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Samantha Hess

K. Suk
EDUC 230-02 Education Field Experience
Spring 2019
Personal Teaching Philosophy Rationale Statement

Standard 1- Learner Development:

The teacher understands how learners grow and develop, recognizing that patterns of learning

and development vary individually within and across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional,

and physical areas, and designs and implements developmentally appropriate and challenging

learning experiences. (New Jersey Department of Education, 2014, pg. 1).

Artifact: Personal Teaching Philosophy

Date: April 18th, 2019

Course: EDUC 230-02 Education Field Experience and EDUC 212-01 Foundations of

Rational Statement:

These artifacts are my personal teaching philosophies that I have created over the last few

years in my education courses. These artifacts display the teaching theories and philosophies that

I want to use in my classroom. In these artifacts I also discuss how I will implement my

philosophy into my future classroom. I related this article to standard 1.ii.1, “The teacher

understands how learning occurs--how learners construct knowledge, acquire skills, and develop

disciplined thinking processes--and knows how to use instructional strategies that promote

student learning.” (New Jersey Department of Education, 2014, pg. 2). This standard goes along

with my personal teaching philosophy because in my philosophy I go into detail about different
Hess 2

ways I can help my students construct knowledge through experiences. This will guide my

students to learn these skills through hands on lessons, guided learning, and discussions. I want

my classroom to promote learning and set my students up to be successful.

Through these artifacts I have discovered how I want to run my classroom and set up the

best environment that works for both my students and myself. During my schooling at Raritan

Valley Community College, I have taken many classes that have taught me about different

teaching philosophies and different theorists. From this, I have been able to pick out what

strategies I want to implement into my own classroom in the future.

I can use these artifacts as a future educator by bringing my personal teaching philosophy

to life. My own personal teaching philosophy is what I consider best practice for myself and my

students. In my teaching philosophy I included ways I can implement my own philosophy in the

classroom, and how I can get my students involved with it. I will be able to look back at these

artifacts and make them fit with my students and me. The components of these artifacts are what

I believe in reinforcing as a teacher in my own room with my students.


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