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The seven domains of NCBTS or National Competency Based Teacher Standards guide us to be what we

have to be, not just to teach, but apparently to educate.

Teachers should be role models. That’s the underlying theme of the first domain which is social regard
for learning. Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate. We teachers are the
most influential people to the eyes of our pupils so we must act as positive role models, as worthy of
emulation. The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.

Since we act as model teachers, it is a given fact that we provide them a good learning environment. As
teachers it is our prime duty to make conducive, non- threatening and connective (connects with
learners and teachers) environment.

As a model teacher, you genuinely understand that learners have different levels of intelligence. So for
this, we teachers should provide them learning activities that shoulders all those learning styles. It is our
responsibility to wholeheartedly accept our learners holistically in order to reach out to their individual

As model teachers, we should always consider intelligible ideas. Make use of our time for what is
substantial for our learners to acquire knowledge, learning and values. Learning is not just about the
acquisition of ABC’s and 123’s or the alphanumerics. It is more than that. When your child, your learner
gets home and able to kiss his/her parents or able to do the “mano po” gesture, and able to say “I love
you” and “thank you” to them which are not observed nowadays by children especially in the hinterland
areas, if your child do such things, then that is learning. Learning is the realization of things taught.
Learning is realized and lived.

As model teachers, we should always make sure to provide realistic assessment and reciprocate to the
needs of the learners. We have to integrate assessment procedures on the plan and implementation of
teaching- learning activities.

As model teachers, you should maintain good relation with the community. Community linkages play a
vital component in the relationship of school and community. As teachers, especially assigned in
hinterland areas, the help of the community is really indispensable. We can’t deny that through the
effort of school and community, the learners will be able to realize the value of learning, of education.

And lastly, as model teachers, we should engage ourselves in various training and seminars to equip us
more with the causes and issues regarding education. We should have the desire to seek for personal
growth and development. It has to be. It should be. It must be.