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Jamshed Bhabha Theatre

Proscenium theatre equipped with modern stagecraft, excellent

acoustics and sight-line suitable for productions of opera, ballet,
musicals and large-scale corporate shows. Centrally air-conditioned.
Seating Capacity Orchestra Pit
Total capacity 1109 seats Forestage orchestra elevator 19m (w) x 4m (d) : travel -2.9m
(below stage), 0.0m (auditorium
Capacity reduced in the following cases:
level) to + 1m (stage level);
Use of orchestra pit Reduced by 91 seats locking @ 400mm increments (9)
Use of in-house sound Capacity 60 musicians
mixer/monitor Reduced by 15 seats (variable) Below-stage pit, fixed portion 15.4m (w) x 4.2m (d) x 3.1m (h)

Auditorium Fixtures & Fittings Orchestra Shell

Seat colour Blue An orchestra shell (timber) suitable for 90 musicians can be erected
Carpet colour Maroon on stage with prior notice; requires two working shifts for erection and
House chandelier Crystal, circular over row ‘J’ one shift for dismantling
Entry/exit doors 8 with panic-bars; marked 1E
to 3E,1W to 3W and 1S to 2S Dimensions
Seats for the physically Row ‘A’ (at level 0 accessible Max. height 9.3m (down stage)
challenged from the lower foyer) Max. width 16.7m (down stage)
Row ‘Q’ (at level 1 accessible Min. height 4.2m (up stage)
by elevator at the foyer)
Min. width 12.4m (up stage)

Stage Truck Dock Ramp

Stage entry
Located at stage-left Entry through NCPA marg
From east & west foyer 2 Nos. (Stage Right & Left)
directly accessing the stage
Floor Hardwood timber flooring
Door opening 3.4m (w) x 2.8m (h)
on MS framing (No traps,
No revolve)
House Curtain
Size 23.7m (w) x 14.6m (d)
Colour Maroon velour
(Behind house-curtain)
Operation Motorised travel or
Top-of-stage from 1m
counter-weight manual fly
auditorium level
Space in front of house-curtain + 1m (d) Rigging System (On Stage)
Wing space Variable
Sceneries (SC)
Stage-left, concrete flooring 4m (w) x 16m (d)
Fly linesets 32 (Double-barrel 48mm
clear height 3.85m (min.)
tubular battens)
Stage-right, concrete flooring 3m (w) x 16m (d)
Operation Manual counter-weight
clear height 5.6m (min.)
Cross-over space (up stage) 1m (d) x 23.7m (w)
Fly gallery at 8.5m height
(concrete flooring)
Tech. gallery at 14.7m height
Stage-to-grid height 21m
Position of first flyset (SC bar) 3.35m
Architectural 16.7m (w) x 9.3m (h)
from the edge of the stage
proscenium opening
Length 20m
False proscenium 16.7m (w) x 9.3m (h) maximum
opening (variable) 11.6m (w) x 6.3m (h) minimum Maximum fly-height 19.5m (except batten nos. 27, 28
& 29, which is restricted to 14m)
Stage edge-to-auditorium 30m
rear wall (Row X) Spacing between flysets 220mm
Mobile towers on stage 10 (5 each on stage-left & right): Maximum loading 500 kg
acts as wings 2.4m (w) x 9.3m capacity (SWL)
(h) (black) and lighting-towers
for drama/dance; or as side-wall
sound reflectors for orchestra shell
(natural wood finish).
5 towers can be lined-up
upstage, if not required. It can’t
be moved out of stage.

To enquire about venue bookings visit or call +91 (0)22 6622 3737
Lighting (LX) Sockets for Luminaires (32A Euro Sockets) Control Room Museum(first floor/separate venue)
Light Bars 6 (Double-barrel 48mm Location Rear of the auditorium behind glass Area 165 sq.m.
tubular battens) DIMMABLE SPARE window; partially openable divided
DIMMABLE Height 5.45m
Operation Motorised winch (fixed speed) AUDITORIUM REAR WALL 6 - 6 into 4 compartments inter-connected
BOX BOOM RIGHT 3 2 4 through common passage suitable
Position of first LX bar 4.6m (from the edge of
BOX BOOM LEFT 3 2 4 for production control. Rehearsal Rooms (Front-of-House)
the stage)
FOH 24 7 7 Compartment 1 60 sq.m. These are separate venues
Max. fly height 12m
TORMENTOR TOWER-RIGHT 4 2 10 West room 1 124 sq.m., height 2.88m
Compartment 2 28 sq.m.
Spacing between 350mm (second floor West Wing) (90 sq.m. adjoining open terrace)
adjacent flyset & LX bar Compartment 3 10 sq.m. (Light Control Cubicle)
LIGHT BAR LX-1 24 12 3 East room 1 113.5 sq.m., height 2.9m
Maximum loading capacity (SWL) 1000 kg Compartment 4 45 sq.m. (second floor East Wing) (55 sq.m. adjoining open terrace)
LIGHT BAR LX-2 24 12 3
LIGHT BAR LX-3 24 12 3 Power supply 18 kW, 30 Amps per phase East room 2 99 sq.m., height 2.9m
Off Stage Lighting Position LIGHT BAR LX-4 24 12 3 (third floor East Wing) (32 sq.m. adjoining open terrace)
FOH lighting bridge Over row ‘G’, 11.5m from the LIGHT BAR LX-5 24 12 3 Crew
edge of stage; at height:12.5m LIGHT BAR LX-6 24 12 3 Electrician 2 Car Parking
Rear wall lighting bar Over row ‘X’, 30m from the MOBILE TOWERS (R) 5 NOS 4 each 2 each 2 each Fly Assistance 2 Location Basement and open spaces
edge of stage; at height: 4.8m MOBILE TOWERS (L) 5 NOS. 4 each 2 each 2 each Available on a first come first
Note: If additional Luminaires are required, the group/performer may
Box boom (right & left) Auditorium right & left walls APRON (FOOT) LIGHT - - 14 served basis
hire the same.
respectively, in line with row E, FLY GALLERY 12 2 34
Miscellaneous Spaces
9.5m from the edge of stage; Note
at height 9.5m ORCHESTRA PIT - - 6 Foyers at two levels.
• No warehouse and workshop spaces at the venue. All producers are
Ground Floor (level 0) required to bring pre-fabricated props/sets for assembly on stage.
Performance Lighting On-Stage Accessory Power Supply Area 930 sq.m. • Producers are advised to hire at their cost suitable diesel generator
Stage-right, up stage
Maximum permissible load Dimmable - 480 kW(240 sockets Height variable, minimum 2.5m (DG) sets, if they require uninterrupted/ backup power supply for the
of 2kw each), Non Dimmable - Power supply for sound and projection systems - 18 kW(30A per
Elevator 1 (West Foyer) performance lighting and audio system. NCPA will provide suitable
100kw (100 sockets of 1 kw phase)
Accessory electric 9 kW (East Foyer) Lighting supply change-over switches.
each) Local power supply specifications
Load 15 Amps per phase 9 kW (West • Entry to JBT is through NCPA Gate No.3 from the Dorabji Tata
Lighting console ION (ETC make); fixed in Control 230 Volt, 50Hz, I-Phase
Foyer) Lighting load 15 Amps per phase Road (Marine Drive) and exit from NCPA Gate No.4 (NCPA Marg)
Room 440 Volt, 50Hz, 3-Phase
Neutral grounded Service Counter 2 (one Front Foyer and one in West Foyer)
Power pack 240 dimmers of 2 kW each with
First Floor (level 1)
DMX control, EURORACK-60.
(ADB make) Sound System Area 465 sq.m.
Software ETC No in-house sound system. Professional sound system as required are Height variable; minimum 2.5m
to be hired by the producers.
Service counter 1 (East Foyer)
Luminaires (Lanterns - 750w)
ETC Source Four 19° 12
Wired intercom
ETC Source Four 26° 12
ETC Source Four 15°-30° 12 Dressing Rooms
ETC Source Four Par 25°-45° 24
Ground floor, solo rooms 3 (9 sq.m. each)
ETC Source Four Fresnel 10
First floor, solo rooms 4 (9 sq.m. each)
Cyclorama (4 x 500 w) 9
Second floor, group rooms 2 (18.5 sq.m. each) (7 persons each)
Total - 79
Third floor, group room 1 (46.5 sq.m. each) (18 persons)
Note: If additional Luminaires are required, the group/performer may
Note: Each room is furnished with wardrobe, attached toilet with
hire the same.
shower and drinking water facilities; accessible by backstage
elevator & staircase (east and west)
Space for quick change on stage right 22 sq.m., height: 3.9m

To enquire about venue bookings visit or call +91 (0)22 6622 3737