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College of Education, Leadership Studies,

and Counseling

April 25, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this correspondence as a recommendation for Ms. Jordan Souza. I am aware of Ms.
Souza’s teaching preparation and expertise because I serve as her advisor and I have had the
privilege of having Jordan as a student in two professional studies courses as follows:
Foundations/Curriculum of American Education and Classroom Management/Instructional Strategies.

Ms. Souza is intelligent, knowledgeable, organized and passionate about teaching. She is an
excellent student with a current GPA of 3.94 and she accomplished this GPA while working part-time
and attending school full-time. In addition, she has the noteworthy designation as a Virginia Teacher
of Promise.

As a student, Ms. Souza demonstrated an ability to reflect deeply regarding her learning and teaching
practices. Based on my experience with Jordan, I believe she will be strong in instructional planning
utilizing student learning data and standards to plan her instruction. In addition, she will plan for
excellent, engaging learning activities and she will continue to develop strategies for differentiating
instruction based on students’ needs, interests and learning preferences. During instruction, Ms.
Souza will build on existing knowledge and connect the learning to higher levels of thinking. Students
will be engaged in the learning and Ms. Souza will consistently check for understanding from the
group and from individual students. Her demeanor and the relationships she will build with her
students will provide for a safe and appropriate classroom environment. Ms. Souza has begun to
establish the important “habits of mind” necessary for a teacher to meet the needs of her students and
to ensure equal access to a highly rigorous curriculum for all of her students.

In addition, as a former Human Resources Director for a Central Virginia school division, I have
worked with hundreds of new teachers. I view Ms. Souza as being far ahead of the norm for those
entering their first year in our profession. She will be an outstanding teacher. Therefore, I highly
recommend Ms. Souza for an elementary teaching position in your school division. If you have
questions, please contact me at 434-544-8515.


Mary Ann Mayhew, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies
Director of Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Program
University of Lynchburg

- Educate - Engage - Lead - Serve -

1501 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, Virginia 24501-3113 - 434.544.8382 -