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Hazrat Abu Bakr al-Sideeq, Part 2

Assalam uAlaikum,

Dear kids, I hope you are fine. As you know we were talking about
the Prophet’s companion Abu-Bakr-As-Siddeeq. I told you about
his character and his early life. We came to know that even before
embracing Islam he led a pious life. He never gambled or drank
wine. He did not worship idols.

Today dear kids, I will tell you that how he got the title of Al-
Siddeeq, and about his migration to Medina with the prophet and
about his life after that. So at first let us see ho w Abu Bakr earned
the honorific title of Al-Siddeeq.

In the tenth year of his mission, the holy Prophet had the Miraj of
Ascension. It was the time after the deaths of Abu Talib and
Khadija when the Holy Prophet felt sad and things for Islam
seemed dark. One night the angel Jabriel came with the word that
Allah the Almighty wanted the holy Prophet to come all the way up
to the highest heaven. The holy Prophet undertook the journey.
The Holy Prophet was uplifted to the Heavens, and there he was
assured of the bright future of Islam

In the morning, after the ascension (Miraj) had taken place, the
holy Prophet talked to people about the Miraj. Enemies of Islam
started to make fun of it. They said, "Look, what nonsense he talks!
Surely, now his followers too will laugh at him. Who is going to
believe in such a dream?"

They said that a caravan took a month to reach Jerusalem, and

another month to come back, and thus it was impossible for anyone
to go to Jerusalem and return in one night.

The talk was going on when Abu Bakr came up. "Do you know, Abu
Bakr, what news your friend has for you in the morning?" said one
of them. "He says he was on the highest heaven last night, having
a talk with Allah, the Almighty. Would you believe it?"

"I would believe anything that the Messenger of Allah says," replied
Abu Bakr.

‘I believe in every word of what you have said, for you say nothing
but the truth.’ These were also the words of Abu Bakr.

When the holy Prophet learnt of this, he at once said, "A bu Bakr is
the `Siddeeq'." `Siddeeq' is a person very sincere at heart. It
means ‘Witness to the Truth’ the most Truthful and sincere person
in Faith not having even slightest doubt. ’ Abu Bakr earned this title
because of his faith was too strong to be shaken by any doubt.

Now, dear kids, let me tell you about the migration to Medina.

As Islam was growing rapidly in Mecca, the enemies of Islam were

getting frustrated by this rapid growth. The chiefs of Mecca found
that it is necessary for them to get rid of the holy Prophet before
Islam can cause a real threat to them, so they planned to kill the
Prophet. Allah revealed to his Prophet the intentions of the non-
believers and ordered him to migrate to Medina. So the Prophet
quickly went to Abu Bakr's house that was among the few that were
left in Mecca with the majority of Muslims having already migrated
to Medina.

The Prophet informed Abu Bakr that he was commanded to migrate

to Medina that night and that he has chosen him to have the honor
of joining him on his migration. Abu Bakr's heart was full of joy; his
eyes were filled with tears of happiness.

"I have been looking forward to this day for months," he said "I
have specifically kept two camels to carry us to Medina."

It was Abu Bakr who made all the arrangements f or the historic
journey. For three days he and the Prophet lay hidden in the Thaur
Before entering the cave, Abu Bakr asked the Holy Prophet to wait
then he cleaned and searched the cave. After that the Holy Prophet
entered the cave.

Abu Bakr's slave would bring the flocks of goats near the cave all
day and supplied them fresh milk for food. His son, Abdullah,
brought news about what the Quraish were doing.

The Quraish were searching for the holy Prophet madly. Once, they
came right to the mouth of the cave. Abu Bakr grew pale with
fright. He feared, not for himself, but for the Prophet. However, the
holy Prophet remained perfectly calm. "Do not fear," he said to Abu
Bakr, "certainly Allah is with us."

Of all the companions, Abu Bakr had the honor of being with the
Prophet during the most critical days of his life. Abu Bakr knew well
what this honor meant. And he did full justice to the trust put in

Once they reached Medina the Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr were
given a royal welcome.

The world of Medina was quite different from the world of Makkah.
The days of trial and tortures were now over. The Muslims were
now free to build a new ideal Muslim society.

The first thing that the Holy Prophet called upon the Muslims to do
at Medina was to build a mosque which was to be the prayer house
as well as the community center. The owner of the plot of l and
selected for building the mosque insisted on donating the land free.
The Holy Prophet, however, paid the price at the market rate, and
this price was paid by Abu Bakr. All the Muslims including the Holy
Prophet and Abu Bakr participated in the construction of the

Abu Bakr was a trader in Mecca. He started his business in

Medinah Also. After his business activities he would spend all his
spare time with the Holy Prophet. He was the Chief Counselor of
the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet consulted Abu Bakr on all
important matters, and the advice tendered by him was usually
accepted. The Holy Prophet used to say that Abu Bakr was the
best counselor. At meetings Abu Bakr was always given a special
place to the right of the Holy Prophet.

In Medina the marriage of the holy prophet with Aisha R.A took
place. She was daughter of Abu Bakr. In this way Abu Bakr
became father in law of the prophet. It added to his honor and
respect. It brought him closer to the holy prophet.

Aisha was the beloved wife of the holy prophet. She was a wise
and intelligent woman. The holy prophet spent the last days of his
life in her house. Her teachings are a valuable source of knowledge
for Muslims.

So, as we were talking about the migration of the prophet and the
Muslims to Medina and as I told you that life in Medina was quite
different than the life at mecca for the Muslims. They began to
settle down and began preaching Islam and worshipping Allah in
peace. They were now safe from the torture of Quraish. Now this
was unbearable for the Quraish, they could not tolerate that
Muslims are at peace and free to preach and spread Islam. Out of
their jealousy they inflicted several wars on Muslims. We will now
see that how whole heartedly and sincerely Abu Bakr took part in
those battles.

We see that Abu Bakr, being the closest of Companions to the

Prophet SAW, took part in all the battles that Prophet Muhammad
had fought. .

Even at Uhud and Hunayn, some members of the Muslim army

showed signs of weakness but Abu Bakr's faith never shook , he
always stood like a rock by the side of the Prophet.
Abu Bakr's faith in Islam was so strong and love for the prophet
was so great that in the first battle of Islam at Badr he was with the
Holy Prophet like a shadow. His own son, who had not embraced
Islam by that time, was fighting on the side of Quraish. After he
accepted Islam he said to Abu Bakr one day, “Dear father! I found
you twice under my sword at Badr but I could not raise my hand
because of my love for you”.”If I had got a chance”, Abu Bakr
replied, “I would have killed you”.

Abu Bakr's love for the prophet can be seen in another example
when peace talks at Hudaibiya were held. During the negotiations,
the man from the Quraysh was touching the beard of the Prophet
every now and then. Abu Bakr's love for the Prophet was so great
that he could bear no more, he took out his sword and look ed
angrily at the man saying, "... if that hand touches the beard of the
Prophet again, it will not be allowed to go back."

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) was the first companion to accept the
peace plan of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) without any hesitation at
Hudaibiyah when all the Muslims insisted upon fighting.

Tabuk was the last expedition of the Holy Prophet. He was keen to
make it a great success, he asked people to help the expedition
with whatever they could. Abu Bakr took all his money and
household articles and heaped them at the Prophet's feet .

"Have you left anything for your children?" asked the Prophet. Abu
Bakr then replied with great faith "Allah and his Messenger are
enough for them." The holy prophet was very pleased with the
answer. Companions standing around were stunned. They realized
that whatever they do they could not beat Abu Bakr in the field of
service to Islam. Even Hazrat Omar (RA) admitted at this occasion
that he could never surpass Abu Bakr (R.A.) in his sacrifice for the
cause of Allah and Islam.

Kids! , I am sure that you are also amazed by the love and
sacrifices of Abu Bakr. Yes, indeed he had a big heart and he was
a great Muslim to whom his faith and his love for the prophet was
above everything, even above his family and his children.

The Holy prophet also valued greatly his love and sincerity. Once a
companion asked the Holy Prophet whom did he love most, and he
said 'Ayesha'. 'And whom do you love next' asked the companion,
and the Holy Prophet said 'Her father Abu Bakr.

While I was going through the life of Abu Bakr I found another
incident which might be interesting to you so let me share it with

An old woman lived in the outskirts of Medina. Companion of the

prophet Omar R.A visited her occasionally to handle her household
chores, but most of the time he was informed that someone else
had done the chores before him. Once he hid himself in the corner
to watch the mysterious person arrive at the usual time, and it w as
no one but …. Abu-Bakr al-Siddeeq. He was always at the service
of Muslims.

Kids here we will end our today s session and will m eet next time
to talk more about the life of Abu Bakr R.A.