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Summary and Notes


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Introduction to Sinn

• Originally from Los Angeles, California

• Started learning game in 2003
• Attended workshop with Mystery in 2004
• Interned at Love Systems in San Diego
• Lead Mystery Method instructor 2005-2008
• Completed over 6000 day game approaches over 2 years
• Author of The Day Game Accelerator • ••• ••••• • ••••• • • • •• • • •....!-o......... • • ••• •• •• • •• • • • • • •••••• • •• • • • •••••••••••••

Day Game vs. Night Game

Day Game
Normal energy levels

Touching with parameters

Legitimate time constraints

• Ends in setting a date

Night Game
High energy levels

Touching acceptable

Girls are drunk/high

• No time constraints
Ends in sex


• Game is the process of systematically taking a girl through

her comfort thresholds and then releasing and moving back

so she is more uncomfortable

with you moving away than she is with you further escalating.

• It works if you get a date / get laid.

• Make eye contact
• Talk to strangers clearly
• Touch appropriately
• Tease /' "
• Use appropriate body language (
• Pay attention to spatial relevance, 18 - 36 inches
• Use natural facial expressions "',~
• Look relaxed and comfortable in your own skin

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Day Game Model: Win-Win

opener to on,
build Not
social attraction


date then



Social Comfort I Social Question

• Used to get the girl comfortable with talking to you

• A question to snap the girl into social mode based on a blueprint
of communication thafs already available.
• Must be situation ally relevant.
• Leads to qualification: finding out what she has going for her
• Social comfort is NOT attraction. Attraction just allows you access
to her.
• Examples:
o "Do you know where an ATM is around here?"
o "Do you know how to cook this?"
o "Do you know where this street is?
o "Do you know where the bank is?"
o Get her opinion on "Drunk I Love Yous"

Qualification /
• Qualification is complimenting
• Should be legitimate interests you have in her
• Leads to an instant date
• Example:
o "Who are you and you're special because..."

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.Instant Date Notes:

• An instant date is simply going to another location

• Movement is the ultimate test of attraction
• This creates an "us together" dynamic instead of a "we just mef'
• Leads to phone numbers and setting up the date
• Example:
o "Hey, I really want to grab a soda across the street."


• Light hearted, playful

• Banter, witty
• Verbal foreplay
• Nicknames
• Watch the negativity and nastiness
• Teasing is driven by frames
• Leads to role play


• Frames are the underlying meaning of the interaction

• Active frame control: You're actively doing something
• Passive frame control: Things happen and no one stops them

Role Play

• Sets a role that is fun and that you can play around with
• Allows distance and objectivity from the actual situation
• Sex and the City does a lot of role playing
• Examples:
o Personal assistant
o Past Adventures Projection
o Future Adventures Projection
\ , -­
Push/Pull and Seesaws
• Send mixed signals and unpredictability
• Very attractive

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• Must balance the seesaw between too nice and too mean
Classic example:
o "I can already tell that you and I are not going to get along:

............ .. .......... ... ......... .. .......... \ ... .. .


• Challenging is important because as humans, we respond to challenges.

• Examples:
o Thumb wrestling
o "Your last boyfriend didn't spank you enough."
o "You must have driven your parents crazy."
o "I eat little girls like you for breakfast."

Teasing with Framing

• Takes the form of little, one-word teases

• Examples:
o "Oh God, you're trouble."
o "You're naughty."
o "You're bad."
o "You're feisty."


• Use after social questions and teasing to start an interesting conversation

• The purpose of openers is just to start a conversation
• Can be opinion openers or observation openers, direct openers or indirect


• All must be weighed on a scale of risk vs. reward

Opinion Openers (
• Open by asking a girl her opinion on something
• Low on risk scale, low on reward scale
• Step 1: The hook question
• Step 2: She responds
• Step 3: "The reason I asked..." (also known as grounding the question)
• Step 4: Final End to the answer
• Examples:

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o Drunk I Love You's
o "How long does it take you to get ready?"

Observational Openers

• Make an actual observation about a girl or use stock observations

• Higher on risk scale
• Example:
o Rings I Greek gods observation
• Could just be a Cold Read
o A cold read is a truism, like horoscopes and psychics

Direct Openers vs. Indirect Openers

• Direct Openers • Indirect Openers

• Forces you out of your comfort zone • Stays in comfort zone
• Girl may reject you • Girl is rejecting the approach,
• Has its own place not you
• Has its own place

Direct Openers

• Starting a conversation with the expectation that you want to get to know
this specific girl
• A good direct approach is all about showing the girl that you're a powerful
man who's not afraid to make himself vulnerable to women
• More about you than her
• Framing: You're the type of man who approaches women he's attracted to.
• Serious, genuine, committed, honest
• Forces the girl into an instant decision (could be good or bad)
• Example:
o "Hey, I noticed you from across the park and I knew that if I
didn't come over here and find out if there's more to you than
meets the eye then I'd be kicking myself for it all day."

Indirect Openers '''-----­

• Not necessarily interested in her opinion, just in a girl's opinion.
• Playful, funny, social, cheesing .
• Takes more time than the direct approach.
• Examples:

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o Opinion openers
o Observational openers


30 Second Phone Number Close

• Step 1: Pacing statement (ex: "Hey, I know this is really random.")

• Step 2: Direct opener (ex: "But I noticed you from across the street and
knew I had to introduce myself or I'd be kicking myself for it all day. I'm Jon.")
• Step 3: She should be stunned
• Step 4: Big qualification
• Step 5: Get number
• Example:
o "I only have a minute, I have to get to a meeting, but I think you're
adorable and had to come introduce myself. Can we exchange
phone numbers? If we like each other on the phone maybe we
can meet up later."

Keys to Direct Approach

• Commitment: You have to be committed to the moment and what

you're saying
• Emotional Intensity: Embrace your nervousness
• Honesty: Helps to do this to girls you're compatible with
• Screening Frame: Showing her that beauty is not enou~h
• Example:
o "And you're special because..."
• Outcome Independence: You're not trying to force something, you're
not needy. You're just working on your social skills.


• The most important part of pickup

• We want to date her to demonstrate value and we want to reward her
with indicators of interest
• Qualification never ends. You must keep giving /tier reasons to like you
• Not sleazy when you hit on women in a non-phy~ical way
• Bait, Hook, Reel, Release, Rapport "'__.
• Should take 25 minutes or less

The Yes Ladder

• Common sales and marketing tool

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• The more someone says Yes the more likely they are to say Yes in the future.
• Get her to agree to small things first (small hoops)
• Get her to comply and invest in the interaction
• Builds compliance momentum
Hoop Theory
• Three levels of qualification questions
• Small hoops, medium hoops, large hoops
• Must stay socially relevant

Small Hoops

• Small hoops are positive female stereotypes that any girl wants to say Yes to
• Small hoops are Yes or No questions
• Little things that keep the momentum building forward
• Examples:
o "Are you adventurous?"
o "I bet you're adventurous."

Medium Hoops

• Medium hoops are not a Yes or No question

• There is a chance she'll give you a blow off answer
• She has to think about the answer (shows investment)
• Examples:
o "What do you like to do for fun?"
o "What do you want to be when you grow up?" ,
o "What are you passionate about?"
o "What do you do when you're not out here hitting on guys in the


Large Hoops
• 2 small hoops plus 2 medium hoops = 1 large hoop
• A large qualification hoop is a blatantly qualifying question
• The girl knows she's qualifying herself and waFltS to keep going
• If you get here you're about to score
• Examples: ~
o "What do you have going for you more than your looks?"
o "What's your best quality?" "Why are you special?"

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Bait, Hook, Reel, Release, Rapport

• Process of using small hoops, medium hoops and large hoops

• Bait with aquestion
• It hooks when she answers
• Reel her in with acompliment (why you like her answer)
• Release only if necessary
o Release when the girl breaches her comfort threshold and becomes

A little uncomfortable

• Build rapport by asking genuine questions you're actually interested in

Day Game Attraction

• Two types: Grounding/Storytelling and Cold Reads

Cold Reads

• Cold reads are truisms that make you seem prophetic

• Shallow cold read : "I bet you were the mean girl in high school"
• Deeper cold read: "I have an intuition about you : you're lonely."
• Cold reads work because they allow you to show understanding, they set

Frames and they pace

• Reference Completely Cold by Kenton Knepper for process

• Cold reads should build from 4 pacing statements and 1 leading statement to 1

pacing statement and 4 leading statements

Warm Reads

• Warm reading is when the girl is giving you some clues to what's happening
• Stripper warm read: "Fractured sexual identity." ,
• Consult horoscopes, tarot cards and psychics for more examples of warm r



• Grounding demonstrates who you are as a person-and where that came from.
• Explains why you're acting the way you act an8why
you're talking about what

you're talking about

• Examples:
• "I'm a writer so I'm arrogant enough to believe that everyone should listen to


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• "I grew up with three sisters so I've seen how guys mess up all the time, and I
understand how women process information different from men."

• Storytelling is unavoidable
• Storytelling should be nirty, teasing, and funny
• The bar is really not that high; just be interesting enough
• Storytelling should take 30 to 90 seconds.
• Be aware of the conversational flow; make sure it's balanced.

Storytelling Basics

• The ending of your story is the most important part. Don't leave them asking

"What happened next?"

• The content of the story should be detailed and should use language that is

emotional, not logical (sensory words, feeling words)

• Good characters make a good story even when there's no plot

• Create unanswered questions. This way you won't be bragging when you

answer them.

• Use transitions to get into your story (no tranSition, phrasal transition,

observation transition)

• Check in to make sure the girl is still interested and is paying attention:

"You've been there, right?"

Instant Dates
• Instant dates shift the dynamic into an "us" situation instead of a

"we just met" dynamic.

• Get to the instant date ASAP.

• Practice cooling off from nighttime approaches.
• Set a schedule, stick to it, and reward yourself or discipline yourself.
• Pick appropriate locations: bookstores, coffee shops, malls all have

built-in instant Date locations

• Good instant dates are close by and safe. DO NOT ask her to get

se::::~c~:::~::wn ashady at~y· or mret up in apa~ing lot

• Setting up a date is more than getting the phone number

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• Make it for aspecific time and location
• Build it up; oversell the date before you set it
• Tum the phrase "I want to take you with me," instead of just "Want to come?"

Phone Game

• Phone game can make or break you

• It will take about 30 minutes of phone game to make a date
• Ping her number within 2-4 hours of meeting to see if it's a good number
• Ping with a text message: "Hey (pet name). Do you speak text? © (your name'
• Call her the next day and leave a hook message if possible: "The funniest thing

happened to me today and it reminded me of you. Call me back."

• Use time constraints, even if you go over them

• Have an interesting conversation, not the same one she hears every time
• Hang up first. Maintain that small amount of social power
• Strive for moving up the intimacy scale (from most intimate to least:

In Person - Phone - Texting - Facebook - Email)

Phone Game Tactics

• Lay back and talk about your exciting week until she asks "What are you

doing tonight?"

• Combat flakes by calling them out initially ("I know what that means,

I'll just invite someone else)

• Combat flakes by flaking first: Call her on the day as she requested and

tell her you're slammed at work, but to make it up to her you want to take

her to dinner the next night.

Locations: Coffee Shops

• The hottest girls frequent coffee shops near universities and downtown

shopping centers

• The best time to meet women at coffee shops is between 8:00am and

10:00am on the weekdays and between 5:00pm and 7:00 pm in the

middle of the week

• Bring a laptop, a book, some kind of relevant prop that she can

"watch" for you

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Coffee Shop Techniques

• Seated sets
o "I'm going to get another cup. Can you watch my stuff and
beat up anybody who tries to steal itT
o Cell phone opener, wait for her to eavesdrop
o Opinion or observational opener while seated near her.
After a few back and forths, join her at her table.
• Walking/Waiting sets Notes:
o Sit in the flow of traffic and ask for a girl's opinion loudly.

Push the chair near you out to the girl in question so she

feels pressure to sit down.

Location: The Gym

• Gym game uses either the slow track or the fast track
• The slow track is when you go to the gym at the same time,

see the same people, slowly build rapport with them and then go for the date

• The fast track is when you pick up a girl at the gym the first time you see her
• Because everyone is exercising, you'll be talking in short bursts and for

shorter times over a long period of time

The Gym: Slow Track

• Make sure the girl is by the equipment, not the free weights or cardio
• Pre-opener: "Hey, can I work inT
• Teasing, changing weights to heavier for her
• Conversation and rapport leads to getting the number and setting the date

The Gym: Fast Track

• This approach resulted in same day lays for 16 consecutive weeks

• Same location and pre-opener: "Hey, can I work inT
• Tease and flirt, then take a break
• When she moves to the next station, continue with same track of pre-opener:
• "What, did you copy my workout routine tonight?"
• After a little while say "Hey, have you done your cardio yet?" This creates a
• positional movement that can lead to an instant date or a date.
• Example: The Breakfast Club date

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Location: Malls
• Three types of sets: In store, seated, walking and working
• Best time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Wednesdays and all day on the weekends
• Built in instant date at the food court.
• In store sets: "I have to buy something for my sister and I like your style.
• What should I get her?"
• Seated sets: Cell phone opener, direct opener
• Walking sets: Go direct and try for the instant date
• Working dates: Get her from work mode into talk mode

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