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m MacArthur Park Words and Music by JIM WEBB psa pS 3 - Springwasnev-er walt - ing for ws, girl, It tan ons’ steps - Tyereall the yell ~ low eot-ton drew Foam ing ke. 5 ae & D) bs = 4 eS ee Sa : z — ae a Fe ; chead, As we foHowed in the dance, wave On the growin = round your knees, a om Bb om Bb) Bo ~ tweenthe part-ed pag - es andwerepressed in loves hot fevered 1 - Tho bitda like tecder ba ~_bies inyourhands and theoldmen playing ehequ- ab Bbmsi7 Cam bit tL Dm © Copyright 1968 by Canopy Music EATON MUSIC LTD. 8 West Eaton Place, Belgravia, London, SW1 likes strip-ed pair of pants, by the trees. ‘Ar-thur Park is melt~ ing thro'the All thesweetgreenie-ing flow-ing down, Some-one left the cake out. inthe thinkthatT _cantake it "Cause it tooksolong to bake it, And TN. Ponas? ° Dm? neveer have that re-ci = pe a gain e Onaje © Fog? eb ab Rh — Db abmaj7 Fimo Db = > > > > = >>> PBS Pf? Bhai? abmey? a7 ob bus ‘There will be an-o-ther song for for I will sing it Pr Fmsj7 bmi? Bs abe ‘There will be an-o-ther dream for me someone will bring it. ae Fag F