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How to use VR Goggles:

*Pick out what app or video you want to experience

from the teacher set-up list.
*Follow instructions for specific app to stream it
through the VR Goggles headset.
*Insert iPod into top of headset securely with the
screen facing you.
*Use dials towards the top and bottom to adjust how
you see the video and to make the picture clear.
Push them together or apart to see one clear
image from the screen. Adjust volume as
*When video is done, carefully take out iPod and
select your next experience! Try as many as you
can, have fun!
*If you wear glasses, be sure to take them off
before putting on the goggles and put them in a
safe place off the floor so they are not
accidentally broken!
*Stick to exploring the areas and topics that the
teacher set up ahead of time.
***If you do not follow this direction, you will not be
allowed to participate for the rest of the lesson.
This is meant to keep you safe.***
*If you see an iPod is in need of charging, please
plug it in so others can use it later!
VR Experience Options List and App Instructions
*All experiences can be accessed through “Virtual Reality”
folder on all iPods.
*Look through this list of possible experiences first to help you
decide where you want to explore!
• Open App
• Click 3 lines on the left side
• Click “watch later”
• Watch “Hawaii” video by clicking play
• Select “Cardboard” option and then insert iPod into
• Open App
• Click “Library”, select the tour you decide, then “View
in VR”
• Insert iPod into goggles.
Experience Options:
1. American Landmarks
2. America’s National Parks
3. Joshua Tree
4. US Monuments
5. The Hidden World of the National Parks
6. National Parks: Mt. Rushmore, etc.
7. Treasures of the National Parks (Scotty’s Castle)
Death Valley National Park
8. San Diego Zoo
9. Yellowstone
10. Grand Canyon
11. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
VR Experience Options List and App Instructions
Youtube: *Select ONLY videos from “watch later” list.
• Open App
• Click “Library” on the bottom right corner, click “watch later”
• Select video from list
• Touch area where video is playing and select “goggles” icon.
• Insert iPod into goggles.
Experience Options:
1. VR Field Trip USA- History
2. Bryce Canyon #1 Utah
3. Bryce Canyon #2 Utah
4. Grand Canyon, Arizona
5. Wonders of Alaska
6. The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks #1
7. The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks #2
8. Santa Monica Pier, California
9. Walking on Alcatraz Prison, California
10. San Francisco Cable Car Ride, California
11. The Las Vegas Strip, Nevada
12. Golden Gate Bridge, California
13. Wonderful Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada
14. The Best View of Death Valley, California & Nevada
15. San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, CA
16. From Alcatraz Island by Ferry, California
17. View of San Francisco from Alcatraz, CA
18. Amazing Waterfall Yosemite National Park, CA
19. Road Trip California
20. Driving Through Yosemite National Park, CA
21. The Largest Tree on Earth, Sequoia National Park, CA
22. The Hollywood Walk of Fame, California
23. Seattle Experience- Space Needle, Washington
Chromebook Station
• In this station, you will be using the
Chromebooks to explore the West using
Google Earth and if you wish you can check
out the cool webcams that the National Park
Service has available.
• Please stick to exploring in the Western
Region of the United States and do not
spend too much time in one area or another.
• Have FUN and explore as much as you can!
• When you click the link on my website, it will
take you to Google Earth.
• Once on Google Earth, click on any of the
National Parks that you wish and explore by
clicking through the pictures and
interactives through the program.
• Go to my website for easy access to the
• Don’t forget you can explore the National
Park Service webcams when you are done by
clicking on the link on my website!
• If you have any issues or questions, please
raise your hand and I would be happy to help!
*Stay logged into Chromebooks so others do not have to log in every time!
QR Code Step by Step Directions:
1. Get out materials needed.
• a pencil
• QR questions worksheet
• iPad
• QR Code papers to scan
2. Pick 1 of the 14 cards to start out with.
(Everyone will get through all 14 cards in
the end so it does not matter what
number you start on.)
3. Read what is written on the card.
4. Scan QR code (or codes) on the card with
the iPad using the “QR Scanner” app.
5. Explore the area that the QR code takes
you to and HAVE FUN!
6. Answer necessary question about your
card on the worksheet.
7. Put card back for someone else to use
and get another card.
8. Do the same thing until you have explored
all 14 places found on the cards.
9. Put iPad and cards back when it is time to
rotate or clean up!