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Means to realize yourself, be involved, bind yourself freely, practice his beliefs and fill

his freedom. It can be said that humans only exist because of the world of animals and
everything else that exists only. also God exists, but man must exist namely to be (in the time he
will existeternally) kierkegaard means existence as a concrete and unique way of being every
human individual. according to Kayam (1981: 38) art can not be separated from the supporting
community, as one part of culture, art is the creativity of humans and society as a supporte

dance arts move forward and develop in line with human life, where humans are still able
to move, then dance will be created and developed. humans create dance in accordance with the
expressions of life and are also summaries of motion originating from the surrounding
environment. according to M. jazuli (2008: 7) dance is a form of beautiful motion, born of a
body that is moving, rhythmic and soulful according to the purpose and purpose of dance. dance
is an expression of the human soul expressed by beautiful rhythmic movements, (soedarsono
1986: 24) dance is a rhythmic movement with consciousness formed with the body as a medium
in space, therefore the nature of the style and function of dance is always not released from the
culture that produced it (yes, 1986: 3) so much wealth of Indonesian cultural arts, dance is one of
the art fields which are from human life, dance is a creative and constructive activity that can
cause emotional intensity and meaning. according to Amir rochyatmo (1986: 73) dance is a
beautiful rhythmic movement asanexpression of the human soul by paying attention to elements
of space and time. identify most oftheactivities of the Jepara community. dance can also be
differentiated based on the pattern of working on traditional dance.

Traditional dance can be divided into three, namely classical dance, folk dance, and
creative dance, kridha jati dance is a popular traditional dance, folk dance is a dance that has
undergone development since the days of primitive society until now, (soedarsono 1972: 20)
basically all activities carried out by humans are to fulfill their lives, such as learning, working,
playing, and performing arts, the latter need is closely related to the fulfillment of food,
aesthetics, the role of dance, as a branch of art not only to fulfill that need, but also can support
the interests of human activities. dance functions in human life are for ceremonial purposes, for
entertainment, as performing arts, and educational media.
While the function of theridha jati dance for life is to function as entertainment, the word
entertainment is more focused on giving satisfaction of feeling, without having a deeper goal
such as gaining knowledge and experience from what he sees, (M. jazuli 2008: 58).
performances in the Indonesian dictionary have the meaning of showing spectacle, displaying
(live images, plays, dances) so it can be concluded that performances are something that is seen
and heard, this is confirmed by murgiyanto (1996: 49) performing arts include various kinds of
spectacle, all the shows can be said to show. performances are broadly divided into two, namely
1) human behavior or also called show 2) cultural performances which include performances of
arts, sports, rituals, festivals, and various forms of crowd.

All types of performing arts require presenters as actors, meaning artists who are directly
or indirectly involved in presenting or presenting forms of performance art. certain forms of
dance present exist that involve male actors or female offenders and display male actors together
with female offenders. Thus the age or age of the performing arts also varies, namely children,
adolescents, and adults, regarding the number of actors varying, namely the single actors in pairs
and groups (Cahyono 2009: 79) movement is the main element in dance which contains aspects
space and time. the point is to cause subtle movements that have the power and are able to
change an attitude from the limbs. changes in attitude can be said to be motion in dance is a
result of the processing of motion that has undergone stylization or is processed (Jazulo 1989: 4)

Accompaniment music in dance is a supporting facility that cannot be separated from the
others because both of them come from the same source. accompaniment function in dance
according to Jazuli (1989: 9) as follows 1) as a dance accompanist means in music which can
play a role in accompanying a dance so that it does not determine or prioritize the contents of
dance 2) as a dance atmosphere such as sad, happy, tense, confused and as it is. 3) as an
illustration or introduction to dance, it means giving an atmosphere at a certain time if needed in
a claim.

Dance dress has a function to support the theme or content of the dance and to clarify the
role in a dance performance. good clothes not only cover the body but support the design of the
space when the dancers are dancing (Jazuli 1989: 16) in performing dance make up is very
helpful in realizing the facial expressions of dancers. fashion makeup is not just