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This research document deals with the benefit that can be obtained for
corporations that use SAP ERP as a management tool for activities in their company.
Which has proven to be a very useful and efficient corporate software tool in its
activities, but at the same time with very high implementation costs, likewise the use is
limited for each user who must have a license with which he / she can have access to its

As a result of its high monetary cost of operation, corporations are limited to

certain functionalities, typical of each type of license, with which SAP aware of it
has developed an SDK DI API, so that developers in companies can continue to
improve and adapt SAP to their needs in a better way, thus being able to take full
advantage of the use of user licenses to integrate it with other information systems.

It will be detailed that JAVA has been since 1996 has been a high-level
programming language, which has remained among the most used languages for many
years, demonstrating its maturity as a serious language and with much to come, likewise
it will be detailed about its business components leaving it in a category at the SAP

Throughout this document we will talk about what is the SDK DI API which
will allow us to interact with SAP from our Java development environment using
Enterprise components, applying in a good way the programming standards, as well as
the international ISO standards / IEC 9126.

We will see about the security that we can apply to our software, as well as data
encryption and using MVC which today is one of the best programming practices in any
language, thus achieving a better fluctuation of the information.

I hope that the presentation of this document can be of guidance for all those
interested in the area of software development, which is very broad, but with many
specific topics in which we can develop in an excellent way.