out of this cycle is to turn from material plane to the spiritual
plane that is to pray, chant and enjoy glory of god thus dissolving our ego and becoming
peaceful. Using all the qualities given by god or rewarded by god should be put into his
service and lack of faith in god created all the trouble in life.

By praying to particular deity who rules these planets we can reduce the effects of the
result but the material event cannot be stopped. So, even doing the remedies to the
planets is not a permanent solution .Scriptures says that in 14 years of time an individual
accumulates sins, for washing which he needs to take 10 more births. So, the permanent
solution to this is one and only one and that is to chant the glories of god and to do every
work as a service to god without expecting anything in return.

Since these planets are doing their divine duty they need to be prayed or honored by
human beings. They of course would not stop doing their duty if we do not pray but we in
turn would incur sin because of not following the rules laid down by the scriptures and
this in turn results in drought, floods famines and earthquakes, unwanted mental agony
and soon. These planets are spiritual beings like us bestowing the humans with comforts
and knowledge and wealth so they need to be praised and honored as a duty for our own
good as an order by god with love

What are the real problems of life which needs to be solved?

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The real problems of life to be solved are birth, death, old age and diseases and these
problems do not have a permanent solution .only one thing which needs to be done is
making sure not to take birth again and for that praying god with love and surrendering to
him is the only solution. Lessening the material desires and wants and turning to god is
the permanent solution to life’s all problems.

What are the steps for spiritual process?

Giving up the sense of doer ship:

For any event or activity to take place we alone are not responsible and various other
natural factors and circumstances and contributions by others are also responsible. So, to
take claim or full credit of doing something is not justifiable.

Dissolving the EGO that is to remove the thought from mind that things belong to me or
this is mine:

To say that something belongs to me is not relevant everything here belongs to god
manifested nature and people should understand that they are not going to take back
anything from the world so, slowdown and think peacefully for clear understanding of

Giving up taste for results of our actions:

Do not do a thing just because it fetches high level of income, fame or name just work
foe the satisfaction of soul or to please god the supreme consciousness just work for the
sake of working .every work is divine so just enjoy the work alone and do it as a service
.This is the real secret of being peaceful throughout life.

Finding a spiritual guru:

Based upon the level of development of consciousness we would be given a guru by god
himself in every life time for our progress if we pray him with faith .so by following the
instructions of the guru we can develop faith and devotion in life and progress positively
towards god realization.

Surrendering to god with love:

It is practically impossible for every soul to progress spiritually on his own abilities and
strength but by faithfully surrendering to god with love make us devoted and in turn leads
the way towards him with love and helps us to overcome all difficulties in the spiritual

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Chanting god’s name all the time:

In this Yuga called kali only god’s name hari’s name can keep us on the spiritual track
and save us from negative influences of nature and help us to be in the mode of goodness.
So, chanting gods name is a must for every soul.

Giving up material desires:

Material desires like taste for food, clothing, luxury and sensual desires should be kept
under control and chanting god’s name helps us do that easily and helps us overcome
passion over a period of time.

Neutrality between materials:

Since all things are created by god so, to discriminate one to be more useful than the
other is not advisable for spiritual growth. Similarly qualities manifested by humans
should not be discriminated and should be honored equally and be rewarded equally.

Compassion towards fellow beings:

If people around are not in tune to spiritual process or if they are going on wrong material
track we are not suppose to show anger on them as they act because of passion and
ignorance and all attempts should be made to make them realize the ultimate truth of life.

Pure love for god:

This is the ultimate goal for every soul. A genuine love for god helps us cross the ocean
of birth and death very easily. Moreover to develop love for god accepting our mistakes,
following the scriptures to the extent possible, non violence cleanliness, truth, and sincere
prayers to god for every once good and full faith in mercy and support of god is a must.

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