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Executive summary

Green Electronic ltd ,hypothetical start up ,It is setup by partnership Entrepreneurs . The company
started its journey in 2017 by establishing its first venture an Incandescent trouch plant located at
Mirpur. Green Electronic ltd provide wide range of lighting and other electrical solution for
residential, commercial, and other special needs. The group offer high quality lighting solution to its
wide range customer with no consider in quality that make them number one in lighting sector of

2.Situation analysis

Green Electronic ltd analyzed the situation using the 4C.

Customer: Green Electronic ltd is entering its first year operation.It has tied up sales with one large
retail chain,which will be opening 300 stores all over Bangladesh in three years.

Competitors: Green Electronic ltd knows that there are some established brands in this field like star
group ,super star, LIBERTY ELECTRIC COMPANY our company provide best quality and low price in

the other company


Started as a partnership company, Green Electronic ltd has a total investment 20m,as the contribution
from promoters ,The initial plant capacity is for producing 5000 light per month .


The annual production of light in Bangladesh estimated to about 60000 thousand .

3.Market opportunity and issues

This time to delve into a customer need or problem & meet the customers’ needs through a product
or service .so that we provide best quality produt and low price.1st month sell 3000 light and
achieve earn revenue.

4. Objectives

1.Achieve sales of 50000,55000 in the 1st& 2nd year.

2. Our company provide best quality product & low price

3. Company rate of return 10% per month.

5.Marketing strategy

Cusstomer focus with operational efficiency and customer advertisement.


Green Electronic ltd will position itself as a value –for brand ,one that is quality ,reliable,lasting.

Marketing Mix

Product: Beginning with 1000 light which made by ,pot,register –on home,led bulb ,battery -
4v,recharging port ,wire 4 inch for each light & on off switch.

Price: production cost 60 tk for each unit. The regular price for each unit 80 tk.A discount of 10% for 1st
5000 unit of light .


The basis promotional rout is advertisement on TV,facebook,youtube,google etc.

9. Review and control

Green Electronic ltd will have simple,decision friendly,weakly, monthly ,quarterly&annual reports
focusing on

1.Revenue & unit sales

2. Expences

3.Customer feedback

4.Market log

10.Marketing Organization

One of the five partners will head marketing function&will be supported by senior manager

11.Contingency plan

Green Electronic ltd enticipates pressures one price due to competitive activities& strong buyer power
it impact will be felt on profitability and break- even volume.