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Ramadan To – Do – List

 Wake up, made dua (said while waking up) and praised Allah.
 Had my Suhoor as late as possible before Fajr.
 Prayed Sunnah before Fajr and Fajr on time.
 Made my morning Dhikr (adhkar as subah).
 Prayed all obligatory prayers at Masjid.
 Prayed all prayers on time and on earliest time possible.
 Made the recommended Dhikr after every prayer.
 Prayed all the Sunnah rawatib.
 Made Dua for my parents.
 Made Dua for the Muslim Ummah in the prayer
 Commanded one good.
 Forbade one evil.
 Read one page of the Quran as a minimum.
 Read the Tafsir of one verse of the Quran.
 Read one new Hadeeth and its meaning.
 Attempted to increase in knowledge (Reading/Listening).
 Attempted to practise one rare Sunnah of Rasoolallah.
 Made one Muslim smile.
 Attempted to do visit to ill person at hospital or at home
 Made my parents smile, hugged and kissed them.
 Did not argue, nor backbite with anyone.
 Did not harbour ill feelings in my heart against anyone.
 Did not do anything I was unsure about its permissibility.
 Tried my best to take care of my body.
 Gave charity (monetary).
 Preserved or removed a harm from the environment.
 Made Dua for the Prophet Mohammed Sallalaho alaihay wa
 Make Tawbah and Istighfaar 100 times.
 Did a special deed that is secret between myself and Allah.
 Gave some of the extra food from Iftar to my neighbours.
 Made my afternoon Dhikr.
 Broke Fast at appropriate time.
 Made Dua while breaking fast.
 Performed Taraweeh prayer / Witr.
 Wrote down / updated my will.
 Read Surah Mulk before going to sleep.
 Pondered about my Death and of the Day of Judgement.
 Prayed absolute minimum two rakah Tahajjud prayer / Witr.
 Asked Allah for Jannah and refuge from Jahannum.


 Read Surah Kahf.
 Took extra care to groom and maintain myself.
 Attempted to pray Jumah earliest time and best gathering.
 Reflect 5 – 10 minutes about the khutbah and its message.
 Memorized minimum quarter page of the Quran
 Feed (Iftaar) / clothed one needy person or gave a gift to one.
 Memorized one hadeeth of Rasool Allah.
 Made Istikharah about an important matter.
 Memorized one Dua from the Sunnah.
 Attempted to join the hearts between two Muslims.